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43k Visitors, 1.2 Million Hits: Record Day for

Site sees busiest 24-hours as Website evaluator, lists as the fastest news Website in the Northwest. logo

(SALEM, Ore.) - A news source from Salem, Oregon, the state's capitol city, is gaining a larger audience literally by the day on the Internet. In its third year, the nation's only significant independent news Website, is experiencing growth far beyond expectations. It is a skyrocketing numbers game that proves new ideas are hot ideas in Web design and news coverage.

Thursday June 28th 2007, was the highest traffic day in the Website's history. saw 43,473 unique visitors in a 24-hour period. Those visitors generated 1,220,284 Web "hits" as they visited 84,787 articles.

A "hit" on the Internet is recorded each time a piece of artwork on any given Website loads. So if a site has an excessive number of images, the "hit count" goes up but the load time goes up along with it.

It seems's design has struck the perfect balance; with the number of hits off the charts, and the quickest load time when compared to any other news site in Oregon, and many other regions for that matter. In fact, we did not find any news site in America that showed growth anywhere close to

People can visit Alexa and see the results for themselves. They admit their system is far from perfect, but it gives clear, general data about Web traffic for all significant sites.

One of the biggest draws in recent weeks have been national opinion articles by reporter Tim King. Ann Coulter: When Does This Crap End? (VIDEO) which was published at 11:59 AM, was visited 25,269 times on June 28th.

Like all stories, the comment section at the bottom of each report is completely accessible to all visitors with no strings attached. In a 24-hour period, 247 comments about the story had been posted.

A recent review of Oregon Websites on shows leading the pack with a 62% increase in visitors over the past three months, while the site's traffic rank grew by 101,491 to its current Alexa ranking: 202,083.

Alexa offers an overview of each Website's performance.'s speed is graded at the absolute top for NW news agencies.

Other sites in Oregon and other states are not showing the same growth patterns in Web traffic. In fact a search of all major news sites in Oregon brought these reviews from "Very Slow (90% of sites are faster), Avg Load Time: 5.9 Seconds" "Very Slow (79% of sites are faster), Avg Load Time: 4.1 Seconds" "Very Slow (88% of sites are faster), Avg Load Time: 5.5 Seconds" "Slow (88% of sites are faster), Avg Load Time: 4.0 Seconds" "Slow (75% of sites are faster), Avg Load Time: 3.7 Seconds" "Very Fast (89% of sites are slower), Avg Load Time: .7 Seconds" General
Manager Bonnie King General Manager Bonnie King attributes much of the site's success to its simple layout and design.

"In a quickly evolving and complicated online world, we find ironically that simplicity is what people are usually striving to find in a news Website. Functionality is terribly important. We all want to get to the heart of the matter quickly, so we don't make them work to find a story, and who wants to give up personal info or their credit card numbers just to look at stories online? Nobody we know, but there are plenty of news sites that require it. We just won't do it. We're particular about the type of advertising we'll allow too, we hate pop-ups and pop-unders and all those other invasive ads just as much as our visitors do, so they'll never see them on To these people we are a breath of fresh air."

The growth of the site's traffic is shown from month to month under Visitors in the left, yellow box. This represents the daily average for that month in the number of unique visitors to

The designer of, Matt Lintz, created the site to correspond with the needs of the nation's biggest news content providers, like Google News, and that has turned into a site that often sees as much traffic from Google News placement as it does from regular visitors. In the case of June 28th, the opinion article by Tim King on Ann Coulter brought over half the site's visitors.

Tim King and News Director Kevin Hays say they will keep finding new ways to bring visitors the freshest news and sports from Oregon and the rest of the nation. was the first news agency in the Mid-Willamette Valley of Oregon to offer Internet video, the first to launch a comment section for every story, and the first to go to the war in Afghanistan to cover the operations of Oregon National Guard soldiers.

Apparently influential, each of these developments was soon mirrored on Salem, Oregon's other news Website, operated by The Statesman Journal newspaper, including the reporting from Afghanistan. Tim King says that matches the overall goals very well.

Tim King while covering the war in
Afghanistan, early 2007, at a Forward
Operating Base called Camp Joyce, which is
close to the country's border with Pakistan

"We want to be a positive force in the world, we want to have an impact always, and the fact that a division of the world's largest newspaper company copies us move for move is nothing but a compliment, and their photographer did a good job getting still photos of the same stories I covered in Afghanistan also."

He says's growth is a great reward at the end of the day, and the opportunities that the site has generated are immense. He and Kevin Hays say they both strive to always deliver stories that are important and relevant, and to always remember that the site draws a large cross section of people with opposing views.

That apolitical sense may not be conveyed in the Coulter article, or another recent opinion article King wrote titled Lieberman's Demands for War in Iran are Cowardly, "But they are opinion-editorials," he countered, "and they are presented as just that; people respond like wildfire to critical assessment and the comments in the end sometimes contain amazing amounts of important information. In our presentation of a story, all of that is preserved on the Web forever." has new sections slated to launch in the near future. Also watch for other special reports like Dr. Phil Leveque's special segments with Bonnie King on Medical Marijuana, and our original Cartoon Series Nota Bene by Leonardo, and a special new Salem Food Critic's Blog.

Oregon again has a pioneering enterprise spirit; the only independent news Website in America not owned by any TV station or newspaper, and not funded with money from prescription companies,

Businesses interested in advertising opportunities are encouraged to contact our sales office:

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RJ July 1, 2007 7:53 am (Pacific time)

I love your Website! is the first news site I look at each and every morning!!

Vic July 1, 2007 7:32 am (Pacific time)

Awesome ! I think it is because of the extraordinary effort taken by Tim and the staff to be truly objective and unbiased. People appreciate that. May your success continue !

Carla June 30, 2007 10:55 pm (Pacific time)

Congratulations on an excellent site, one which my family checks regularly for accurate and fair reporting. I'd also like to add that I've had an opportunity to be interviewed by Tim, and found him to be a dedicated professional with a kind heart, and an advocate for children. Cheers to a job well done!

Q Madp June 30, 2007 10:18 pm (Pacific time)


Henry Ruark June 29, 2007 6:53 pm (Pacific time)

Old journalistic saying: "Tell it true and they will believe you"...proven once again right here in Salem and Oregon, with Google observing.

jimmy June 29, 2007 3:07 pm (Pacific time)

Nothing like a little performance tuning to keep those page load times down ;)

Ken June 29, 2007 11:51 am (Pacific time)

Keep up the good work

anon June 29, 2007 10:37 am (Pacific time)

see how good news can be when it's not being twisted by corporate ownership.

Skipper Osborne June 29, 2007 9:22 am (Pacific time)

This is what you get when you report news with honesty and integrity. Congratulations!

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