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Kevin Annett and Bill Annett Are OK in My Book

Kevin was one of the few people in British Columbia in the 1990's with the courage to go public with concerns about a pedofile group operating in the judiciary.

Kevin and Bill Annett Writers Kevin and Bill Annett


Due to the fact that my email address appears on the previous correspondence from Bill Annett (set out below) and a few previous email of similar nature and having received Bill Annett's entirely justified complaint about libelous statement made against him and his son, Kevin, I think it incumbent upon me that I make it clear that I DO NOT concur or agree with any of the allegations made against Kevin Annett or William Annett.

I have never met William Annett nor had any previous communications with him but, from my investigations, which include an extensive search of company records, his remarks denying any involvement by him or his son, Kevin, in W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. that was at the heart of Canada's failed water export policy and insider crookedness in the late 1980's, are absolutely correct. There is no mention of William Annett, Senior, or of Kevin Annett in the many records I reviewed.

Furthermore, I have met Kevin Annett on several occasions and I follow his important work.

I have found him to be an honourable gentlemen in all respects. In my opinion, he is doing important work by setting the record straight about a sordid chapter in the history of Canada and he should be applauded for it instead of vilified.

For example, Kevin was one of the few people in British Columbia in the 1990's with the courage to go public with concerns about a pedofile group operating in the judiciary. Eventually, the police and crown were forced to lay charges and, finally, at least one judge went to jail for 7 years where he died. About ten years later, intrepid child abuse investigator Rob Nicholson and I managed to expose another pervert on the bench who had a reputation for doing kids as young as six and he committed suicide rather that face a long term in jail.

Yours truly,
John Frederick Carten
British Columbia, Canada
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Anonymous August 27, 2017 6:33 pm (Pacific time)

I went to Canada and spoke to a few natives and what they told me matched exactly what Kevin Annett has documented down to people's names and crime locations...anyone can do the same...its very easy to verify since so many natives were criminally abused...Canada for human rights? What a joke!

HA November 5, 2012 10:30 am (Pacific time)

Anyone coming up against this long time Harlot will be vilafied, not to say that Kevin Annett is Jesus Christ or anything, but his fight was agaist the same esablishment and you see what they did to him. So the smear tactics is to be expected. Biblically she is to be brought down. I along with so many others is hoping that now is that time. So don't waste anymore time Mr. Annett trying to defend any vilafying by the enemy, just proceed with your plan in bring them down. There is more with you and supporting what you are doing than is with them. They are trying to delay their judgement, so rock on Mr. Annett. Be courageous and very STRONG. FEAR THEM NOT. We know that it is not easy what you are doing, but we are glad that you are. Please keep the updates going on Don't let them win, youv'e come too far to turn back know.

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