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Simple Ways To Keep Calm When You Are In A Traffic Accident

You can practice reducing anxiety in advance of any crisis.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - Car accidents are very scary. They're also quite common. Most people will have at least one minor accident over the course of their lives.

An accident of any kind can be quite terrifying. At the same time, it is important to keep calm. Keeping calm can help you take charge of the situation and avoid any further problems.

Here are a few easy ways to keep your focus even after a traffic accident.

Get On Your Cell Phone

Your cell phone is your best friend right now. Use it. Now is the time to get in touch with those who can help. For example, Rawlings traffic lawyers can help you sort things out and figure out where to go from here.

Your lawyer can provide instant advice about what to do right after the accident. It's also a good idea to use your cell camera and start taking lots of pictures at the accident scene. That allows you to have the evidence you need to bolster any future claims you might have about what actually happened at the site.

Have a Drink

Drinking water or another type of non alcoholic beverage can help calm your nerves. Having a few sips of water allows you to have some time to yourself and relax even after a traumatic event. Water also offers your body the ability to stay hydrated.

If you've been in the sun, you want to keep as cool as possible. Other types of drinks are also good. Now is the time to drink a cup of coffee or some fruit juice. That will allow you to grab something that is both soothing and refreshing.

Relax Your Breathing

In the aftermath of a serious problem, it's always good to focus closely on your breathing. A close focus on the breaths that you take allows you to keep your blood pressure and heartbeat in check. Pay attention to your body. Notice how you breathe in and then how you breathe out. Do this for at least six breaths in a row.

That is one way to get rid of any anxiety you might feel. This is a good thing to practice on a routine basis. The act of calming your breaths will lead to a sense of relaxation that will spread to the rest of your body.

Sit Down

If you can sit down, it's a good idea to do so. Look for a place that is near the accident. If your car is fine, you can push the driver's seat back and allow yourself some time to just sit down for a few minutes. If you suspect anything is wrong with the car, you'll want to get out of it as soon as possible.

Take a deep breath and see if there's any gasoline or smoke. Then, see if you can find a place to sit that's safely away from the car.

Speak to Passengers

Many types of car accidents involve passengers in the car. If you have a child with you, now is the time to bring them away from the accident. The same is true of any pets who are there with you at the scene. Small children will need to be comforted.

They might be crying loudly. A cat or dog in the back seat can feel very scared. You can reach out to your pets or your children after the accident takes place. Hold them closely and let them feel you next to them.

You'll both feel better after a hug.

Suck on a Piece of Candy

Food can be quite comforting when you are stuck at the scene of a scary emergency. Many people carry some form of sucking candy with them when they are traveling. Look for some peppermints in the car's dash board or in your purse. A few candies can help increase the flow of saliva in your mouth and throat.

The fresh flavors can also help you concentrate better and avoid feeling overwhelmed by the circumstances you are facing after the accident happened. Take a few minutes. Think about nothing but the candy...really.

It's small things that make the biggest difference when you need to gain your composure. You can remain calm in the face of unexpected adversity.


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