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PETA Demonstrators Protest KFC in Salem (VIDEO)

To ensure that they gained people`s attention, PETA Campaign Coordinator Lindsay Rajt donned a yellow bikini, and gained her objective.

PETA demonstrator in yello bikini
Photo by Tim King

(SALEM) - Members of the animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, demonstrated in front of the Salem KFC restaurant on Lancaster Drive Thursday.

They say the chain`s practices aren`t ethical. Without going into too many details, PETA Campaign Coordinator Lindsay Rajt described their complaints against this fast food chain, `I'm here as one chick sticking up for other chicks. Getting the message out that we're only asking KFC to take the scientific advice of their own animal welfare advisors."

"After you see, behind the scenes, what really happens to these chickens, anybody that cares about animals would want to be out here. They're scalded alive, they're kept in sheds of 30-50,000 birds."

PETA has plenty of critics. Some people go so far as to call them a terrorist group. These PETA members and supporters say they are simply asking the huge corporation, KFC, to kill their chickens in a humane manner.

To ensure that they gained people`s attention, PETA Campaign Coordinator Lindsay Rajt donned a yellow bikini, and gained her objective.

Rajt says they were joined by a number of Salem animal rights activists, and nobody tried to block or stop their right to demonstrate.

Cody Boyd says KFC's choices and practices have a big impact,"KFC is the largest killer of chickens in America and they need to set some standards for the rest of America."

Another demonstrator named Dustin is trying to put his money where his mouth is. "I always talk about animal rights and all that, and I figured I should finally stand up for what I believe in."

The last time PETA held a demonstration in Salem, members were assaulted on the sidewalk. Rajt says that didn`t happen this time.

Demonstrators passed out pamphlets to those who were interested. Traffic along Lancaster Drive was busy. It gave Rajt and the others a chance to get their message across.

"We're only asking KFC to stop the very worst abuses of the animals raised and killed for their restaurants."

PETA says they've gone under cover to document the abuse allegations against Kentucky Fried Chicken, which does not allow store managers to make comments to the media.


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