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Those who manipulate the blinders use marriage for leverage; we think of Yigal Amir, Rabin's "assassin," who got a wacko Russian wife and child for keeping his mouth shut.

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(ST. AUGUSTINE) - Talking with my good friend, Tova, about The Transfer Agreement, the horrid agreement between the Labor Zionists and the nazis to slaughter, their mostly, religious Jewish opposition, (in Hebrew watch:,) I spoke of the blinders of the religious Europeans of the 40's, when, somehow, we stumbled upon the abuse of one Jonathan Pollard.

Jonathan Pollard

To my deep disappointment, she bought into the Patriot Jonathan crapola, a complicated but typical blinder.  She spouted the baloney that Pollard turned down his own freedom because it meant freeing Arab terrorists.     I asked, "After 30 years behind bars, he would turn down freedom for some principle irrelevant to him? Like he couldn't renounce the deal once he was free?"

Tova got the obvious. Those who manipulate the blinders use marriage for leverage; we think of Yigal Amir, Rabin's "assassin," who got a wacko Russian wife and child for keeping his mouth shut. Pollard never divorced his first wife, but, nonetheless, "married" just as wacky "Esther," anyway and she divided his house and sanity:

    According to a member of the US Parole Commission, Jonathan Pollard, now in his 29th year in a US jail on charges of spying for Israel, has waived a planned parole hearing. The move comes the same day that as US offered to release Pollard was revealed, in exchange for the release of over 400 Israeli-held Arab terrorists, including arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti. Further, Israel would obligate itself to a partial construction freeze in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, in a move to save the failing peace talks. Pollard's refusal to attend the hearing was reportedly meant to express his opposition to the deal that would set Arab terrorists free.

Molly Pollard, Jonathan's mother, is an elderly sick woman with three heart attacks behind her. Her husband, Dr. Morris Pollard, takes her from place to place in a wheelchair. She is eighty two years old, weak, and her voice is barely audible. There is only one thing that she really wants, to meet her son Jonathan one more time. Eleven years have elapsed since that Thursday, November 21, 1985, when her son was captured outside of the Israel Embassy in Washington and was accused of spying for the State of Israel. On her last birthday, as told by daughter Carol, she sat opposite me and waited. Every time the phone rang she said to those around her in a voice full of hope, "Maybe it's Jonathan".

    But Jonathan Pollard refuses to speak to his parents. His last conversation with them was a year ago. By telephone, he announced to them that since they refuse to the line of action that his new wife, Esther proposes, he is therefore severing his connection with them and is not willing to see them again. Molly Pollard says in a depressed voice: "We are broken-hearted. We don't blame him. He's been in jail for so long that everything must be forgiven for him. But it is such a pity that that wicked woman, who calls herself Jonathan's wife, made it her aim in life to disconnect our son from us."In actual fact, he severed all his connections with the outside world, except for his wife Esther, who is currently his only channel to the outside world. Dr. Morris Pollard: "In retrospect I now understand that from the start she tried to dismantle our family. She and actions are making my son's release much more difficult. It is convenient for her to have him inside (prison), it gives her publicity. It's as if Jonathan doesn't have enough problems as it is, then comes this woman and complicated things even more."

Attached to my next message was journalist Robert Morrow's probable cause affidavit that the police filed on Jeffrey Epstein in May, 2006 after an 11 month investigation into this mega-pedophile by Florida police...The reason Jeffrey Epstein was let of the hook after massive amounts of pedophilic crimes was because he was providing underage girls for sexual purposes to many of his power broker friends - people who are national and internationally known; people you often or sometimes see on TV.

1) Bill Clinton
2) Prince Andrew - British royalty
3) Ehud Barak, the former Prime Minister of Israel

Now, clearly, this is not enough to make a valid argument of child molestation running the Oslo "peace" process but it is enough to initiate suspicions against actors Clinton and Barak:

At 9:20 PM, July 16,1999, John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr. radioed the tower at an airport near Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts announcing that he was preparing to land. Seconds after, his plane exploded in mid-air, and this was witnessed by several witnesses including a local newspaper reporter and an attorney. On board were his wife Caroline Bessette and her sister Lauren. Lauren's luggage was recovered miles from the crash site, an event that can only be caused by a mid-air explosion.

For reasons that would later become clear, search for the missing plane was delayed for 15 hours, when Pres. William "Bill" Clinton sent out the equivalent of the Sixth Fleet to find the wreckage, hide it and the bodies from the snoopy media, and though JFK Jr. was never in the Navy, and though the families did not consent, cremate the corpses, or evidence, and throw the ashes into the water in a quickly planned, elaborate, Navy funeral at sea.

Behind the scenes, a hokey cover story was concocted. The weather, which was perfect, became stormy. JFK Jr. had a gimpy leg. Reports by the FAA and FBI, both concluding foul play was involved, were buried, the arrival of Israeli PM Ehud Barak to Clinton's court the day before was given an alternative explanation...In fact JFK Jr.'s profound effect on Israel was never mentioned.

But it was huge. In the March, 1997 issue of his magazine, George, JFK Jr. became the only publisher of a major American publication to expose the conspiracy to murder Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. His 13 page expose shook the Israeli establishment to it's foundations:

So deep are the schizophrenic blinders worn by the religious that the most obvious and devious agent of their controllers is on the payroll of Honenu, the official defender of the wronged settlers:

Attorney Itamar Ben-Gvir warned that the IDF's seizing of the Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva in Samaria's Yitzhar on Friday morning will not cut down on "price tag" vandalism. According to Ben-Gvir, the move will only encourage more attacks. Ben-Gvir represents several Yitzhar residents for Honenu arrested on suspicion of involvement in vandalism...   NOW RECALL:

 447/95 Serious Crimes Division, Israel Police; Transcript of conversation of 3/12/95 between the murder suspect of Prime Minister Rabin, Yigal Amir, and two investigators, Sergeant Ofir Gamliel and Inspector Yoav Gazit.

Gazit: Tell me briefly what you know about Itamar Ben Gvir.

Amir: That's what I heard in the bus, that he was going to murder the prime minister.

Gazit: Did you meet him personally?

Amir: No.

Gazit: Itamar was the one who put the sticker on the prime minister's car. He's an extremist. Did you ever meet him?

Amir: No, I just saw him.

***Itamar Ben Gvir is a highly publicized member of Kach. There are widespread suspicions that he is a Shabak agent. What fueled said suspicions amongst many people was an incident a few years back when he threatened to murder Sinead O'Connor and her band if they showed up for their scheduled Jerusalem performance. The show was cancelled, leading to great resentment among the country's Left and youth towards right wing settlers like Ben Gvir. And what was Ben Gvir's punishment for his death threats? Nothing. He wasn't even questioned by the police. A month before Rabin's murder, Ben Gvir put a sticker on his car reading, 'We got to Rabin's car, next we'll get to him." Amir is claiming he heard a rumor on a bus that Ben Gvir was planning to murder Rabin that night. The plot thickens.***

To see a full story of Ben Gvir's activities to throw the Jews out of Gaza, read my: Bye Bye Gaza

The next event should be crystal clear to, at least, my readers. We won't be fooled by the phoney pageantry of this month's papal visit. Or will we? HMMMM? Why should the flakes who think Pollard is a hero, and don't ask why Honenu doesn't acquire an honest attorney, question the motives of good pope Francis?:

Report: Vatican Pushing for Control of Mount Zion

by Maayana Miskin

Christian leaders reportedly pressured Israel to turn over control of Mount Zion in Jerusalem during a clandestine meeting of senior city officials.

The meeting took place Tuesday in the office of Attorney Amnon Merhav, the director-general of the Jerusalem municipality. It was attended by officials from the Prime Minister s Office, President s Office, Tourism Ministry, Police, Kotel Rabbi's Office, and more.

During the meeting, representatives of Christian groups in the capital pushed Jerusalem leaders to give the Catholic Church control over the Mount Zion area that includes the Hall of the Last Supper. There have been reports that Israel's government is planning to turn the building in question over to the Vatican prior to the Pope's expected visit in May.

Pope Francis is expected to visit Israel and to lead a service in the Hall of the Last Supper.

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