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Abolishing any Constitutionally Guaranteed Right Can Place us on a Very Slippery Slope!

The founding fathers each personally gave up a great deal in establishing our country as a sovereign entity.

"Washington crossing the Delaware" painting by Leutze

(HARRISVILLE, N.H.) - The Founding Fathers worked hard to define a constitution that has served our country well for 223 years. Every item in that constitution has served and still serves a purpose.

I understand that the Constitution was meant to be a living document that would change with the times, but there are certain basic rights that were included by the Founding Fathers that they deemed as critical to the establishment and/or continuation of the freedoms we enjoy today. The right to keep and bear arms was one of these.

In my life, I have seen both political parties gleefully step on a number of the rights guaranteed by our constitution and have also witnessed multiple attempts by the court systems of our country to write rather than interpret the law.

Regardless of whether we, as individuals, agree with gun ownership, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, or any pther of the many rights the Founding Fathers structured into the Constitution, we as American citizens should willingly support our neighbors in exercising those rights.

Remember, if it does not bother you when your neighbor has his rights stepped on because you do not agree with that particular right, tomorrow, it may be a right you do agree with and want to exercise yourself, that is taken away.

If you truly believe that you are more adept than the Founding Fathers at defining the rights a country needs in order to establish and maintain freedom, I might suggest that your ego is a bit larger than it should be.

The founding fathers each personally gave up a great deal in establishing our country as a sovereign entity. It is easy for us to sit back now, in the comfort of our homes, with no immediate threat bearing down on us, and second-guess what these great men were thinking.

My feeling is that their combined wisdom far exceeds that held by any of us, so second-guessing them is almost certainly a fools errand.

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Anonymous May 17, 2010 2:13 pm (Pacific time)

The Founding Fathers knew what tyranny was, not just from their current situation, but studying centuries of other tyrannical governments. Thus, they put together the Republic. Because those in DC and the corporate owned media keep saying "democracy" over and over like its a good thing, people believe it. But, if you study "democracy" it is nothing but a nice worded prelude to tyranny and dictatorship. Relax democrats, I am not talking about our current 'democrat' or 'republican' system, both parties swear to uphold the Constitution, and neither follow thru on their word. 95% of all those in DC should be voted out of office. By the way, is their ONE person in all of the obama admin that is not a goldman sachs minion? And where did all the democrats go that were standing with me against the illegal bush wars? obama is democrat, so illegal wars and killing innocent civilians is ok now?

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