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The War on the Elderly and Disabled - 18 USCA 4 Report

If you need more convincing as to our own holocaust check out the Alice Gore case. After she was railroaded into one of the nursing home 'death camps' the miscreants mined her teeth for their gold filings! Across America this outrage continues!

War on elderly

(CHICAGO) - The evening news reports the kidnapping of several hundred children by terrorists, and the anguished statements of our political leaders; however, these same pols are silent as hundreds of elderly and disabled people are kidnapped and herded into abusive guardianships to be ravaged, stripped of their liberty, stripped of their money, and denied all rights of American citizenship.

The hypocrisy is amazing!

Our congress has enacted laws to protect the elderly and the disabled; however, except on rare occasions they (the laws) are ignored. Here in Illinois it is not uncommon for elderly people to find themselves under the dominion and control of ultra vires judicial domination that is akin to the gulag or the holocaust. I attached a copy of a brief that Ms. Denison and I filed in the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals that details how a senior citizen was railroaded into a guardianship, and when her friends and family tried to obtain JUSTICE for her they were thwarted and Ms. Denison and I have had to deal with the problem of being unwelcome whistle blowers who will not adhere to the code of silence.

The brief has been filed and is of record. Therefore, the 4th estate can reprint any of the statements made therein without fear of defamation. The miscreants including but not limited to the Administrator of the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, Guardian ad Litem Adam Stern, Guardian ad Litem Cynthia Farenga et al cannot censor the content and if you chose to be upset by the kidnapping of hundred of elderly people ****. (Even social media was intimidate by our miscreants - video's of Mary were posted demonstrating that she was very competent and demanding legal representation - legal representation was denied her - Mr. Stern told the Court she did not want to represented. He did this in the fact of handwritten notes smuggled out by Mary! (See Appendix)

The brief deals with a Taliban type assault on the First Amendment and demonstrates how vulnerable American liberties have become. I invite you to do an INDEPENDENT, HONEST, COMPLETE AND COMPREHENSIVE INVESTIGATION. I respectfully you sojourn to the Daley Center, go to the clerk's office on the 12th floor and access the Mary Sykes file 09 P 4585. It is an interesting read, if you also access the guardianship statute 755 ILCS 5/11a - 1 et seq.

The first step in any litigation is to check and see if jurisdiction has been obtained. 755 ILCS 5/11a - 10 deals with the method of obtaining jurisdiction. Examine the summons. The form of the summons is not compliant. Look to see if Mary was served with any process. There is no sheriff's return! Worse yet, the address on the summons is a Chicago address - Mary had been forcibly moved to Naperville! Thus, from the file it is apparent that Mary was not before the Court.

To make certain that a senior citizen is not railroaded, the statute requires that close relatives be notified 14 days prior to a hearing on competency. The Supreme Court of Illinois has said that such is jurisdictional. The file does not indicate that there was any notification of Mary's younger daughter or her two sisters. In point of fact none of these three individuals was notified and in fact in an effort to keep the proceedings secret Mary's two sisters were not disclosed on the Petition to appoint a guardian for her so as to strip her of her citizenship rights.

Mr. Schmiedel (the guardian's attorney) is not ashamed of the fact that there was no incompetency hearing - neither are the guardians. To Hell with the requirement that before a senior can be kidnapped and rendered a non-entity he/she has to be proven incompetent by clear and convincing evidence! All that was necessary was an agreement by the people who count - i.e. the elder cleansers.

The long and short is that State and Federal law are ignored as hundreds of senior citizens are taken prisoner and stripped of their liberty, property, and human rights the Administration on the Federal and State level are silent. There are no teams of law enforcement agents sent out to disarm the kidnappers her in Illinois. No hue and cry has been raised by the horror that Mary Sykes, Yolanda Bakken (sister) and Gloria Sykes (daughter) have been subjected! Senator Durbin responded by sending us a copy of a speech that he made on Social Security. The legal profession responded by disciplinary proceedings against Ms. Denison and myself for requesting an investigation.

If you need more convincing as to our own holocaust check out the Alice Gore case. After she was railroaded into one of the nursing home 'death camps' the miscreants mined her teeth for their gold filings!

Across America this outrage continues!

Why are we so concerned when humans are so horrible in a foreign land and we ignore virtually the same atrocities right here in America!

N.B. In my opinion based upon half a century as a lawyer, the Elder Justice Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and our Federal Criminal Code all make the actions of the two guardian ad litem in the Sykes case and their defenders felonies! 18 USCA 371 draws in Mr. Jerome Larkin of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission into the circle. I've reported his aiding and abetting this criminal activity to the IARDC. I got back a letter informing me that he (Larkin) refinanced his home in Wilmette, Illinois. The IARDC pursuant to my Himmel requirement has been copied on this e-mail.

Ken Ditkowsky

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