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The Prodigy Returns to US Charts Following Keith Flint's Death

One week after Keith Flint’s passing, the band once again topped the charts.

Keith Flint
Keith Flint, founding member of the Prodigy, died March 4, 2019.
Photo: Google images

(SALEM, Ore.) - Keith Flint, the iconic front man for the English-based band Prodigy, was confirmed to be dead in his home. The tragedy took place on March, 4, 2019 as Keith apparently committed suicide. He was a nomad prior to his becoming famous as the front man for the band Prodigy. He would travel to the Middle East and over parts of Europe attending various music festivals.

He was born in Red bridge, London, England on September, 17, 1969 and his family moved to Essex, England. He is reported to have had a very unhappy childhood and he was always feuding with his parents who split up when he was a child.

Keith was reported to suffer from dyslexia but he was a bright child. He did come from a broken home which may explain some of his unusual behavior as an adult and his committing suicide. He was expelled from school at the age of 15.

His Early Years

He went to Israel for a while and then he returned to England. In 1988, he became heavily involved in raving, where he began to develop and hone his dancing skills. A rave is an organized dance at a public place like a dance club, warehouse, etc. Keith and the Prodigy went through some changes as the years passed. His dancing, image and physical appearance changed as he got older.

The Middle Years

He joined forces with Leeroy who he had met at a place called the Barn located in England. Leeroy, was a little more subdued in his dancing style than Flint was in his. The two of them got together and sought out Liam who was a prodigy on the key boards.

Sharky, Flint, and Leeroy were the dancers and the four of them made up the center of the act. Liam, said they needed an MC so they recruited one.

In 1994, Flint, began the many physical changes that evolved into his current look as many fans came to know him. He started wearing eyeliner and he was wildly dancing to the tunes of the jilted era.

In 1995, he made a major image change when he cut his hair short and dyed it pink. The eyeliner became more prominent and he had new facial piercings. This was at the Glastonbury festival where Prodigy took their legendary headliner act on the second stage. At end of 1995, reports leaked out that Keith Flint had recorded punk-style lyrics for Prodigy on a track called “FireStarter”.

In 1996, these reports proved to be true as the “Firestarter” album was released and the releasing changed everything for Keith Flint and Prodigy. It rocketed to the top of the UK charts and made Keith and Prodigy a sensation. Keith became the most famous member of the band as he added vocals to his repertoire. It was said he really could not sing but he more yelled the lyrics.

He denied that “Firestarter” put him on the map as the most famous member of the band. It also put the band on the map as well. Flint, had further changed his image as he sported a double-wide Mohawk with the hair shaved down the middle.

He said, "I've been screaming with my body for the past six years, so now it's time to scream with my mouth."

It is said he snarled the vocals and even though he could not sing his voice had a magnificent tone. How this can be true? This is bizarre because if he could not sing how could his tone sound good? He was often seen as a blur on the stage because he moved so quickly while he danced.

“The Fat of the Land” the second album featured Keith Flint, singing vocals on more than half the tracks and it established him as a pop culture icon. The icon status was helped by the videos “Breathe” and “Firestarter”.

The Parent’s Nightmare

He was not a favorite of parent’s worldwide, as he was looked upon as a bad influence for the younger generation. One particular parent, in a letter to the BBC complaining about that video, had called him "a man in need of urgent medical attention".

He was considered “scary” by many parents. It is reported that he was the loudest but the nicest member of the band. Just to show how wild he was perceived-He came in second-behind ,“Marilyn Manson”, in the, “Nutter of the year”, in the Kerrang's Reader's Poll.

The Latter Years

Around 2001 or 2002, he “learned” to play the guitar. He could not play the guitar but this was supposed to be part of the act. He plays in a manic style which is said to get good results. He can dance but he cannot play the guitar or sing.

He was a rolling paradox of the typical musician. He intended to play live at a festival in 2002 but the band talked about it and they quickly shot down the idea. He wasn’t ready to play live at that time.

The Tragic Death of Keith Flint

The coroner in Essex, England revealed that the Prodigy’s lead singer, Keith Flint, died due to suicide as he hung himself in his own home. The circumstances surrounding the hanging were not suspicious as he took his own life. A toxicology report will be released in July, 2019. A band member said that he had taken his own life.

Even though he was the lead singer of the band there were other vocalists recorded on later records. He did sing some songs on the 2018 release “No Tourists”. The sad part is that he was only 49 years old when he died. Medical personnel arrived at his home, as there were concerns about his welfare. He simply took his life by hanging himself. The band sadly confirmed the news that he was dead.

The band was upset, and confused as to why he killed himself. It came as a shock to the band and their fans. It is speculated that he killed himself after his breakup with his wife.

He had also put his house up for sale which was his “sanctuary”. He had spiraled into drug use again after he had quit drugs for years after marrying his wife. He said his wife got him off drugs and was his “savior”.

He had openly talked about his struggle with drugs and alcohol for years but if these are the real reasons he killed himself remains to be seen. His sudden death sent shockwaves throughout the music world. His death was not foreseen and it was not expected.

Prodigy’s song top U.S charts after Keith Flint’s death

One week after Keith Flint’s passing, the bands songs once again topped the U.S. charts. Fans have been memorializing his death in different ways. One of those significant ways according to Billboard, is three Prodigy songs – ‘Firestarter’, ‘Breathe’ and another song– have all debuted on the Hot Dance/Electronic Song Sales chart this week, with ‘Firestarter’ placing highest at number 13.

“The Fat of the Land” which was their landmark album released in 1997. This album vaulted to number one on the U.S and U.K IN 1997. Upon the news of his death, the album came in at 13 on the “Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart” charts in March of 2019. This is after the album registered 3000 album equivalent units.

Over in the U.K., there is a campaign to get the song “Firestarter” to the top of the charts and the song has been climbing the charts. But according to the “The Official Charts Company” it has a long trek to reach the top spot but is it right to campaign that the song be put in the top spot?

Along with the buzz on the charts, there is a movement to erect a “Keith Flint” statue in Essex, England which it has not been determined if the statue will be erected or not. As of March, 18, 2019 (according to the “The Official Charts Company”) the song had not made it into the top 100 list. Time will tell if it gets to the top or not.

Keith Flint, sadly committed suicide on March, 4, 2019 at the young age of 49 years of age. He was the front man of “Prodigy” and he was by far the most famous of the band members. He was the loudest but the nicest member of the band it has been reported. He was married to DJ Mayumi Kai, though around the time of the suicide they were apart.

He will be fondly be remembered by the fans of Prodigy. He will not soon be forgotten in the music world.

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