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Cartoon Strip: Nota Bene by Leonardo No. 86 - What's It All About, Sidney?

This is the eighty-sixth installment of the Salem-News.com original series "Nota Bene by Leonardo" by Salem cartoonist Glen Bledsoe.

Nota Bene #86 What's It All About, Sidney?
By Glen Bledsoe
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(Earth-Terra Beta) - Much has been made of the middle name of presidential hopeful Barack Obama. Perhaps if he'd taken the nickname of Skip or Bubba or even Gimpy he would have been accepted as just one of the guys, But no. Mr. Obama stuck with all three of his given names and two of them kinda rhyme with (or are identical to) high profile enemies of the United States. Tough luck that.

But as we all know turnabout is fair play. Although no accusations AS YET have been made about the leading Republican candidate in the race, party members are beginning to realize just how vulnerable their candidate is.

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KattyBlackyard June 14, 2009 5:47 pm (Pacific time)

The article is ver good. Write please more

emily September 17, 2008 9:53 am (Pacific time)

this is hella cool

Henry Ruark March 23, 2008 12:16 pm (Pacific time)

F.and L. et al Low-tech may be one answer to renewed impact for cartoon format. Many persons now feeling both confused and surrounded by too many media-choices, all too automated and unavoidable, so appreciate and see-point(s) of cartoon straight-byt-NOT-simple statements that much more clearly. Re censorship, as 30-yr. recent history via neocon noise machine, it is the subtle and extremely serious distortions and perversions we need to recognize and remediate more than the very direct (by definition and obvious action) censorship. Example: Bush/Cheney sale of premptive war to Congress via distorted/perverted "national intelligence", when plan was truly initiated in Reagan-Bush I era. Example: NCLB education gambit by Bush II, now well recognized as first step in forced failures to "normalize" takeover in education.

Leonardo March 23, 2008 9:23 am (Pacific time)

Frugal: I'm startled that cartoonists are attracting this kind of attention. Consider how low tech comics are. I have been under the impression that audiences cannot be moved without their senses being overwhelmed with digital technology. In the past Paris could erupt into riots over a puppet play. I need to give this thought.

Henry Clay Ruark March 19, 2008 9:09 am (Pacific time)

Glen et al: "Always suspected McCain had hidden ties to CHINA !! They still Commie, right ?!" Can just hear line now, can't you ? --IF we-also chose to fight UNfair, PREjudiced-statement,DEceitful and DIStorted --as do neocons, by principle of Win At Any Cost, To Anyone --Even If Denies and Defeats Our Own Democracy. See latest racial-words attack on Obama, beautifully defused and defeated by rapid response restoring realities to discussion.

Frugal March 19, 2008 8:55 am (Pacific time)

Good points! I noticed you did not use Obama's middle name. So what do you think about what has been happening to the cartoonists in places in Europe, Denmark for example? Censorship is a very dangerous thing only when you fail to recognize it. Governments enforce censorship, individuals allow it.

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