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What Is Wrong With the CDC?

Bush politicized science agencies in the US, undermining science there.

CDC lab

(LONDON) - There are US attorneys in Atlanta who are already looking into a CDC connection to the autism/vaccine researcher who has been indicted for fraud

The US has pandemic laws on the books and a new food safety law which both threaten the country with martial law (and threaten our normal animals with being - in Pat Roberts' word - "terminated") based on CDC data and on the CDC declaring outbreaks.

How is it that all our lives (including our animals's lives - our primary food supply) and the country's future as a democracy have become tied to CDC information and the CDC status as an ultimate arbiter of "science" and danger - a CDC funded by the pharmaceutical corporations and involved with military?

If this country is to be safe, a closer look at the CDC is needed. This doesn't mean questioning the sincerity of the scientists working there but asking: "What is happening at the CDC at the policy level and what are its connections to profit-making vaccine manufacturers?"

CDC first began as an adjunct of the US Public Health Service, by helping the military and US colonial expansion.  

The U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) and Malaria (1914-1942)

During the U.S. military occupation of Cuba and the construction of the Panama Canal at the turn of the 20th century, U.S. officials made great strides in the control of malaria and yellow fever. ... USPHS established malaria control activities around military bases in the malarious regions of the southern United States to allow soldiers to train year round.

The drug used was chloroquine (Resochin) produced by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer... at the same time Bayer was running concentration camps across Europe during WWII).

The DDT used came from Merck, a company which inherited the money from IG Farben, the Nazi pharmaceutical and chemical complex that put Hitler into office was the primary funder of Nazi operations.  (As a disturbing side note given IG Farben's history with gays, Merck's chief of vaccines admitted Merck started the AIDS epidemic in the US with their HEP vaccine for gay men and that all their vaccines are loaded with multiple viruses and cancers.)

The CDC was founded immediately after WWII - in 1946.  This occurred at the same time that leading Nazi scientists (including in the pharmaceutical industry) were being brought to the US by the Bush family

Bush politicized science agencies in the US, undermining science there.  Bobby Kennedy Jr. wrote:

Today, flat-earthers within the Bush Administration--aided by right-wing allies who have produced assorted hired guns and conservative think tanks to further their goals--are engaged in a campaign to suppress science that is arguably unmatched in the Western world since the Inquisition. Sometimes, rather than suppress good science, they simply order up their own. Meanwhile, the Bush White House is purging, censoring and blacklisting scientists and engineers whose work threatens the profits of the Administration's corporate paymasters or challenges the ideological underpinnings of their radical anti-environmental agenda. Indeed, so extreme is this campaign that more than sixty scientists, including Nobel laureates and medical experts, released a statement on February 18 that accuses the Bush Administration of deliberately distorting scientific fact "for partisan political ends."   ....

Roger Kennedy, former director of the National Park Service, told me that the alteration and deletion of scientific information is now standard procedure at Interior. "It's hard to decide what is more demoralizing about the Administration's politicization of the scientific process," he said, "its disdain for professional scientists working for our government or its willingness to deceive the American public."  ....

The Bush Administration reacted to the frightening findings (on the pesticide Atrazine) not by banning this dangerous chemical, as the European Union has, but by taking the studies away from EPA scientists and, in an unprecedented move, giving the chemical's manufacturer, Switzerland-based Syngenta, control over federal research. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Sherry Ford, a spokesperson for Syngenta, praised without irony the advantages of having the company monitor its own product. "This is one way we can ensure it's not presenting any risk to the environment."

Bush didn't just affect the EPA.  From Gerberding/Bush Malpractice at the CDC:

It's not bad enough that the professional heart of CDC is heading for the exits as fast as they can get there in response to the high handed, abrasive and incompetent management of its Director, Dr. Julie Gerberding. Not bad enough at all. Dr. Gerberding now is getting rid of good people who haven't voluntarily jumped ship. ... Dr. John Howard, Director for the last six years of the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH) is being let go by the Bush administration, using their lap dog, Dr. Gerberding to do the deed. ... One of the jobs Dr. Howard has been doing is coordinating the ground zero health study. Maybe that's the source of the problem:  ...

Why anyone with competence would want to stay on in this administration is a bit of a mystery, but I guess Dr. Howard thought he had a job to do and he wanted to do it. .... What qualifications? A Doctor of Medicine degree (1974), a Master of Occupational Health (1982), a Juris Doctor (1986), and a Master of Laws (1987). And Dr. Gerberding's response to his willingness to serve? "Dr. Julie Gerberding met with Dr. John Howard and let him know that HHS/CDC will begin a search for a new NIOSH director."

After first raising the specter of a pandemic flu or virus that would kill millions based on the 20-50 million 1918 deaths, Bush got his appointee at the CDC, Louise Gerbeding, to set up a pandemic apparatus which links the CDC to Homeland Security and the military.

The problem is that the CDC/DHS/military connection is based on a complete medical fiction - a fiction as extreme as Bush's infamous lie of WMDs in Iraq.  The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has shown that most of the 1918 deaths were not  caused by a flu or virus at all but by common upper respiratory bacteria.  That bacteria led to the pneumonias that killed and the strongest likely cause was aspirin - a product invented by Bayer

Aspirin was being given at lethal doses (explaining the "mysterious" deaths of young people who normally never died from flus and of people being well in the morning and dead by evening).  Aspirin was aggressively promoted globally by the Bayer and the drug industry, the US government, the military and medical authorities - resulting in a human catastrophe of epic proportions - precisely the combination of groups Bush brought together with his pandemic laws.  Bush, however, increased the force of that combination - removing liability for anything they do, giving them martial law powers, and with no requirement even to prove a contagious disease is present.

Meanwhile, the CDC is overriding the scientific reality of NIAID data that 1918 was not about a virus, to push vaccines based on a "virulent virus" in 1918.  But the 1918 deaths relate to a pharmaceutical industry catastrophe, not a virus.   Yet the CDC promotes a medical non-reality, makes it into a great mystery, and then seeks research funds into it - something that didn't exist:

The influenza pandemic of 1918-19 killed an estimated 20 to 50 million people worldwide, many more than the subsequent pandemics of the 20th century. The biological properties that confer virulence to pandemic influenza viruses were poorly understood. Research to better understand how the individual genes of the1918 pandemic influenza virus contribute to the disease process could provide important insights into the basis of virulence. 

The CDC also falsely promotes threat around flu deaths in general.  In 2004, under Bush, the CDC also said that "Every year in the United States, on average.......approximately 36,000 people die from flu. Butby the CDC's own records, the number of flu deaths in 2002 were 753.  CDC 

Having created a vast agency structure which continues to prop up a complete fiction that the US (and world) faces the return of a deadly virus like the one in 1918 capable of killing millions, as well as other fictional viral threats, and the urgent need for developing vaccines to defend against it, Gerberding subsequently left to take a job paying millions, as head of the vaccine division at Merck, as Merck's sales are dragging

Going further back historically beyond Bush, the CDC's past history with "pandemics" and vaccines is already at issue.  David Senser who was head of the CDC when it was informed of the Tuskegee experiment and did nothing to stop, it, was head of the CDC in 1976 as it created (as now) unwarranted fear around swine flu - based on the death of a single soldier on a military base.  The CDC ran a campaign urging everyone to get swine flu vaccines while lying to the public that the vaccines it was giving out had been tested.  They had not and killed 500 people and was paralyzing many more, had been tested.  Despite the deaths and maiming that occurred with the vaccine program, and despite virtually no deaths attributable to swine flu, at no point did the CDC call for a halt to the vaccine campaign which was only stopped when a private law firm filed suit.

In 2009, the CDC again generated terror around swine flu (terror which sold billions in vaccines) but its work has also been central in justifying the undermining of constitutional law, using the threat of death to millions of lives.  But that threat is entirely false - even if 1918 had been about a virus (which it wasn't) - because the medical circumstances are radically different now and can't repeat yet CDC is threatening similar deaths of millions and worse.  Why is the CDC promoting false fear?

The CDC also lied about data around the 2009 swine flu, the most recent "swine flu pandemic."  A CBS investigative reporter exposed the CDC for putting out (by as much as 80-99% wrong) on cases of swine flu and blocking the CBS investigation in a number of ways.   The CDC also ignored decades of its own contraindications for pregnant women - that they should never receive any vaccines - to suddenly put pregnant women first in the line for the untested swine flu vaccines.  It appears now to be falsifying the miscarriage data from those vaccines.  Video

International scientists' distrust of the CDC came to a head during the false swine flu "pandemic."

On the basic health front, the CDC has done nothing about Crohn's disease - an epidemic in the US, with people dying from it, though it has been aware for more than a decade of the link between pasteurized milk from industrial dairies and the Crohn's bacterium

Even with families pleading for them to  let scientists and doctors and consumers know, the CDC has been silent.  And here, too, vaccines are involved for in not revealing the reality of a major Crohn's source, the CDC promotes the idea of a genetic predisposition to Crohn's and encourages vaccines to prevent it, rather than urging that cows live under normal conditions and be fed normal feed free of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, slaughterhouse waste and GMOs (all of which are harmful to humans as well).

The CDC's position on vaccines with mercury not being linked to autism continues to beggar credulity while its ties to the pharmaceutical industry are known, as is the pharmaceutical industry's endemic corruption  and horrific history

The CDC would be the agency to announce an animal disease outbreak under the new food safety bill.  That would bring out DHS and military to slaughter millions of animals here.   The problem is that such an outbreak might be set of by yet another bio-weapons facility with government appointees ready to profit personally, as well as the biotech industry - coincidentally the same groups funding the CDC

Science, like theology, reveals transcendent truths about a changing world. At their best, scientists are moral individuals whose business is to seek the truth. Over the past two decades industry and conservative think tanks have invested millions of dollars to corrupt science. They distort the truth about tobacco, pesticides, ozone depletion, dioxin, acid rain and global warming. In their attempt to undermine the credible basis for public action (by positing that all opinions are politically driven and therefore any one is as true as any other), they also undermine belief in the integrity of the scientific process.

Now Congress and this White House have used federal power for the same purpose. Led by the President, the Republicans have gutted scientific research budgets and politicized science within the federal agencies. The very leaders who so often condemn the trend toward moral relativism are fostering and encouraging the trend toward scientific relativism. The very ideologues who derided Bill Clinton as a liar have now institutionalized dishonesty and made it the reigning culture of America's federal agencies.

The Bush Administration has so violated and corrupted the institutional culture of government agencies charged with scientific research that it could take a generation for them to recover their integrity even if Bush is defeated this fall. Says Princeton University scientist Michael Oppenheimer, "If you believe in a rational universe, in enlightenment, in knowledge and in a search for the truth, this White House is an absolute disaster."

The Bushes are closely tied to the pharmaceutical industry historically.  The industry helped put GW Bush into office (as an unelected president).  In less than a year, Bush introduced highly unconstitutional pandemic laws (indistinguishable from martial law) across the country, giving immense power to the pharmaceutical industry to force tests, taking of samples and untested, unknown "treatments" (vaccines, chemicals, drugs) on Americans at the threat of prison if they don't submit.

It is one thing for the CDC:

1. to be promoting a lie about 1918 and virulent viruses in general, and another to

2. to be putting out frightening and false data on swine flu, as part of what appears to be a financial that rivals the bailout and an international medical scandal, and another to

3.  to be getting their funding from the pharmaceutical industry which has been involved in dismantling this country, and another to

4. to have created a massive bureaucratic structure based on lies which would trigger DHS and military action based on those lies ...

but when the CDC is connected to 500,000 coffins stored in Georgia (each able to hold more than 2 people), it is time for the country to demand a criminal investigation into the CDC.

While there is no influenza pandemic capable of killing millions, the country has already seen that Bayer had influenza vaccines containing live avian flu - a bio-weapon.  However, if mandated vaccines and forced on Americans under the guise of a deadly pandemic, those or other vaccines could trigger deaths where nature itself would not.

It is time to ask what is really going on and for whom? It appears that the world's richest people are involved in "pandemics" and vaccines along with Henry Kissinger

Commentary on the CDC:

"In the case of vaccines, they have this particular panel called the ACIP [Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices]. I've sat through their meetings and know pretty much what goes on there. Basically, they rubber-stamp whatever the drug companies put in front of them.  But this committee comes up with language saying, such and such a person should get this vaccine at such and such a date. Then the drug company lobbyists take that recommendation from the ACIP and they go around to all the state legislatures and state health departments saying, "Did you see what the CDC says to do?" And the American Academy of Pediatrics, of course, jumps in. There are huge donations flowing back and forth between all these people. It's a huge conflict of interest."--Michael Belkin

"Did you know that the CDC committee which sets national vaccine policy, the Advisory Committee on Immunizatrion Practices (ACIP), (until 1997) operated for more than 20 years without making verbatim transcripts of its meetings available to the public?"--Ingri Cassel

"In addition, the U.S. Office of Technology, one of the few semi-reliable agencies of the U.S. government, says there is no current system utilized by the CDC to determine if the vaccines do work or how dangerous they really are."--Dr Douglass M.D.

"The statistic that is often quoted is that there are 25,000 kids infected with Hepatitis B.  After repeatedly asking the question as to how the CDC arrived at this number, Harold S. Margolis, MD, Chief of the Hepatitis Branch of the CDC finally admitted that 25,000 kids is simply an estimate.  They have no hard proof that there are definitely 25,000 kids with Hepatitis B."--Lisa F. Reiss

"The CDC no longer permits members of its vaccine advisory committee to vote on issues involving any company with whom they have a financial relationship. But they can participate in discussions--which allows them to continue influencing policy. Minutes of a June 1995 CDC advisory committee meeting, at which members voted to delay recommending use of a safer polio vaccine, show that five of the nine members present had financial ties to vaccine manufacturers. (emphasis added)."--Money Magazine

"The CDC immunization policy is disgraceful from a scientific, medical, or public policy point of view. It is a scientific disgrace because vaccines only get short-term or epidemiological tests, and not controlled tests for long-term side effects........[The CDC] appoints members of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)...The members are often nominated by the drug companies and have substantial financial ties to the drug companies....Members are forbidden to publicly discuss what happens during closed portions of the meetings. The precise scientific, medical, and political bases for the vaccine recommendations are never revealed. Thus the drug companies and CDC have strong incentives to expand immunization programs." Roger Schlafly, PhD

"They (CDC, ACIP and Merck) are passing off estimated, hypothetical numbers as actual cases. This is statistical fraud. In the financial world such mis-representation would lead to criminal charges. If a company inflated its earnings or revenues by 300% (as the CDC does hepatitis B disease statistics) and foisted those figures off as official data (and not some back-of-the-envelope guess-timate) - that company would be investigated by the SEC and sued by shareholders. Why doesn’t that happen in the medical world? There’s no regulator to keep the CDC honest. They do not say those figures are hypothetical estimates, they misrepresent the data. Go try to audit those 320,000 supposed new infections/yr. You will not find them. The whole exercise is designed to increase public hysteria about the risk of a low-risk disease so the CDC can extend it’s pervasive influence and Merck can increase it’s $900 million/year vaccine revenues."---MICHAEL BELKIN'S WRITTEN TESTIMONY TO CONGRESS

"I have minutes from a CDC Study Group Meeting on the Hepatitis B vaccine held in March, 1997. The minutes of the meeting show that it would take at least a 60 day study to show the onset of MS.  Clinical studies done by the two manufacturers were four and five days in length, respectively. It should be noted that the afternoon session of this meeting was chaired by Dr. Robert Sharrar of Merck. This group was to decide how to identify various types of adverse reactions such as MS and demylenating disease and to plan meaningful studies. When Dr. Sharrar appeared on ABC's 20/20 in January he said that he honestly believed that the Hepatitis B vaccine had not caused any problems. Can an employee of a pharmaceutical company that manufactures the vaccine be objective in designing experiments to show fault in a product that generates close to a billion dollars in sales for his company?"---Betty Fluck

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Jeff34781 May 14, 2011 8:53 pm (Pacific time)

The CDC is also up to its neck in the Lyme disease cover-up in this country.

jeff May 14, 2011 7:27 am (Pacific time)

The Federal government, which is foreign to the United States of America, which is located in the District of Columbia, which is not part of the United States and which is in fact controlled to a great extent by the international bankers which created the... Federal Reserve and by the laws and rules of the United Nations, whereby this Federal Washington D.C. state or country, has set itself up as a control over the United States of America as a quasi-government.

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