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Hannibal Lecter Gets Away with Murder in Tennessee

Hannibal Lecter: Given the chance, you would deny me my life, wouldn't you?
Clarice Starling: Not your life.
Hannibal Lecter: Just my freedom. You'd take that from me...

Dr. Visuvalingam Vilvarajah and Dr. Mireille Lalanne
Purdue Pharma finances pain societies that erect highway signs defending doctors charged with over-prescribing OxyContin, which results in deaths and addictions. We're waiting to see if "Visuvalingam Vilvarajah never killed anyone" shows up somewhere. He is a convicted Murderer, but you know....

(MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.) - A Nashville, Tennessee doctor charged in Kentucky with illegally prescribing painkillers, lost his medical license for several years after fatally shooting his wife of one year, and her mother.

Marianne Skolek

Dr. Visuvalingam Vilvarajah committed the Murders after his wife filed for divorce in 1986.

64-year old Vilvarajah was sentenced to twenty years in prison for both murders -- but only served four years and was released from prison. Not only was he released, but his medical license was returned to him.

The brother and son of the murder victims, said the state showed little concern for his family, which had only recently arrived in the United States from Sri Lanka at the time of the shootings.

“My feeling at the time was, two immigrants shot and killed? They didn’t care,” S. Jayakumaran said.

“To give him 20 years and then allow him to get out so soon, it’s ridiculous.” He knows Vilvarajah could serve more time on the Kentucky drug charges, if convicted, than he did for the killings.

Harlan Co Sheriff Marvin Lipfird

Vilvarajah and his medical partner and current wife, Dr. Mireille Lalanne, who operated a pain management clinic, are charged with three counts of Engaging in Organized Crime, one count of Assault and one count of Wanton Endangerment. If convicted, they could be sentenced to 75 years in prison.

Harlan County Sheriff Marvin Lipfird, was quoted as saying that Kentucky residents were traveling to Nashville to get narcotic prescriptions. He said the endangerment charge involved prescriptions to a Harlan woman who gave birth to a child addicted to narcotics.

A Davidson County chancellor ruled that the state was within its authority to pull the medical license of Vilvarajah, who was arrested in a Kentucky drug investigation involving the trafficking of OxyContin and other drugs.

Before any Purdue Pharma financed pain societies erect highway signs reading "Visuvalingam Vilvarajah never killed anyone" (see picture attached) -- as they are known for doing in defense of doctors charged with over-prescribing OxyContin which results in deaths and addictions -- I am calling upon Attorney General Robert E. Cooper, Jr., of Tennessee, to intervene on behalf of the citizens of his state. The following is posted on the AG's website --

A task force formed by the Attorney General’s office and other state agencies has collected $58 million dollars for the State in healthcare provider fraud cases ranging from off label marketing of drugs, fraudulent billing, kickbacks to physicians and other illegal actives. (sic)

Vilvarajah and his wife are arguing their cases before the Medical Examiners Board at a formal hearing this coming week. I consider Visuvalingam Vilvarajah's criminal history to be a threat to the citizens of Tennessee and am asking AG Cooper to intervene and not allow Vilvarajah, a convicted murderer of two innocent people and arrested in Kentucky for trafficking OxyContin and other drugs -- to ever practice medicine again.

You owe it to his victims -- and you owe it to the state of Tennessee as Attorney General.

"Hannibal Lecter" and his wife need to be reduced to selling fava beans in an outdoor market in Sri Lanka -- during monsoon season.

(Editor's note: I have to hand it to Marianne, this story is one serious bitter pill; incredibly hard to swallow. I'd like to remind our regular readers and tell those who are less familiar, that our esteemed writer Dr. Phil Leveque, is one of the most educated Physician/Pharmacologist/Forensic Toxicologists in the world. He's a WWII Combat Veteran who married a Holocaust Survivor, and went on to specialize in the treatment of battle damaged American War Veterans. He trained the very first modern doctors in Tanzania... in history. The Oregon Medical Board took away Doctor Phillip Leveque's license to practice medicine in Oregon though the only people he was ever involved in killing were enemy German Nazi soldiers. I read about this criminal Murderer doctor in Tennessee being allowed to practice after prison, and I think of Dr. Leveque losing his license to practice medicine, because he signed a medical marijuana permit for a severely handicapped patient, who qualified for the permit very clearly, without making the woman, a paraplegic, travel 300 miles to Portland to see him in person. Oh, he broke the rules, big deal! Make him pay a fine of a thousand dollars, but instead this amazing man paid a toll a thousand times worse than anyone would deserve. And in this context, we learn that in Tennessee, doctors can slaughter their wife and their mother-in-law, and go right back to making house calls. Two cases of injustice at its absolute, very worst.)

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ANONYMOUS September 28, 2018 5:27 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you Marianne Skolek-Perez

ANONYMOUS September 27, 2018 8:59 am (Pacific time)

BTW I will give you my full name if necessary. I am not "making this information up". I am a Registered Employee of the State of TN and as required have had 2 12 panel drug tests in 2018 of course nothing found plus have had FINGERPRINT, DNA, and full background check into my Juvenile record - nothing found - since I sell SECURITY for the St. of Tn. Thank you for your understanding and participation

ANONYMOUS September 27, 2018 8:43 am (Pacific time)

Dr. Mimi and Dr. Vil were my close friends - I was their network administrator for their Diet Medication Company. I know this looks very bad, but I can give you in my opinion the "back story". Dr. Vil was a simple Diet Physician - he of course had this "bad situation" in his past but was so happy to have a farm with goats - his proudest moment. He said to me "I am simply not making enough money with the Diet Medication industry. What do you think if I prescribe pain medication - EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT. I never saw them again after this conversation - I moved to another location. I am very distressed to see how they have become "ensnared" by my opinion the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Anonymous March 15, 2018 10:03 am (Pacific time)

dr v was a pusher plain and simple

Ichiro Sato January 12, 2013 6:50 pm (Pacific time)

The comments listed on here are amusing. This one Doctor is a murdering bastard, and the other supplants his unlawful undertakings. They need to be selling ice to the penguins in a remote frozen tundra somewhere and never be allowed to return to the USA. The commenters have no idea of how many people have died because these doctors wanted to get rich by over prescribing. They paid a fine of $500k and walked away. 2 years later the presiding judge in the case was impeached by the KY Supreme Court because he allowed the Doctors to remain a threat to the people of Harlan County and the Commonwealth of KY. We aren't all rednecks here, some of us are educated and contribute to society. My name is Japanese but I am an American and a citizen. By the way both are from Sri Lanka.

Editor: Who was from SL Ichiro?

Unbiased April 26, 2010 12:50 am (Pacific time)

I'm not an addict nor do I care about purdue. I read all this and feel many slanderious accusations have been made. Hannibal lector, shava beans, etc shouldn't be used. Bottom line this doctor shouldn't practice cause he killed folks. A person who has done their time should be able to practice medicine again. But in his case he has prescribing charges so he shouldn't be allowed to practice until they are abolished or convicted. I feel that their is a witch hunt going on about oxycontin which makes it hard for true people with pain problems to get the medication they need to maintain in life. Ex. Doctors are scared to write the meds they should write for true pain suffers but they don't because they scared of going to jail. So in return the true pain suffers suffer day to day with pain. I feel some kinda solution should be made so true patients can get the meds they need and takers get nothing. This way everybody wins. Thanks

Give it up lady March 15, 2010 8:29 pm (Pacific time)

"Hannibal Lecter" and his wife need to be reduced to selling fava beans in an outdoor market in Sri Lanka -- during monsoon season." Whoa lady, that is out of line. What do these crimes have to do with Sri Lanka, an impoverished country that neither of these two people are from? It looks at though they are both US citizens, but since they have colored skin and look different they are to be deported to a random country?  You can't go on a witch hunt looking for anyone and everyone taking or prescribing narcotics (oxycontin is not the ONLY one). Get a grip lady. You act like...  (deleted)

Editor: So is this the creepy lawyer from Eugene who sent out the entertaining email today?  Just who might this pathetic little piece of work be?  Hmmm.  Anyway,  I can't believe what you attempted to write here; the part that was cut off.  You are a shameless low life and I personally am making a note to myself over this.  You are criticizing one of the most sincere and legitimate writers in the nation on this subject.  I could care less if you have the audacity and lack of character to be an advocate for murdering doctors.  Check it out, this guy in Tennessee is convicted of Murdering two people!  They are from Sri Lanka, that is why that reference was made.  It has nothing to do with what you suggest, what a joke!  Nobody cares what the skin color of anyone is, they care about a doctor who took the hippocratic oath becoming a murderer, and then a doctor again.  You rant about a witch hunt?  Purdue is a convicted company; don't you know about this?  They intentionally misled doctors and the public about the addictive and deadly qualities of Oxycontin.  Marianne helped convict them in court after her daughter died from a respiritory failure from taking Oxycontin. 

In the part that is cut off, you accused of being here to 'stick up for the DEA'.  You probably don't know that we are the nation's premiere mainstream news source to cover medical marijuana as a regular news item, through our mentor Dr. Phil Leveque, the most famous medical marijuana doctor in the world.  I don't know who would laugh more over your accusation of us being in support of the DEA: Dr. Leveque or the DEA itself.  So murderer advocate... get a life, and if you attempt to post any other cruel comments I will flush them down the drain, so don't even try.      

Ada March 15, 2010 8:17 am (Pacific time)

This individual should never be allowed to hold a job, in any capacity, within the medical community in Tennessee or elsewhere. He has caused the death of two people, addicted a newborn whose mother he provided narcotics to and I am certain that these tragedies are only the tip of the iceberg. Who knows how many other lives he has destroyed by inappropriately prescribing deadly narcotics. He should go back to prison and serve his full sentence. When there has been abusive use of a doctor's prescribing power leading to addiction, and especially in cases leading to death, the doctor must be held accountable. First with a revocation of his medical licence as well as a criminal conviction, appropriate sentence and serve the full sentence. To do otherwise makes a mockery of our justice system (as does Purdue Pharma's billboard support of this so called doctor) and condones inappropriate overprescribing and abusive use of doctors' powers who commit repeated heinous crimes of murder. It is unbelieveable that our justice system throws those that have become sick with the disease of addiction, often times at the hands of doctors, in prison....where is their compassion? It is clear we have a double standard.

Domingo-Roberto March 15, 2010 4:50 am (Pacific time)

The nature of a serious crime should be or under a rare circumstance--must plague a man once or twice in a life time. Not to offend the authority we have built, in our laws seeking justice through a fair trial we are compelled. He was blessed with clemency years back. To practice clemency in a dangerous position, is not clemency rather questions his acts. For if his justice, justifies against or over the guidlince to prevent over medication, then his justice does not go with this system established for the good of all. Thus the crime he commited and was forgiven was enough for a change, but to be returned again and be tried, his justice in his dealings brought to light, he must be aware or be cautious why God allowed this path. Its either God is trying him again, or he is continuing to became a nusence spreading his defects to others. Thus creating more victims, because of his unimpressive works in the sight of God.

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