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British PM Resigns as patron of the Jewish National Fund

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign welcomed the decision.

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(LONDON) - The Guardian reported today that British PM David Cameron   has stepped down as a patron of the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in a “move pro-Palestinian campaigners claim is a result of pressure.”

British PM David Cameron

The JNF was originally a Zionist fund set up to buy land in Palestine to establish Jewish settlements before the creation of the state of Israel.

Since 1948 it has been operating as a global charity specialising in planting trees over Palestinian stolen land and eradicated villages.

Sofiah Macleod of the UK-based Stop the JNF Campaign told the Guardian that it was  the organisation's lobbying that had led Cameron to withdraw.

"There has been a change in public opinion and awareness about Israel's behaviour and there was specific pressure on [Cameron] to step down from the JNF," she said."

Traditionally, the leaders of the British three main  political parties have become patrons of the JNF.

However, Cameron's resignation means that none of the current three leaders are JNF patrons.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign welcomed the decision.

"It reflects the fact it is now impossible for any serious party leader to lend public support to racism," campaign director, Sarah Colborne, said in a statement.

The JNF did not respond to a request for comment.

More information: Cameron describes Gaza as 'prison camp' - By Felicity Spector, Channel 4 News


Gilad Atzmon was born in Israel in 1963 and had his musical training at the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem (Composition and Jazz). As a multi-instrumentalist he plays Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxes, Clarinet and Flutes. His album Exile was the BBC jazz album of the year in 2003. He has been described by John Lewis on the Guardian as the “hardest-gigging man in British jazz".

Gilad Atzmon's essays are widely published. His novels 'Guide to the perplexed' and 'My One And Only Love' have been translated into 24 languages.

As a member of the Blockheads, Gilad has also recorded and performed with Ian Dury, Robbie Williams, Sinead O'Connor and Paul McCartney. Gilad has also recorded with Robert Wyatt, the Water Boys and many others. Learn more about Gilad by visiting his Website

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xexon May 30, 2011 8:38 pm (Pacific time)

Israel is controlled from London, not Tel Aviv. Zionism is like nazism in they're both born from the same European womb. And mother. See the family resemblance? It's STILL a white supremacist movement. x

May 29, 2011 4:10 pm (Pacific time)

In my opinion Sarah Colborne is for real..I reallt like her. but read more from this story ie: His predecessors Gordon Brown and Tony Blair continued to be JNF patrons throughout their tenure. This, and the opening of the borders is a dog an pony show. They read the interent, they know what is going on. They change their propaganda tactics, but they NEVER change their overall agenda. And its people such as the lovely and wonderful person Sarah, and one of my admired friends Tim King, that fall for it. Its all propaganda.

Anonymous May 29, 2011 4:17 pm (Pacific time)

To Tim King and Gilad...have you ever watched those movies where a detective will devote all his/her time to find a serial killer? What they do, is almost completely remove who they are and become that serial killer, in order to catch him/her. That is what I have done with the elite that control most of the world. First of all, many do not even believe their is an elite, second of all, nobody, even if an elite existed, would believe how evil they are. Which makes my job and spreading truth very difficult. Not sure what more to say right now...thanks for the website, and letting people share their thoughts salem-news..Much appreciation.

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