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Expose: DHS-CPD, Part IV

Taking the state agency to task for shortfalls in management and a host of other problems that all too often never see the light of day.

is DHS violating Federal Law

(SALEM., Ore.) - In my last three guest pieces, I touched on several ways in which DHS-CPD, and their affiliates, have violated State and Federal laws. Following is a partial list of these violations:

* Failure to adequately investigate allegations that initially bring a family to the attention of DHS.

* Failure to divulge the identity of the person(s) making the allegations, or to look more closely at those who report issues of child neglect or endangerment to determine both motive and credibility or those doing the reporting (often anonymously).

* Requiring a parent who has come under CPS supervision to attend classes, counseling, submit to regular urinalysis, and jump through a series of senseless, unwarranted, hoops, not even related to the original allegations.

* Reporting to the judge that a client, with a perfect compliance record with all DHS demands, has missed meetings, or mandatory urinalysis. Blatant, arrogant lies…that, when caught in the act by the judge, are disguised as “mistake due to workload”.

* Postponing court hearings repeatedly, for months on end for no other reason than to keep the child in custody while gaining more time to "build" a case that does not currently exist.

* Ignoring existing client medical information, and bringing in their own "professionals", who are on the DHS payroll, so have a stake in supporting the DHS agenda 100% of the time.

* Mandating a client to counseling, then ignoring, or covering up the counselors positive reports (it gets lost, or somehow becomes immaterial).

This list goes on and on, and these are only a few of the more well-known practices of DHS-CPS workers.

However, it is one of DHS’s affiliate groups that I will further focus on here:


In most cases, DHS-CPS will appoint an attorney for a new client. If the client is thinking of "outside representation", the agency procedure is to inform such independents that they, "shouldn’t waste their money, as the agency has 'Family Law Specialists' at their disposal, at no cost to the client".

Unfortunately, these DHS appointed attorneys rarely have any interest in actually helping the clients they were appointed to represent.

In fact, these "Family Law Specialists" routinely ignore their clients wishes regarding the handling of case specifics. They blow off reports of civil rights violations, allow excessive court delays without reason, and even allow judgments to be rendered when their client is not present. They lie and withhold legal information from their clients about;

Parental rights, court procedure, discovery (evidence the State intends to use against their clients in court). They fail to present positive evidence and character witnesses, and generally lull their clients into a false sense of security, then act surprised and blindsided when all goes as planned in court.

I find this most despicable. Lawyers are not well-known for their honesty or integrity, but these barristers are the epitome of the Biblical term, “Judas Goat”.

After carefully reviewing allegations of "inadequate representation" and "unethical legal practices" against three different DHS-CPS appointed attorneys (four, if I include my own), it is clear that all of these cases of "inadequate representation" meet the criteria for filing formal grievances with the Oregon State Bar Association.

The DHS "lawyer pool" is small enough that it would be quite possible for some of them to have multiple grievances with the Oregon State Bar Association (OSBA). Three of four of these filings against a DHS attorney, at the very least, would guarantee scrutiny by the OSBA.

Those of you already on my mailing list will receive copies of the OSBA Grievance Forms along with this month’s newsletter. If you are not on my mailing list, and would like to be, my email is included below. If you need anonymity, you can go to the OSBA website, and fill out the form they have there. If you just want to sit crying, and continue to do nothing, then we can not help each other…BUT, if you want understanding, support, and change…email me, because I need your help.


Here are Jenifer's previous reports in this series published on

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Jenifer Saroian thinks that when we see something we believe to be dangerously toxic growing and flourishing in our society, it is our moral responsibility to try to do something. We wouldn't let a stranger step on a downed power line if we knew it was there...this isn't any different. It's about pointing out a problem, examining it, and finding a solution. The issue with DHS has been of growing concern to Jenifer for years, but recently, shes says she has come to feel that it's her personal and social responsibility to speak for the people who can't speak for themselves on this issue.

Jenifer says "been there, done that" when it comes to her background. She has spent time working as a hairdresser, shop owner, landscaper, apartment manager, bar tender, state employee, and even has a little legal experience.

She says she is looking for an up and coming attorney, who has the brass to take on a State Agency on contingency. You can email Jenifer at

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Anonymous March 28, 2015 10:40 pm (Pacific time)

I live in Idaho and I am facing criminal charges from dhs in Oregon from 7 years ago that are so illegal,a sealed incitement. And I have done nothing wrong I have had fbi checks for work that this did not show on and now it's a warrant..... please help what do I do?

anonymous May 8, 2012 9:54 pm (Pacific time)

Oh My Lord, this is all SO TRUE!!! We were slammed from out of nowhere by the clackamas county dhs and despite jumping through all of their stupid hoops and complying to the fullest degree and having clean uas we are still being attacked. I thank the Lord with all my heart for remembering the name of an attorney a family friend had used for a different situation because had it not been for him remembering me from 6 years ago and his phone calls to dhs at the last second today I seriously think that the county would have our son tonight. They did come roaring down on us like the gestapo yesterday (coincidentally after a front page reaming in the Sunday Oregonian the day before) and brought police with them. They put us through hell and kept saying that the newspaper didnt matter. It DOES matter, because they wanted to take our son and put him God knows where to "protect" him from an alleged crime that was not committed against him. I was in Mama Bear mode and ready to take my cub and flee in desperation because I knew that the trauma he would suffer from them would be everlasting, psychologically devastating for all of us and incomprehensibly fraught with the inability to protect ourselves. I'm still shaking, we are still in the storm, but we weathered the hardest battle which shouldn't have been difficult at all but was thanks to their incompetence.

unknown August 31, 2010 2:52 am (Pacific time)

editor, in responce to ;Oh I've heard it all now, I am going to take a hidden camera into DHS and show the world what this treatment is all about, you really take the cake and I swear I hope you aren't one of the people in this system. Definatly not part of the system, I am a person that has seen crazy pissed off mothers run there kids through the system because they are pissed off at there X husbands...for revenge or what you have it.

unknown June 4, 2010 9:12 pm (Pacific time)

I hear what all of you are saying. However I want to know how it escapes anyones mind in this day and age of so many lying and diabolical people. That you seem to want to be blind to the fact that there are some seriously wrongly accused people. I understand wanting justice for your loved ones. However, there are many, many people who are wrongly accused and sentenced for something that they did not do, but would never in there life dream of doing to another. So if the courts are trying to be thorough or seem to ask too much of you, ya you the ones who are asking that your life be put under the microscope for all to see that you are supposedly telling the truth. Then why the hell are you complaining. They are doing there job, as you claim you are doing yours as a parent. We have a justice system in place to but when its all about lies who really wins?

unknown June 2, 2010 11:56 pm (Pacific time)

Maybe a lot of it has to do with the fact that DHS, CPS and sheriffs see's through the sociopath lies primarily pissed off mothers bring to them everyday.

Editor: Oh I've heard it all now, I am going to take a hidden camera into DHS and show the world what this treatment is all about, you really take the cake and I swear I hope you aren't one of the people in this system.

Dena Delazerda October 12, 2009 3:31 pm (Pacific time)

my kids and I are dealing with the same crap with the clackamas county dhs/cps... My boys told me vivid and horrifying stories of sexual and physical abuse done to them over the past 4 years by thier dad after we recently split up. I followed every rule and guidelines jumped thru all the hoops and now I am the criminal somehow! He is walking the streets 2miles from our house and living the free life while we have become again the victims this time the victims of not only the system but also of clackamas county sherrif departments c.a.t team they have completly left us high and dry and now we are in constant terror to even go to the grocery store. Then today I go to take a UA and I get nailed to the wall pinned in the corner and told I faked a UA and I am now the one in trouble and in the hands of the system! I am not a addict I am not a abuser or a pedophile never failed a UA ever in my life nor faked one never been in trouble criminal or anything yet my ex is a felon convicted and alleged (because the system wont listen to my babies horrific abuse case) sex and physical abuser of my babies and emotional and mental abuser of me! He is getting off on it stalking us, ruined my kids and my image to society left us in a dumpy apartment with no support and laughing his ass off the entire time 3 months of letting the state and system get over on me and now I will exploit to the fullest degree! Glad I found your article to encourage me to speak out sad its so damn common though!I pray to god that we all get some justice for our kids forget me I am only looking out for them and thier safety... Please pray for us!

shell from Medford October 30, 2008 4:32 am (Pacific time)

So basically it sounds like we are all screwed.Are you saying that they are above the law and there is no one who can shut them down?

Linda weston May 12, 2008 5:39 pm (Pacific time)

I am the owner of Illinois family Rights this problem is nation wide and world world wide also I feel that the Cps is just like the Nazi Gestapo just in different clothes. Our kids are being sold into prostitution in some states and nothing is done. Just last week a 2 year old child was killed in foster care and of course it is covered up! something must be done and parents need to be herd.

J.Martin May 8, 2008 11:07 am (Pacific time)

All that is stated in this article has happened to our family in Linn County,Oregon

Fern May 5, 2008 11:11 am (Pacific time)

2 Websites to help individuals learn their rights when confronted by a CPS allegation are: and There are advocates to assist *good enough* parents out there. One good way to access the information is to use Yahoogroups and then enter the name of your state's CPS entity. Ex--DCF Florida and now, NJ FIA formerly Michigan, now called DHS.

Coral Anika Theill May 4, 2008 8:22 am (Pacific time)

Jenifer, Thank you for your excellent articles and for using your gifts to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves. Below is an excerpt from my published book BONSHEA: Making Light of the Dark, on apathy in our society: "The sad fact of twentieth-century history is," as Albert Einstein remarked, "that the development of our technology has out-stripped the development of our humanity to the extent that an unparalleled destruction of human life was made possible in the form of the Holocaust." This (my experiences in Oregon's corrupt judicial system these past 13 years) has been my personal holocaust. Holocausts and suffering are caused by society's indifference. Elie Wisel says, "Indifference to suffering makes the human inhumane." Evil is the absence of empathy. The once carefully guarded problem of domestic violence and the judicial/law system (including corruption within the DHS) can be compared to the Jewish Holocaust. Hitler did not cause the holocaust in Germany. James Redfield writes, "Hitler could do nothing without the cooperation and support and willing submission of millions of people. At some degree, the larger group of the German society allowed itself to remain indifferent and apathetic to the suffering of the Jews. It was the "collective consciousness" which provided the fertile soil for the growth of the Nazi movement. Hitler seized the moment, but he did not create it." The Tenth Insight I am praying that the collective SILENCE in our society in regards to the injustices you and others have exposed in our judicial system and the DHS will cease and "public outrage" will be the norm. Often society assumes justice will prevail. Jenifer, your articles serve as a caution that we have all assumed to much. Until innocent victims of our judicial/law system find justice, vindication, and restitution, I will continue to "give voice to the violence" and ASSUME NOTHING. Justice needs our VOICE. Silence gives the message to the judges and the DHS that they have done what is right, according to you, the community. I believe we all have a moral and historical responsibility to one another. What has been allowed in my own court case and others mentioned in these articles, COULD EASILY HAPPEN TO YOU or someone close to you.

Donna Sims May 3, 2008 2:55 pm (Pacific time)

Every single thing that is said here has happened to my family. DFCS/CPS in Georgia uses all of those tactics and more and the children are the ones who suffer most. My grand daughter has a different personality than before she was seized at 10:00 at night from my home at the age of three years and 3 months old. She was taken because some FBI agent decided that since her mother called to find out if a man she had been speaking to online was the same man they reported arresting for child exploitation, then she was somehow a pervert and that they would find child pornography on her computer. The FBI agent told DFCS that they were going to arrest her before they even looked at her computer (which she gave them voluntarily without a warrant) and DFCS came to my home where her child was visiting and took her from me. Turned out there was absolutely nothing on her computer that they had expected to find and yet DFCS has had custody of her child for a year now and has sent her to numerous professionals to "make sure she isn't a threat to her child". As soon as the professional says she is okay, they decide that the professional isn't qualified (even though they pciked them) and they send her to another one. She is on the 6th one now and has done every single thing they've told her to do and yet they just can't quite stop trying to find some excuse for what they did to my grand daughter. The DFCS director told all of us back before last Thanksgiving that they intended to return custody to her both legally and physically at the next court hearing which was a week away. Somehow, the GAL decided that she didn't have enough information and wouldn't allow it to happen and DFCS pretended to be completely surprised and blindsided. So, every time she sees another psychologist, psychiatrist or sexual deviant expert, she gets sent to another because they say it's okay and the GAL says they weren't qualified to make that decision. This is nonsense, a waste of money, a waste of time, a blatant persecution and mostly it is a harmful and devastating experience for my grand daughter who worries all the time about being taken away and left all alone and being abandoned. This current practice of snatch the child and find a reason later is damaging hundreds of thousands of children yearly and the impact on the family is permanently devastating and the fear never ever leaves.

Jan Smith May 3, 2008 1:07 pm (Pacific time)

The problem with our government….. We no longer have one government; we have two. The first and original was founded on the Constitution and electoral process. That entity then created a second government that couldn’t be touched by The People. A carefully weaved cocoon in the form of protective laws harbor that government then it is clothed in immunity. This protected government, armed with the laws that give it the freedom to do as it chooses without the interference of democracy - then goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom it may devour utilizing tax and social security money as it goes frolicking about denying The People due process rights while taking the children from devastated families. Although there is a general awareness of the problem in higher government, little is done because of the mammoth and intricate foundation now built at the hands of those using a smokescreen of child protection. Corrections of problems often end up over corrections such as President Bush’s adoption incentives that now make adoption more of a priority than family unification as greedy states lap up the provided money and give CPS case managers a quota. I hope the blood of the children and the cries of the families keep him awake at night. Many of those caught in the system lose twice. They lose the children, and then they realize they have also lost their country. Asleep as bill after bill was passed changing government dynamics into heartless tyranny, they awake to discover that the freedom they so cherished has vanished into an abyss. Caught off-guard and unarmed, they watch as the government carries their children away with vague promises of returns unrequited and then they are sold on the adoption market. Titled demons of position tear the souls out of families one by one without remorse. The system is evil personified covered in a white veil. Smooth, deceptive words cloak the actions of a government dimension born in darkness. It is time to waken from the political slumber and remove the veil. As a unified force, we The People, armed with the truth of freedom and democracy can take down the cocoon and replace it with justice, due process and dignity. We outnumber them and our passion can subdue the lion. Let’s bring love back into our communities. Let’s do it today. Jan Smith THE GOVERNMENT AND CHILDREN'S ADMINISTRATION ON TRIAL I am taking applications for those who feel qualified to judge the system. I am looking for approximately 20 to 40 persons to hear the evidence brought against either or both entities. There is a required one to two page description of your beliefs with the following info included: education, experience with the law, advocacy, years or months experience with Child Protective Services, knowledge of the Children's Administration manuals, and any other pertinent info that suggests worthiness of judging. The emphasis is on family and extended family rights violations and lack of due process. Judging parties will research the laws on the handling of presented cases. Only those with non-active cases please apply for judging positions. No government employees allowed. English skills must be excellent with a broad range of vocabulary and writing ability. There is a preference to those with degrees and/or substantial law research. Law students with an studied emphasis on family and constitutional law and at least third year are welcome to apply. Presented cases by the accused: All presented cases must be accompanied by an affidavit and supporting documentation. If you do not have this, then go to a paralegal or law student to help you. Your case must be no longer than three years old because of the continuous change of laws and protocol. If you think your case should be an exception, please feel free to advocate for that. The focus will be on the handling of your case, not the case itself. False allegations by CPS, improper judicial decisions, the inability to present your case, coercion, lack of due process, prejudice, government laws including local judicial rules can be included in your presentation, and any other evidence against the government you think is important can be submitted. All information presented must be verifiable with hard evidence or witnesses. This is an informal court by The People. All accused must sign a confidentiality statement. The trial and results will be public. I would like the trial to begin by July 1, 2008, before elections. To apply as a judge or to present your case, write to: There will be side discussions about what to do with the "secondary government" created by our elected officials and the laws that protect that government.

Leonard Henderson May 3, 2008 12:41 pm (Pacific time)

I am the founder of Oregon Family Rights and a co-founder of American Family Rights Association (AFRA) All I can say about this column is- WOW! I am shocked and surprised to see someone with so much experience and knowledge expressing herself so effectively in the media. And I would also say that it is obvious that she is having to edit her column down to fit. You should know that she is barely scratching the surface of how evil and malfeasant CPS is. It is a PLAGUE of Organized Crime in every westernized country in the world. In the interest of brevity, I will end my comments there. Lots more information at AFRA. CPS- The Terrorists bringing the War against Families to YOUR house.

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