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Richard Koenig vs Clackamas County YouTube Video

Most do not see or understand the paramount issue this really is and if the truth ever gets out, it will send shock waves throughout the country as well as Oregon.

Richard Koenig during a roundtable meeting in Clackamas County
Richard Koenig during a roundtable meeting in Clackamas County

(CLACKAMAS, OR) - Richard Koenig explains that he was arrested for attempting to report or at least investigate, official racketeering in Clackamas County.

"I was instructed by the District Attorney's Office to contact the Sheriff, and talk to the Sheriff about this, and of course the Sheriff might have a conflict of interest, and so they got threatening and they said, 'if you don't stop trying to talk about this we're going to arrest you,' and they did. So that kind of got me a little bit aggravated, I ended up spending way too much time in jail."

This was the last of the 3 Round Table meetings before Richard Koenig's scheduled trial the 14th of this month, May 2013.

The other two prior meeting were taped and recorded by Jerry Freeman with

In spite of the fact that Richard has Clackamas County & the sheriff's department up against the wall with truth and facts, they still have his dog and pony show pending which is very concerning since there is no way they will win unless they just use force and violence which is nothing new. They still have their drones with guns and badges to call on when necessary.

Richard has offered for the record to plead guilty to their bogus charges, ORS 166.090 if they can produce the law he has requested or else drop the charges. The plot thickens and the hits just keep on coming.

Most do not see or understand the paramount issue this really is and if the truth ever gets out, it will send shock waves throughout the country as well as Oregon. This is huge that involves ODOT, the trucking industry and of course the insurance companies in the biggest racketeering operation to ever exist that has robbed and plundered the people for billions as well as destroyed lives and families for generations. This is not just about Richard.

It's about all of us and our foundation of freedom called the liberty of locomotion. The time has come to fix this madness, put the criminals in jail, but it isn't going to happen until the people wake up to the and start supporting the truth.



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Chris Petersen May 9, 2013 9:55 am (Pacific time)

Some more thoughts on the insurance thing. We already have a rule about car accidents, "you break it, you buy it" basically. The mandatory minimum in Oregon is 20k/50k liability I believe, which is nothing, considering the 25% yearly gains in medical costs since about the time they put that rule in. 50k is nothing, it won't even pay for a totaled Honda and a stubbed toe. The whole scam gives ignorant ppl a false sense of security imo, and I guarantee creates more unsafe drivers and less safe drivers. A lot of ppl prolly don't even know they're already liable for everything above and beyond the crappy little insurance policy the government recommended to em. It's smart to have insurance, but people should figure that out on their own. I don't think we need to have a babysitter keeping tabs on you to make sure you didn't let it lapse for a few months when you just lost your job and are only driving places you absolutely need to go, like a store, or to a job interview. I've never understood either, about the license thing, how exactly are they planning on you living your life once they take away your license for not paying their fines quick enough or whatever? If you live in any sort of a rural area, that's basically an economic death sentence. Even in Salem, the shame train doesn't even run on the weekends, or late at night at all, so good luck getting a job that will work around that major flaw in your employability. Non-licensed people are second or 3rd class citizens. They are giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens now too. It's good to know that we are giving economic advantages to people who are technically known criminals over those who are law abiding, but failed to pay their extortion fees quick enough. It just proves that they are getting greedy, they can't resist that whole new market of people they can start imposing their fees on. I wonder if just thinking about things like this is enough to get you institutionalized yet, or if they'll be gracious enough to postpone my chemical lobotomy for speaking such blasphemy.

Chris Petersen May 9, 2013 9:34 am (Pacific time)

Michael Francke is all I have to say to anyone who can't fathom massive over-reaching government corruption by the Oregon government. The official story to this day is that it was a "botched car robbery" haha that's a good one. And I poop out gold nuggets. History is really cool, I hope they're teaching all the kids in our schools about the Francke scandal, which happened right here in our capitol, right at the dome building on Center St.

Chris Petersen May 9, 2013 9:15 am (Pacific time)

Good work bringing this issue to the forefront. The cops' greediness lately with their scheme makes me open to this guy's point. I watched the whole video and read some of his arguments, and I'm pretty much sold that's he's onto something. Thanks for bringing Richard Koenig to my attention, this guy has some really facinating ideas. What really sold me most that Koenig could be right is the reaction from the authorities against this peaceful, reasonable guy holding the governments balls to the fire by asking questions and trying to get the government to legally justify its actions (how much more American does it get than that?) What are they so afraid of if he's not digging into a gold vein? It makes sense that the best elite con artists would try everything they can to convince you that what they are doing is legit and justified.

Chris Petersen May 9, 2013 9:06 am (Pacific time)

I was just sitting at the DMV the other day to go pay my fee for the right to drive wondering if it was even legal or not for them to do that to us. It's only 40 bucks, but its hard to not feel like its straight extortion. Salem cops are now pulling people over too, and when you ask them what the reason was for pulling you over, they answer "you don't have insurance" How do they know this? Are they hiring psychics as police officers now? It was one thing pulling you over for a headlight out or something, then ticketing you for no insurance when they asked for it during the course of the stop. Which is already bad enough and really questionable. But now, they are getting greedy with their scam and just skipping the whole probable cause thing, or established traffic stop procedures. Basically the Salem police are driving around now running everyones plates and going for the easy pickings. Is this legal for them to be doing this?

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