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High-Paying Careers Without a College Education

Without a Bachelor's Degree, you still have a good shot...but you'll have to work for it.


(SALEM, Ore.) - Contributing to the student-loan debt in the USA doesn’t sound too charming, so it’s understandable if you don’t want to enroll in four years of college.

This is a decision that makes one question the future because you don’t know if you’ll be able to pursue a high-paid career without a degree. Lucky you, there are many high-paying jobs you can get if you have a high-school diploma.

The US Bureau of Labor statistics revealed the best jobs someone can get without a bachelor’s diploma.

Computer security analyst

When pursuing this career, your primary role is to protect corporate computer networks and systems. You will also find the position listed as an information security analyst.

Some companies ask candidates for a bachelor’s degree, but many recruit entry-level specialists because they provide in-house training. You can also acquire computer science and IT knowledge by joining short-term courses because they offer diplomas that prove your level of expertise, and you can use it when you apply for jobs.

This job registers a fast-growing rate, higher than traditional positions. In 2019, the average computer security analyst earned $99,000 a year.

Radiation therapist

Your role would be to work with cancer patients and administer their radiation treatment. You will apply for a position in an oncology team that also includes nurses, physicians, and oncologists.

But your daily tasks imply more than operating the radiation machine. You educate your patients on how to care for themselves before and after the treatment. You also personalize their treatment plans according to their adverse reactions and response.

You’ll also keep strict records of the medical treatment your patients have and consult with the other specialists to adjust the plan. You need certification for this job, but you can get it without enrolling in college.

Database manager

This position implies using specialized software to store and organize data. You must ensure the information you manage is secure and available to the owner when needed. You can work in all industries because, lately, all companies need a database manager to secure their information and support their employees.

Few companies ask you to have a bachelor’s degree for this position because it highly relies on your skills. If you acquire a strong knowledge of the database language they use to store their data, you’ll find it easy to land a job.

The average organization uses Structures Query Language to manage information, so you can start by joining an SQL course.

Forex broker

If you are good at numbers, maybe trading currencies will make count as a job for you. You probably have heard many people saying Forex trading can make you rich overnight.

The statement isn’t right, but there’s truth in it. If you’re good at trading currencies, you can earn more than if you would have an average job.

People usually lose money when they turn to Forex to make fast profits. You should adopt a different approach, build knowledge and skill, and take advantage of the benefits the market provides only when data backs your operations.

When you get into the business, you need a list of regulated Forex brokers to trade with, so you should register on an online directory that provides information about the trading world.

Trading currencies imply significant commitment because besides analyzing the market conditions, you also need to keep an eye on the news. After all, events like USA elections, Brexit, and wars always influence the evolution of pairs.

Web developer

Have you always been passionate about computers and the Internet? Being a web developer offers you the opportunity to create, maintain, and repair websites.

You can be a freelancer and collaborate with companies that need third-party specialists to design web services. Or you can apply for a job with a company and maintain its web pages.

It highly depends on your skills and knowledge because web developers can apply for computer system design jobs, information services positions, and even teacher openings.

Web designing is an excellent career for people who have both technical and creative skills because they can use them both to deliver top-notch products. Your aptitudes are needed for many projects, so you’ll easily find a job.

Most employers ask for an associate degree in web development or a related field, but it won’t be challenging to get one, and it won’t take four years. This career implies learning new things throughout your entire life because the tech world changes fast, and you need to stay in touch with the trends to excel at your job.

Service delivery analyst

Your role is to ensure that your clients get the best services. You will evaluate the quality of the services your clients receive and search for ways to improve them.

You’ll work with software to track the services’ quality and rate workers’ performance. Each industry has different requirements for service delivery analysis, but most positions require strong computer skills.

Some employers ask for experience, at least two years in the same field, and knowledge of the software and programs they use, so you may want to apply for an internship with a company at the start. It will help you figure out if you like the job and have the needed skills to become an analyst.

Pharmacy technician

Even if pharmacists need college studies to get a job, a technician does not need a bachelor’s degree. Your role is to assist pharmacists in providing medications to patients and health specialists.

You can work in a drug store, hospital, or private clinic. Even if most pharmacy technicians work in local pharmacies, you can also apply for a job in a clinic where patients receive in-house treatment.

Many drug stores provide on-the-job training, so you won’t need a degree to land a position. The latest statistics show that this job is registering a faster than average growth rate and an average salary of $40,000 a year.

The bottom line: you don’t need a bachelor’s degree to land a high-paid job, but it takes plenty of work to prove you’re worthy of a top position.

Source: Salem-News.com Special Features Dept.


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