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CIA and Mossad Killed in Iran

It is reported that the men had leaked information about Iran’s nuclear and missile programs in the last ten years.

Hanging of spies in Iran

(LONDON) - The Iranian government caught two "spies" who worked for the CIA and Mossad recently. The two men were hanged Sunday morning, the information of the capture and hanging came from the Iranian state news Press TV.

The men were identified as Mohammad Heidari and Kourosh Ahmadi. Iran's Press TV said Heidari was passing on highly classified information to Mossad. Ahmadi had also been convicted of providing the CIA with intelligence as well.

They reported that the men had leaked information about Iran’s nuclear and missile programs in the last ten years.

CIA agent Kourosh Ahmadi and Mossad agent Mohammad Heidari

The details have been very sketchy to say the least, when trying to determine exactly when the men were arrested and tried. The execution “by hanging” occurred at dawn, the report said.

Israeli officials didn't comment on the recent report.

The U.S. State Department acknowledged seeing the reports but did not want to comment, due to the sensitive nature of the situation.

The people most likely behind this are known as the “Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran (MISIRI)” also known as MOIS for short. There had always been a constant presence in Iran when it came to three particular countries, the United Kingdom, The United States, and Israel.

There are a number of people that have predominately been part of the ongoing Iranian situation.

Sir Robert John Sawers, United Kingdom's Director of MI6

Sawers was a British diplomat and senior Civil Servant, who also worked in Yemen and Syria on behalf of MI6. He soon climbed up the ranks to become a political officer in Damascus, that happened in 1982.


MI6 Sir John Sawers talking to Hillary Clinton

1982 – 1986: Foreign and Commonwealth office – Desk Officer in the European union department. Private secretary to the minster of the state

1988 – 1991: Stationed at Pretoria Cape Town South Africa, during the apartheid transition.

1991- 1993: foreign commonwealth office. Head of the European Union planning unit. Principal private secretary. Covering the Bosnia war, Middle East crises, and was involved with debate of Britain on the European Union.

1995 – 1998: United States as an international fellow of Harvard university. Working at the British embassy in Washington D.C head of the foreign and defense policy team.

1999 - 2001: Foreign Affairs adviser for Tony Blair, dealing with all aspects of foreign and defense Policy and working closely with international counterparts. Kosovo, and Northern Ireland peace process, the Good Friday agreement. Reviewing the Iraq sanctions policy. Creating a consideration document of the Iraq regime change.

Mi6 headquarters

2001 - 2003: Two years ambassador to Egypt. British government special representative to Baghdad. Assisting the establishment of the coalition provisional authority, as a transitional government during the occupation of Iraq.

2003: Director General of political affairs for the foreign commonwealth office. Adviser for the foreign secretary, on worldwide political and security issues. Also involved with negotiations for the foreign secretary with international partners at the EU, G8, and the UN. Involved in policy making on Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Balkans. Headed a British team in the EU-3 negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program in 2006.

2007: British permanent representative to the United Nations.

2009: Sawers finally makes it to the icing on the cake when it comes to his rather colorful and diverse career, the new chief of the secret intelligence service. Taking over Sir John Scarlett.

Sawers' private online information, including his family we’re soon (scrubbed) wiped clean, including that rather intrusive social network – Facebook.

Sawers is also the governor of the Ditchley foundation, which promotes Anglo – American relationships.

His M16 salary was confirmed in 2010 – a measly 169.999 pounds, hardly enough considering what he has to take on.

No doubt anyone in this position, including previous directors of such a high level job as his, will compensate for this lack of pay with books, biographies, speeches, movie rights, independent adviser to the private sector …and being head hunted by major businesses corporations, once he leaves the M16 nest (retirement).

John 0. Brennan (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency – CIA)

John’s reason for wanting to join the CIA was brought on by random chance, thanks to Major newspaper called the New York Times. At that time the newspaper was advertising for CIA recruitment. Due to reading this advert it spurred him on like his pants were on fire, achieving a B.A in political science in 1977.

He also studied Arabic, as well as taking on Middle East studies at the American university in Cairo. He received a master of arts, and took Middle Eastern studies at the university of Texas at Austin in 1980. Due to the intense courses he took that were related to the Middle East, he now speaks fluent Arabic.

He began his career in the CIA as an analyst. He spent a 25 years at the agency. He was also Bill Clinton’s intelligence adviser.


Current Director of the CIA John 0. Brennan

1996: CIA station chief stationed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. While John was stationed there, a bombing happened that was known as the Khobar towers bombing, which killed 19 U.S. Servicemen.

1999: Chief of staff to George Tenet (George Tenet being at that time, director of the CIA)

2001: Deputy director of the CIA.

2003-2004: Director of the Terrorist Integration Center, which were involved in sifting through compiled information for President Bush’s daily briefings. They also employed services of analysts, from other U.S. agencies.

2004-2005: Director of the National Counterterrorism Center.

2005-2007: John leaves the government services, and becomes the chairmen INSA (Intelligence and National Security Alliance). CEO of TAC (the analysis corporation) now named Sotera Defense Solutions.

2011: John was part of a team that had killed Osama Bin Laden.

2013: President Obama nominates John as the director of the CIA.

Tamir Pardo - Director of the Mossad

Tamir took over the role of director of Mossad over the rather aggressive Meir Dagon in 2011.

Tamir was born in Tel Aviv, his family background are a mix of Turkish and Serbian origins. He started his tour with the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) at 18 as a Paratrooper. He passed the course and became a communication officer in the Israeli Special Forces group called the Sayeret Matkal.


Tamir Pardo is the Director of Mossad in Israel

1980: Joined Mossad, as an entry-level technical position. At this time he was awarded the Israeli prize three times, while being involved in several classified operations. Soon after this award, he rose through the ranks quickly to become the head of the Keshet department. The Keshet department are involved in the responsibility of obtaining electronic intelligence through wiretaps and photographic reconnaissance.

2005-2006: Served as a senior adviser for operations to the Israel general staff. Was also involved in operations in the Lebanon war. Tamir walks out of Mossad after personal clashes with Meir Dagon. Tamir opens up a private business with an Israeli internet gambling entrepreneur.

2010- 2011: Meir Dagon retires and the Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu invites Tamir to be the head of Mossad in 2010. Tamir becomes the head of Mossad in 2011.

Although all these people are entwined tightly with being involved with same work environment, you would think that these people and their agencies would be a match made in heaven? Not so.

As recent as 2012, a series of feuds between the CIA and Mossad escalated to the point that no one on the outside really has any idea what is going on between the two agencies. Even M16, who seem to be wrapped around in some deep infatuated love affair with Mossad, have had their little lover tiffs. It almost makes William Hague look like some marriage councilor these days, when trying to keep the piece between the two, with his “stiff upper lip” staunch speeches on the international news scene, when covering North Africa and the Middle East.

One good example of problems between the CIA and Mossad was reported back in 2012.

Terrorist organization, The Jundallah

Mossad were caught pretending to be CIA agents while trying to recruit members of a Terrorist organization known as the Jundallah, to fight their war against Iran. Of course this did not stop these fake recruitment officers from trying to recruit anyone to do the dirty work, whether you are some fanatic, hell bent on destroying the world, or some other “westernised “ person …that dreams about working with such a glamorous agency as the CIA (blame Hollywood for that one).

Not everyone dresses in tailor made Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani suit in that agency.

According to two sources from the CIA, these people who paraded as CIA agents had pockets as deep as the Mariana trench, full of American dollars. They were also holding American passports.

This was known as a “false flag” operation.

Jundallah militants are suspected of posing as
CIA agents, for Israel's Mossad

The people they had employed “the Jundallah” according government and published reports were responsible for the assassination of Iranian government officials and killing Iranian woman and children. Does Israel really want such a country run by these people? From past experience in bringing in rebel factions …it normally ends up backfiring, and causing more instability problems than before. Their infrastructure, ethics, morals, as well as their chain of command are rather dubious and unpredictable to say the least.

The CIA had barred Jundallah in any involvement with the agency, but with Mosaad it was a different story. The CIA field report said that the recruitment activities of Mossad occurred out of sight with the CIA. The memo reported that Mossad, masquerading as CIA officers we’re recruiting in London.

The CIA were jaw droopingly stunned with the ballsy brazenness of Mossad escapades in London. One CIA official commented “It's amazing what the Israelis thought they could get away with," the intelligence officer said. "Their recruitment activities were nearly in the open. They apparently didn't give a damn what we thought.”

This report soon made its way to the white house. Bush, president of the time ”went absolutely ballistic”, when he was briefed on its contents. His reaction was witnessed by an intelligence officer, as well as other selected white house officials.

The situation created deep concerns that Israel’s programs were putting the United States at risk.

One Intelligence officer had said that even though the U.S. worked closely with intelligence gathering with the Israelis against the Iranians, this situation was very different. The intelligence officer commented that no matter what anyone thinks. We’re not in the business of assassinating Iranian officials or killing Iranian civilians.

Israel had ignored the white house reaction to this, and still carried on pushing for the use of the Jundallah …with the white house still venting over this whole scenario. This was also putting an already extremely fragile relationship with Pakistan at risk with the United States, with Iran putting pressure on Pakistan to clamp down on the Jundallah.

One white house senior official wanted to administer the good old fashion approach of “ take the gloves off” with Israel according to a intelligence officer.

Nothing was done at the end though, due to political and bureaucratic entanglements with the U.S. and Israel.

The situation caused a huge debate in the Bush administration, and national security teams, debating on “just whose side were these guys are on.” The debate was closed when president Obama came in to power, pulling back on intelligence cooperation with U.S.-Israel intelligence programs relating to Iran.

This caused the CIA to close down certain key intelligence operations in 2010, after the Jundallah group we’re now classified as a terrorist organization under the new Obama administration.

One very intriguing insight on how the intelligence officers react with their Israeli counter parts to missions such as Iran, came from a very well written article by Mark Perry (the author to talking to terrorists)

Quote from Mark Perry’s interview on the matter:

    “Israel regularly proposes conducting covert operations targeting Iranians, but is just as regularly shut down, according to retired and current intelligence officers (CIA). "They come into the room and spread out their plans, and we just shake our heads," one highly placed intelligence source said, "and we say to them -- 'Don't even go there. The answer is no.'"

CIA are not the only agency that are smelling of roses though. On a rare speech from Sir John Sawers, in front of civil servants in London (this was only his seconded public speech since he was appointed to M16) MI6, John Sawers, had emphasized the importance of covert ops in Iran, and said, “Stopping nuclear proliferation cannot be addressed purely by conventional diplomacy. We need intelligence-led operations to make it more difficult for countries like Iran to develop nuclear weapons.”

Sir John had also mentioned “I take great pride in the fact that, in the last ten years, over a number of jobs, I’ve been involved in an issue of global concern …I feel that I as an individual have made an impact in the outcome of events.”

He also commented on “that MI6 had “ run a series of operations to ensure that the sanctions introduced internationally are implemented, and that we do everything we can within the Middle East to slow down these remaining problems.

Rumours have been flying around about M16 conducting black ops, including that their agents have prevented Tehran from developing nuclear weapons in the past, without any intervention of other agencies. Other information that has appeared about M16’s missions has varied from assassination attempts, sabotaging and staging coup d'état. Mi6 have been involved in such cloak and dagger operations in Iran since the 1950’s, lead by a man (at the time) called colonel Monty Woodhouse.

In 2010 the British foreign office dismissed such claims, and said, “there is a long history of baseless Iranian allegations against the UK, this is just the latest.”


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