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Warning: All Activists: Kimberly Amatullah Reportedly Works for Mossad

Activists for Palestine, there is a shill in the mix.

Shill sign

(EAST JERUSALEM, Occupied Palestine) - (Foreword by Editor: Our friend Siraj Davis brings important information to the table; a shill or 'poser' in the pro-Palestine movement is reportedly a member of Israel's Mossad. The name is 'Kimberly Amatullah' and I have to say I like these games; I hope we have the pleasure of hearing from this individual who has led a slaughter campaign against our noted activist and writer Ken O'Keefe, a true hero of Gaza.

Write the name down, and place the name by 'Mary Rizzo' who is the other attacker of Ken O'Keefe, a man who has accomplished so much for Palestine and is in fact, a citizen of Palestine.

Always remember that if things don't make sense, they are not what they seem. This self-described woman is also harassing people like Nadia Sindi who is a political activist in Eugene, Oregon. The thing about our group is that we insist on truth being told, and when a paid liar enters the scene, it doesn't take long to figure it out. Apparently the individual threatens to have people arrested, we hope all people who have information on her get in touch and help us have a hey day exposing her. At this point the shill using the name 'Kimberly Amatullah' is guilty of harassment and will have her arrested when we locate her information. Come on Kimmy, send me an email, I want you to try your shit here. Special thanks to Siraj! And one more thing, I am a direct descendant to Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Dangerosa who is synonymous with the story 'Rapunzel' - this is highly documented and I have absolutely never heard of this woman)
- Tim King

There is a woman who has appeared out of nowhere claiming to be a Palestinian human rights activist implying she has worked with REAL activists and organizations in the past. In addition, she claims to be a Muslim. Furthermore, it has been brought to our attention that has posted nude pics of herself on the internet and claims to be a relative of the Prophet Jesus and Eleanor of Aquitane.

(If anyone wants proof of this, please ask, I have copies of it in my possession).

Despite her claims she has engaged in a vehement campaign against Ken O Keefe without valid evidence, over-generalizations of facts available to the public on the internet, and worse…attacks upon anyone’s character or morals for not falling behind her bugle call of hate. In addition, she has also threatened many other Palestinian activists who have simply had the unfortunate fate of crossing her path and disagreeing with her, by threatening to call law enforcement and by threatening violent acts of retribution for responding in self defense to her attacks or for the tiniest nuisance she feels done upon her regardless of the fact she has done much much more nefarious acts such as post pictures of dead miscarried children of her victims. She has also had people attempt to engage in a physical altercation with her targets.

There have been reports by others that she has posted a good game in her support for Palestine but have not done anything of material and significant value for the cause. There are also other reports we are investigating of her friendship with the other side of the conflict that we can not release as of now without a plethora of evidence to avoid libel against her. We respect that she DOES have rights despite the witnesses who have made these reports.

She also works in liason with a Julie Berger and Scott Hall.

I ask that if anyone can forward names and phone numbers of people who can verify her claims to be a Muslim and Palestinian activist, please do so to Collective Consciousness in order to augment and support a current investigation. We want names of Sheikhs, masjids, organziations, etc. Please feel free to contact her and ask her to provide these names and numbers to validate her credibility. We just want the truth!!! Too much harm has been done for us to accept her own words as credibility and she is one of the best smooth talkers in the business when it comes to Facebook posts. That is before she asks you to bash another activist for supporting either a one-state or two state solution or for not bashing Ken O Keefe or for not helping her in a confrontation with another activist on facebook, etc. I call this a bully!!

We want to get to the bottom of a Facebook identity that has continued for several years to wreak havoc upon the Palestinian movement by augmenting conflict within the movement with her cronies. I understand this can not be done without her threatening people with violence and law enforcement every time someone challenges her credibility. Asking for one’s credentials is not the equivalent of endangering one’s life and this is a lesson that Kim will have to learn herself. She put herself out there as the real deal former and latter identities, we just want her to PROVE IT!!!

This message is not only a warning to activists, but a statement of fact by me in order to express to everyone my aspiration to protect myself in anyway I can if this woman continues to harrass me and send people to fight me. I want to also say that please be careful of ANY information you share with this woman or her colleagues. Especially about Palestine, our beloved. Whatever you share may be going directly to the other side. It happened with me unfortunately.

(Before anyone dismisses this post with doubt, PLEASE ask for evidence as we, Collective Consciousness, have evidence to prove any and all of our claims)


Siraj Davis

Founder and president of Collective Consciousness Human Rights Organization
Clemson University Student Human Rights organization and beyond
AAPER Coordinator
Amnesty International Organizer
Asian Student Association Co-founder
American Families United Constituent

US/World History teacher Modern American School
ESL English and TOEFL/IELTS instructor
Dedicated human rights activist



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Collective Consciousness July 14, 2012 1:30 pm (Pacific time)

Thank you Carolyn Hamlett, Michael Langston, Tim King, Mary S., TJP, and others.

It is without doubt that in this moment in time, we all faced a very dangerous and insane woman who with resources and impunity one can not believe, has wrecked harm on many innocent people, good people.

Some of her victims include an elderly lady - Nadia Sindi, a ten year old child (can not release his name out of respect for him and his father), and a dead child, Tawfik Alasadi Davis, who died in his mother's womb, a Palestinian and Japanese child, whose pictures were posted on the internet in Kim's sick and twisted game of harassment against Ken O Keefe.

This Kimberly Amatullah did these things, enabled and supported, by the likes of Mary Rizzo, Sasha Crow, and a few others. The people whom have received our thanks above are true heroes and heroines. Despite the fear , real fear, that this woman and her associates, having the full resources of outside entities at their disposal and that any one of us could have become a target, we all stood on behalf of justice, on behalf of all of the victims who have been intimidated, harassed, and silenced into submission by the tactics of Kimberly Amatullah.

God bless Carolyn, Michael, Tim King, TJP, Mary S., and others for taking that stand here. Refusing to cower under fear of government actions and risking and sacrificing to bring the truth to the public. This is character and it can not replaced nor excused so easily. There are not many people who have this quality and I ask all of the readers to look at those who stood on justice against this tyrant, Kim, and remember the names of people who DO human rights instead of TALK about it. Character and sacrifice is what we have witnessed and the only sadness from this tale is that it is a story that may be lost, in entirety and truth, to a public and posterity that should be invigorated and inspired by such characters in this plot who screamed, "I can and will change the way things are in this world!!" Thye are the people of the earth that make REAL CHANGE happen! They have been around for centuries and I pray and hope thier progenitors may smile up above that their lessons of humanity have not been lost :)

We have survived this battle and may this cooperation sow our ties for the future because frankly, we have done something pessimists believed was impossible or others were afraid to do. We stood a endlessly funded injustice in its face, no matter how powerful and we said, we are not going to flee anymore!!

Thank you all to the real life heroes and heroines on this board who deserve so much praise and respect that history should record their efforts to protect and seek justice for the innocent. God bless them, they praise and glorify your name God, by their great deeds here.

And to Kim, Mary, and her associates:

Gaza Doesn't Want Your Kind. Stay out!!


Collective Consciousness

Tim King: We sincerely appreciate this.

Michael Langston July 4, 2012 6:30 am (Pacific time)


by Michael Langston

(The following text was contained in a note recently removed by Facebook, as a result, most likely, of someone "reporting" it. I received a threatening message from someone named Angelo Gabrielli and then a notice from Facebook that the note had been removed. Rizzo can't handle the truth so this is the cowardly and DISHONEST tactic that she and her Ken O'Keefe hating cronies are using. The same despicable censorship tactic has been used against Daniel Mabsout also.)

Why can't these people who foolishly support the Zionist-backed destabilization of Syria falsely termed the "Syrian Revolution" simply admit that they're wrong? When I find a person such as Daniel Mabsout who obviously knows a great deal more about certain things than I do (for example, Middle East politics), I try to learn from that person. They should as well.

And if they'll just use their common sense, the truth is very evident. If this purported "insurrection" in Syria is something the United States and Israel have anything to do with, then it can't possibly be good for the Syrian people. Never forget what happened in Iraq.

With the world teetering on the brink of nuclear war as a result of the Zionist and imperialist intervention that is occurring in Syria, those irresponsible activists such as Mary Rizzo who are directly responsible for supporting this travesty must be held strictly accountable.

Self-proclaimed "peace" and "pro-Palestinian" activists who support this obvious Zionist operation (the destabilization of Syria, deceptively called the "Syrian Revolution") are performing a tremendous disservice to humanity, to say the very least.

Whether they are doing this out of malice or out of ignorance, the result is the same: ZIONIST INTERESTS ARE BEING SERVED. Can it possibly be stated any clearer than that? ZIONIST INTERESTS ARE BEING SERVED to the detriment of the people of Syria and to the detriment of the people of Palestine.

Those who promote and support this travesty falsely termed the "Syrian Revolution" are HARMING the Syrians, HARMING the Palestinians, and HARMING all of humanity in general. This is not a matter of two equally valid points of view. No one can afford to be on the wrong side of this issue. That's how vitally important it is.

Those who truly know about Syria, people such as Daniel Mabsout, who lives in that region, and people such as Jonathan Azaziah, who has studied this issue in depth, and who know far, far more about this situation than the average "peace activist," know that the unrest that is taking place there is being deliberately fomented by foreign (Zionist) interests that are hostile and indifferent to the true interests of the Syrian people.

It's a Zionist operation that is taking place there, the major purpose of which is to undermine support for the Lebanese Resistance, which stands as a major impediment to a full-scale Israeli takeover of the region.

Recall what happened in 2006 when Israel attacked Lebanon and how the Israelis were essentially defeated and repelled by Hezbollah. Hezbollah is vital. Anything that threatens Hezbollah is also a major threat to the well-being of Palestinians.

Even if I knew nothing at all about Syria, I'd still know more than those who foolishly support this entirely bogus "Syrian Revolution" and who have allowed their minds to be swayed by false (Zionist) propaganda. It was Thomas Jefferson who said that he who knows nothing is better informed and closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehood and error.

I'll say this again, and this must be emphasized:

This is not a matter of two equally valid points of view. No one can afford to be on the wrong side of this issue. That's how vitally important it is.

I feel that such dubious individuals should be specifically named so that they can be held responsible for their irresponsible and, dare I say it?, TRAITOROUS actions, traitorous to both the people of Syria and also to the people of Palestine.

This individual who sides with the Zionists is MARY RIZZO.

Michael Langston July 3, 2012 1:52 pm (Pacific time)

In certain European countries such as Germany, discussion of the "Holocaust" in such a way as to disagree with the official "gas chamber" version is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment.

Have we now reached the point on FACEBOOK where any disagreement with KIMBERLY "AMATULLAH" or ANYTHING that's said that SHE doesn't like and that SHE decides to "report" to Facebook is judged a "violation" of Facebook's "community standards" and is punished by a 30-day blocking sentence?

It seems that this is indeed exactly what is happening. Carolyn Hamlett and I have both been blocked by Facebook for simply posting links to this and to another article about her and for pointing out her undeniable friendship with a very well-known Zionist, whose beliefs are abhorrent to any TRUE supporter of Palestine.

Has it now reached the point where she (Kimberly "Amatullah") has complete, inordinate, and arbitrary power and influence on Facebook? Do her Zionist connections have anything to do with this?

Let's see if this comment, which is also on Facebook, and the link to this article disappears again for the umpteenth time. IF IT DOES, that provides very convincing evidence that everything that has been suspected about her is one hundred percent factual and one hundred percent true.

Martina July 3, 2012 9:23 am (Pacific time)

Dr. Dennis Paul PhD What is your area of expertise, if I might ask? Thanks

Nusair July 3, 2012 12:53 am (Pacific time)

You are nothing but liars, Assadists and hypocrites

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. July 3, 2012 12:04 am (Pacific time)

deflection - a turning aside (of your course or attention or concern); "a diversion from the main highway"; "a digression into irrelevant details"; red herring - any diversion intended to distract attention from the main issue

To further example her lack of credibility, M Rizzo again uses deflection to avoid honestly responding to a comment. Note how she changes the context by making a reference to "everyone" instead of answering for herself.

"1) Dr Paul asks why doesn't Rizzo file for claims of Libel. Apparently, he believes that everyone who has been libeled just automatically files claims? What alternative reality does he live in? "

What was actually stated: "Quite seriously, if Ms Rizzo is so unaffected by any of this and is so far above any of this, what is her reason for continuing to engage and , nauseatingly, proclaiming her absence of care and concern? Further, if both she and this apparently manic individual, Kimberley, are so convinced of the strength of their claims that they are being libeled, why are they wasting time with this forum and not actually filing cases for libel? The answers are obvious."

It is quite a leap...and a very deceptive one... for her to infer a belief about "everyone" when it is quite clear the subject is the behaviour of both M Rizzo and Kimberley who, it is painfully obvious, endlessly cry that they are victims of massive amounts of libel. Such aberrant behaviour is intended to draw the readers' attention away from what was actually stated (queried) and her, M Rizzo's, responsibility.

Followers of her rants in this and other forums will easily note that M Rizzo persistently cries that she is libeled (as does Kimberley) and that she knows the criteria for which a libel is actionable. In her attempt to prove herself credible with regard to such knowledge, she proposed two examples of content she claims represent a libel. However, those examples laughably fail every test for actionable libel.

Smarter individuals, knowing that repetitively false claims of libel and/or repetitive threats to action libel are, in and of themselves, actionable, do not cry libel in the manner of both M Rizzo and Kimberley and do not make threats. They do, if their cases are legitimate, take action when libel is, in fact, causing the harm that warrants action. Further, based on the number of libel cases just in US courts, apparently a sizable number of individuals and groups do action libel each and every year. This, as opposed to nauseatingly persistent cries of libel in various forums which only serve to intimidate weaklings in some instances but, more typically, as in this case, to hold the crier up to ridicule for being a whining little pain in the ass.

Mary R July 2, 2012 1:06 pm (Pacific time)

Maha responds. You liars need better tactics!!/photo.php?fbid=412178062167563andset=a.262876377097733.80793.100001261184918andtype=1

Mary R July 2, 2012 1:03 pm (Pacific time)

1) Dr Paul asks why doesn't Rizzo file for claims of Libel. Apparently, he believes that everyone who has been libeled just automatically files claims? What alternative reality does he live in? 2) Will ANYONE get an answer from Ken O 'keefe regarding the donation of £17,500 that was given by Euro Palestine for Aloha Palestine for the "Ferry Service to Gaza" which never happened. That is a LOT of money unaccounted for - for a project that never came into existence. 3) The "Fake Maha" fools no one. I have only ONE Maha Abu Z on my list and she is disgusted with the abuse you are using of her name to defame me. You need to find some real arguments, which have never yet come your way. Pretending to be real persons and posting things that are false probably also falls into some criminal offense. But naturally, TIM KING will not provide the IP and find out who is doing this abuse under false pretences.

Editor: Ken never stole anything, it is a made up charge, so feel better Mary.... oh wait, I forgot you're the one who created the whole thing!  I must say, the position you take is certainly a difficult one.  We've been all over this and all people in the world except you, curiously, view this as a non-issue.  But I know, you have dedicated your life to taking down this Gaza defender, so I'm not surprised or anything like that.  As far as IP's, I can't really determine what you mean.   

You know who you are July 2, 2012 11:14 am (Pacific time)

Saying Tim is a Fag is like saying Tim is the love child son of Meir Dagan.
There is one thing that is all rather confusing though, with all this finger pointing; if she was part of Mossad ? she would be breaking every rule in their rule books.
They have very stringent rules ..harshly enforced by that agency . It is an arrestable offence to communicate in anyway to anyone, whether it be the press or in general public, that would compromise an agent or the agency.

Mossad do not take kindly to whistle blowers, and even more so people that CLAIM to be Mossad. It's just a shame MI6 and MI7 can't be the same towards their own people, especially MI5 that are getting exceptionally "blase" about working openly in the public (probably learned too many habits from their new roll model butt buddies ..the FEDS).

Michael Langston July 2, 2012 6:35 am (Pacific time)

The post regarding her at has apparently been removed, almost certainly as a result of her using the so-called "proper authorities" as as a way of threatening her adversaries and as a means of bullying and intimidation. She can dispense with her idle threats as far as I'm concerned, though. With me, at least, her threats and intimidation tactics will be of no effect and of no avail. Not ever. The truth will prevail, and justice will prevail.

Tim King: Well said Michael

Maha Abu Z. July 1, 2012 3:29 pm (Pacific time)

To M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D,

I am now a fan of yours after reading your posts.

Mary is running around Facebook hollering, ranting, and raving about you to her friends and some of us who are on her friends list, that tolerate her.

She is being quiet public of her antipathy toward you.

Outstanding job!!

This woman, Mary, has been flying around a flag of attacking Ken O Keefe while claiming to have exposed him and has used this to uplift her image and fear of her.

This is what fuels her ability to fake a erudite and objective stance. If you were only to see screenshots of her OFF web blog posts and on Facebook.

Hmm, that sounds like a good idea :)

Bi-polar disorder!!

Love your stuff dude. JUSTICE!!

J. July 1, 2012 12:02 pm (Pacific time)

Is anyone else aware that k.a. reportedly lives in Albany, OREGON!!! I blocked her last year when she responded to my inquiries with bizarre, irrelevant, paranoid and abusive allegations. Sorry to hear she remains up to no good.

Noor June 30, 2012 10:41 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King: "From the moment this began, we knew who you all were, still do; what I meant is that Kimberly will be busy in court because she will be the one on defense, not the other way around. Yet all of this is your win really, you sent your people forward to launch attacks, we defend and you try to portray it for something totally other than what it is." What kind of medication are you on? You sound so delusional. Who are 'we' and don't you need to provide proof before YOU have any case? I think even if you did you lost your case just with taking it 'into your own hands and with no intent on justice'. Tim King: "Let me say again, all people against us are for Israel, simple as that. If a handful of Palestinians are actually engaged, they are being paid off, or seeking some other personal favor. We are strong, we are always the same, it must frustrate the heck out of all of you and you resort to breaking our clearly stated rules about not using profanity. Now I'm not saying that I don't sometimes break that rule, but it shows that you believe you are above the rules (big surprise!) All people against you are "for Israel" and getting paid? Again, that is pure delusion, someone who loves you should probably have you check-out by a head doctor. Can you provide a SINGLE piece of evidence (empirical please) that established beyond any reasonable doubt that your accusations are in fact true and verified? No, or you would have by now. So doesn't that seem a little 'illegal' to you? Tim King: "Also, you all show an awful lot of weakness in this round, fake people all... nobody will be in court unfortunately because nobody here is real except myself, Michael, Siraj; etc. Isn't it interesting, like we're fighting your little fantasy characters. But you guys always invent new ones, and so surely the show will go on." Yes you are a good circus act, and the fantasy is well, a little weak to be honest. You are using real people and manipulating information to scourge someone you aren't even interested in sourcing. What kind of a journalist does that? You refuse meeting this person and then cough up some smoky line about you know a shill when you don't know them? Actually, I heard the same thing; isn't your part Meth capital of the United States? Would explain much, on your regard. A raging bull and ball-faced liar, an alien abducted sex addict claiming Jesus is her pimp and her minion boyfriend in the tight jeans, like a (yup) fag... and Mr. Nichols the raging hard-on for a camera? Great comedy, you are quite correct!

Tim King: Noor, you're a gay-basher too?  I'm not gay, that's pretty clear, but I have no beef with people being who they are, yet you sound like a redneck from Alabama calling people 'fag'.  You are all just tiring and sad.    

Noor June 30, 2012 3:10 pm (Pacific time)

Love how Editor only comments on those who don't share his opinion; that is pretty objective isn't it, not?

And why all this clear misogyny, does anyone actually know this person? Doesn't sound like it.

Looks like a weak case by Mr. Siraj Davis and a dirty paper with some issues of cronyism. As far as Libel goes, yes this woman has more than enough to nail a few of you for defamation and libel. Since this is no way helps Palestine (agreed it is an insult to Palestinians) not clear why anyone would want any part of something so weak and sinister. Personally, I am reporting all of this because it has gone on too far and for too long. Most of you people are sick for even participating, in my opinion.

Calling-it: BULLSHIT

Tim King: From the moment this began, we knew who you all were, still do; what I meant is that Kimberly will be busy in court because she will be the one on defense, not the other way around.  Yet all of  this is your win really, you sent your people forward to launch attacks, we defend and you try to portray it for something totally other than what it is. 

Let me say again, all people against us are for Israel, simple as that.  If a handful of Palestinians are actually engaged, they are being paid off, or seeking some other personal favor.  We are strong, we are always the same, it must frustrate the heck out of all of you and you resort to breaking our clearly stated rules about not using profanity.  Now I'm not saying that I don't sometimes break that rule, but it shows that you believe you are above the rules (big surprise!)

Also, you all show an awful lot of weakness in this round, fake people all... nobody will be in court unfortunately because nobody here is real except myself, Michael, Siraj; etc.  Isn't it interesting, like we're fighting your little fantasy characters.  But you guys always invent new ones, and so surely the show will go on. 

Baby Face June 30, 2012 10:11 am (Pacific time)

messing with a lady who has a bad temper is what you call exposing a mossad agent? seriously? if israel was that easy to figure out then gaza would be free by now. what an insult to the palestinian people! what an insult to ken o'keefe! there are real fights to fight and the enemy's more than just a whiney housewife. get over it people! free palestine!

Tim King: No, you would be surprised how many people work for MOSSAD, perhaps many are doing it indirectly, but trust me they are doing it.

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. June 29, 2012 9:26 pm (Pacific time)

M. Rizzo claims I am "complaining about the completeness (length and quantity of referenced footnotes) of my articles". No where in the exchanges here have I made such comment. I am complaining about her endless whining and proclaiming she is above the exchanges in this forum. This is a standard practice of the self- proclaimed honorable Ms Rizzo. She has, in the past, made numerous false claims regarding things allegedly stated by myself and others. This practice is a common deflection.. an attempt to appear as if she is responding to actual comments made when, in fact, she is doing nothing of the kind. People who cannot logically defend their actions and words often attempt such subterfuge. Another game is to imply that she is possibly being censored. She has used this one many times.

For an individual who is, as she claims, not affected by these exchanges and can't be bothered with involvement where they are concerned, she certainly finds a need and time to restate, reframe, and reiterate ad nauseum this supposed fact. Such behaviour serves only to demonstrate the exact opposite of her claim. She is quite obviously perturbed/disturbed by these exchanges.

For the above demonstrations, added to the assertion that she surely does know the definition of "libel" followed by the two examples she provided which fail, in every respect, to meet the standards of libel, and for so many other absurd (and obviously so) machinations emanating from her, Ms. Rizzo provides us with ample evidence that she is not a credible individual.

Quite seriously, if Ms Rizzo is so unaffected by any of this and is so far above any of this, what is her reason for continuing to engage and , nauseatingly, proclaiming her absence of care and concern? Further, if both she and this apparently manic individual, Kimberley, are so convinced of the strength of their claims that they are being libeled, why are they wasting time with this forum and not actually filing cases for libel? The answers are obvious.

Kimberly Amatullah June 29, 2012 4:02 pm (Pacific time)

Hey Tim... I don't do drugs or alcohol, but your boy Ken O'Keefe could use that sage advice. See you seem to think you know me, old Hag and you don't. You have nothing here but people willing to piss on themselves to show their lack of integrity and publishing private emails. Show me where it is illegal to not want to support this person or that person and expressing disinterest/distrust in private emails? And since when were private emails considered 'published Libel'? They aren't. Your moral compass is clearly fallen short of the mark {ie sin} and your lack of evidence or initiative to get out of YOUR METH CENTRAL and get off your ass and interview me. You deserve some int'l media to spotlight just what a weak source for news you are... if your focus is on a mother with a loud opinion and a handful of friends you don't approve of, then you seriously need to switch jobs. I guess you won't realize the wisdom of this until you are slapped with service to appear. Obviously that is all you will understand, you're so daft you can't find yourself on the right side of the law.

Tim King: Rattletrap alert!  You know what you can do with your threat?  I have a new piece coming forward now to illustrate something about you based on your facebook comments, (remember people screenshot your handwork)  because you hold power Kimberly, how would you not knowing who you represent? And you know as you drone on that you are full of sh*t and a big smoke blower, and I'm not talking about drugs.  You're just a windbag here to bother people and stir up controversy and if we actually could get your ass into court, you would be busy.  But I think you are just another masquerade contender and you are bugged that we don't buy an inch of it.  Mary, I have to say... that made me sad as we had conversed and been mutually supportive before the Mavi Marmara incident. 

Ken O'Keefe is a great person with an amazing mother who instilled values that make him who is is today.  I had the pleasure of taking a road trip all the way to Canada and back with Ken and his mom Pat and Bonnie King and Eileen Fleming.  Ken and I have discussed all of this character assault on FaceBook at great length and none of it surprises us. 

He was (for those who do not know) on the first Flotilla to reach Gaza in four decades. 

On the Mavi Marmara, Ken helped defend a peace ship from invading Israeli Defence Forces who attacked the ship in open ocean and killed nine of the unarmed peace activists.  Ken personally disarmed one 'commando' and stashed his weapon to later use as evidence (for those who say Ken and others intended to harm Israelis), appreciate that Ken had the gun in his hand and did not use it because it was never the intent of anyone aboard.  Ken helped disarm a second commando, he was not slugging it out, looking for a fight; he was a Marine and he is trained in how to fight and I consider what he did 100% defensive in nature, as they were attacked, not the other way around.  They took the captured IDF, gave them medical treatment and then released them, as their fellow activists were being shot by the score.  It is a shameful event and it has shaped world politics, who can dispute the value of this?  In the UK in particular, the story was widely covered, The BBC flagrantly misrepresented what happened that night/early morning, turns out Jane Corbin is all about helping Israel too Kimberly.  Only an idiot would say they back Palestine and don't back Ken- it makes no sense. These poser shills with their attacks on Ken are senseless and obscene; they think of the worst things they can think of; they spin lies about personal debts, stealing money, who knows what... Just remember that people like Ken are all about helping save the world and it angers his opponents that he has had such success and ongoing support.  We have never doubted Ken for a second.

Above and beyond all of that, Ken helped the Samouni family so much after Cast Lead, and he was with the Gazans as they rallied last May and bullets were flying by his head, nobody does that who isn't sincere, and I can actually go get the links to that video, it is fairly famous.  Then there was the night that Israeli planes bombed a pharmaceutical storage warehouse, Ken was there when the planes were still overhead, risking his life to document what was happening to the poor wrongly portrayed people of this open air prison.  Ken was in Gaza when thugs kidnapped Vittorio, there were a number of hours where nobody knew where Vik was; Hamas was working hard to locate him but they didn't get there fast enough.  Ken had to identify his body and then Ken carried Vik's casket with officers from Hamas.  Just remember, everyone reading this, that the woman above showed up out of nowhere and began assaulting the character of high level activists for Palestine.  If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck... it's probably an Israeli agent.  Quack Kinberly   

TRUTH June 29, 2012 1:07 pm (Pacific time)

It seems Kimberly's knack of attacking, stalking, and threatening people has a long history.

Her tactics of attacking people while simultaneously claiming to be an innocent pregnant victim who was attacked first is her tactic.

Here are screenshots of Facebook messages she sent Mr. Siraj a while back between her and another Facebook profile named "Parents". Look as "Parents" tries to be as polite as he can with Kimberly, telling her to leave him alone while she attacks him vehemently. She claims to be pregnant and threatens to go to the FBI when it is SHE who is the assailant!! What a nut!!

She claims to be the victim in the process and as can be seen, she is FAR from it. She is repeating age old tactics against Mr. Siraj.

Mary R June 29, 2012 12:13 pm (Pacific time)

JUST IN CASE I AM BEING CENSORED; HERE IT IS AGAIN, so Tim can then engage in his unique "comment within the comments" strategy should he even decide to publish.

WOW…Dr Paul seems to be quite interested in me, complaining about the completeness (length and quantity of referenced footnotes) of my articles. That’s his problem. I simply believe thoroughness is a virtue. No one can tell whether or not he read my articles about the failed Road to Hope convoy or about the lack of accountability from Ken O’Keefe. His opinion is simply not important to me, though he seems to dedicate a lot of energy to me. I believe Dr Paul is simply as irrelevant to Palestine as I or KOK or anyone of the persons in this thread are. It’s just that some are able to admit it, and others engage in hagiography and self-aggrandisement. However, he seems to believe I am unaware of what libel is. I am quite aware of it, though I have other things to do than to respond to all the baseless accusations against me. Since I am thorough and honour facts and evidence, I however present one of the many pieces of libel circulating. This one is by O’Keefe:

“I know for a fact that the primary tactic employed to defame me and ultimately harm Palestine is to use slander and lies and set a gang of vultures upon anyone supports me via private messages. I know the majority of people who experience this process do not have the strength to confront these bullies and share with me the proof of these bully tactics, and yet I have several people who have done just that. This is why I can say I know this for a fact.

This is Zionist Tactics 101 and this strategy counts on people being meek, non-confrontational and otherwise afraid. It also masks its true agenda by claiming that anyone who exposes these tactics is being "divisive". This is manipulation big time, it is not possible to unite with liars; and exposing such people is a duty. False "unity" through silence only provides cover for malicious people, it is just plain stupid, and plays right into the playbook of Mossad, CIA, MI6 tactics.

Brother Siraj Davis is one of the very few who have basically said "F*%$ You" to these sorry creatures, he has decided to fight back and as we would expect, the attack dogs aligned with the Mary Rizzo's and Jo Ann Westcott's and Kimberly Amatullah's and Catherine Myles's and Felicity Arbutnot's and on and on and on come out of the woodwork to do what some of them surely get paid to do.

Besides the fact that I am entirely in agreement with him that exposing liars is a duty if one’s activism focus for Palestine is on our effectiveness to serve the cause and not be served by it. I also agree that bullying tactics are intended to silence opponents, which is what I observe not only in Ken's comments, but this page and the Shoah article as well as in other places where my name and other people's names are dragged in the mud, I disagree with his above quote for at least three reasons; 1) associating himself and his image with harming Palestine is an overstatement and delusion of grandeur. 2) there seems to be no “gang of vultures” as it is apparent to anyone that there are various currents of people who criticise, slam, etc., KOK, and the fact that he seeks to lump them all into the same “plot” is probably close to a paranoid reaction to criticism. I might add, most of those whom he lumps with me actually at one time supported him and were his most steadfast friends (resulting in the fact that most of them attacked me at one time, upon his behest) and were affiliated with HIM, not me. Any connection to me is in his own imagination, not based on fact. 3) He uses the word “proof” and that is what I have been asking for all along. The countless times that he attempts to (or pushes for others to) smear by STATING for a “FACT” or claiming that it is the “TRUTH” that I am paid, (by ANYONE), or as he claims, that I am following rules of “intelligence” and am indentured, affiliated, connected, in contact with, trained, etc., by any of his list of agencies to divide the movement and to fight HIM, as if he is something so untouchable and pure that anyone who EXPOSES his errors and/or malfeasance or simply failed campaigns or disappearance of donations, can only be motivated by Zionism. He seems to ignore that there is a drive within the movement for accountability, transparency and responsibility, and he does not withstand scrutiny here, which is the “original sin” of an activist. His claims against me are NEVER EVER substantiated with even a scratch of evidence, and this should be forthcoming immediately if one makes such bold and damaging statements, and of course, since it is a lie and cannot be substantiated, he merely repeats it and seeks others to do the same, with a sort of “wishful thinking makes it so” mechanism.

The insinuation that I am in any way affiliated with Zionism is libellous, -and to the other commenter here, if being against Assad is being a Zionist, then people should publicly label Shiekh Raed Salah, Tariq Ramadan, Maher Zain, Marcel Khalife, Asmi Bishara and hundreds of thousands of people around the world who fight for the Arab cause as Zionists- the numbers against Assad far outweigh those supporting him, and at any rate to tie it into the Palestinian cause is simply ahistorical. Assad is a dictator who kills his own people and Palestinians but never touched an Israeli. Like his father, who had made deals with Israel to avoid a full-scale war with them and was behind one of the worst massacres of Palestinians in history, the massacre at Tel Al Zaatar, (World Socialist WS SURELY is NOT an imperialist source, is it?) the regime was never “friends of Palestinians” and Hamas, which abandoned Damascus to its own fate many months ago, realised that the relationship could only hinder their cause. The Palestinians are aware of their history, though it will take time for the others to learn the facts, since these massacres have been largely ignored because they are shameful for Lebanon and Syria, which have been also subject to Zionist occupation.

It is sad that I find myself dragged into his obsessions again and again, because I truly believe that to continue to argue or engage with people who are so blind to the facts, be they tiny or gigantic, so quick to smear, is absolutely a waste of time. The smears are never substantiated by fact, at least where I am concerned, and yet, when they go unanswered, to the minds of these people it is because we have been “exposed”. I will close this intervention with a question to Ken O’Keefe:
From his own site-

Aloha Palestine is pleased to announce the creation of a French arm; Aloha Palestine France. We thank Olivia Zemor and Nicolas Shahshahani, of Aloha Palestine France, for their commitment to this project and their generosity to date. As of December 2008, a sum of £17,500 had been donated by Aloha Palestine France to the main Aloha Palestine [...]

I never saw the ferry, whose maiden voyage was supposed to have been in 2009. Can you tell us what happened to £17,500 that was donated by one donor alone? That is a good amount of money and I think people should be concerned about that kind of money that people hope only goes to Gazans and their needs just vaporising like it seems to have done. This itself is far more relevant to benefits for Palestinians than any insane online smearfest that Ken and his friends seem to have an extreme obsession with and which is just one more form of censorship and control.

Michael Langston June 29, 2012 11:10 am (Pacific time)

The Facebook note that I posted a link to only a few hours ago has now disappeared. Someone has apparently "reported" it to Facebook and has had it removed. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of Amatullah's Facebook bullying tactics has most likely heard her repeated mantra sent out to her bullying victims in threatening personal messages, her repeated demand of "remove it, remove it" (or else I'll report you).

These are the collaborationist and authoritarian BULLYING tactics that she typically uses. Click on the link that I posted in my previous comment and see for yourself. The note is now unavailable and will have to be re-posted. If THIS is not further, undeniable PROOF of her treachery, then what is it?

The dishonest tactic our enemies are now using is "reporting" our content to Facebook, having our notes and posts removed by Facebook, and even going so far as to have some of us blocked from posting and commenting (as I have now been).

Honesty, fair play, and freedom of speech mean nothing to these cowardly enemies of free speech. And make no mistake. Those who treacherously collaborate with the "authorities" are every bit as much our enemies as the unjust "authorities" themselves.

It's a crying shame when Facebook itself is used as a weapon against honest and decent Facebook users by unscrupulous individuals who unfairly and maliciously "report" on others in order to stifle dissent, silence the truth, and as a lowdown and disgraceful means of bullying and intimidation.

Tim King: Michael, they are messing with my account too, suddenly I can't invite friends for 30 days, I know it is connected brother.

Rusty Nail June 29, 2012 9:21 am (Pacific time)

Laughing... You're only interested in evidence Siraj has? Please explain, Eileen.

Kimberly Amatullah June 29, 2012 8:13 am (Pacific time)

You hillbillies ever googled: confirmation bias? Michael has got to be one of the biggest idgits of all time... Michael darling, I am not Reuven and we don't agree on pretty much ANYTHING. I was an admin on a group (not that your pea-brain can handle reality) and he was ganged up on, so I took him as a friend. We are friends because I choose to be, not because of his views. We don't discuss Israel much anyways... it would lead to an argument. What about you shitheads don't get that to DO peace you must be a traitor to your own? How are you going to garner peace with Palestinians? Especially while KOK and cronies are marketing the fall of the cause with the glaring idea that we are a violent solidarity movement... how DOES that work, Mr. Hasbara King? You people are about to get a wicked surprise, especially if you live in the USA. Journalism? Kiss my Royal Hign Ass... this ain't journalism it is trashy tabloids and gossip with no proof. Want to hear something really stupid? How the FUCK does a Mossad agent end up cleaning up spilled milk and doing kiddy parties? You people are so stupid if you think I am a paid information, or Mossad... and before you could ever prove it you create blogs and websites, swearing up and down your bs... but it isn't true is it? Tim what exactly are YOU compensating for that you would forfeit your Desposynic place for vile lies and treason to mankind? You don't judge me without proof, Fool. Where is your proof? And why did you avoid interviewing me? Because you are the 'imp man' who reads the hearts of others? Is that it? You are above reproach is that what you think? Wake up from that temporary kingdom, Tim, you are a failure and look like a string bean on acid... and your wife looks like a dizzy bitch from 2 centuries ago. So what have you got but a bunch of gossip you ragfucks? You should have known better! You'll learn, you will.

The war of 1812 is on: Tim and Bonnie King, a pair of 200 year old  hillbillies... are rebels fighting the British colonialists...suddenly they are confronted by a man whose last name is Arnold.  He tries to sell 'string bean' Tim some acid, Tim says, 'How about flaming arrows instead?'

Kimmy, crack ruins good minds, alcohol kills livers, quit before you destroy yourself! You know you're one of my secret fans, come on and admit it!

Kimberly Amatullah June 29, 2012 8:01 am (Pacific time)

Tim's got spin.. that is all.  So you endorse the death threats and cannot quote me with anything even remote?  You know it is very challenging Imp Tim, to be a REAL human rights activist and endorse killing... but I see you are trying.  No Hasbara here, just Imp Tim spin. So in lieu of proof you got stale wit? Good for you, that will work wonders with my attorney, not.

Tim King: Kimberly, you're being such a blowhard about all of this, and my positions are rock solid like Gibraltar. and you and every tom dick and harry in between knows that to be the case.  As far as attorneys, mine is already watching this and chuckling along with me, it would be great to see you drug to court.  Did I mention that I think you're a blowhard? 

Michael Langston June 29, 2012 5:46 am (Pacific time)

I want to make one other point perfectly clear. It was Kimberly Amatullah's FRIEND, the ultra-Zionist Reuven Kossover, who, in one of his Facebook notes and on his blog, made reference to "sending assassins" in such a manner that he clearly seemed to be advocating it. For "Amatullah" to refer to me as "soliciting for assassinations Michael Langston" in her previous comment just shows (yet again) the depth of lying depravity to which this hopelessly depraved individual is willing to sink. She has also insinuated numerous times that Ken O'Keefe has been involved in murder.

Here is the text of her Zionist friend Reuven Kossover's "assassins" quote taken from his blog:

"Are we really protecting the Jewish settlement enterprise in Israel - or are we trying to snuff it out? Are we officially boycotting Europeans and others who boycott us? Are we sending assassins to get rid of the liars who defame us?" - Reuven Kossover

What truly sane and responsible pro-Palestinian activist could possibly "understand," be "true friends" with, and make "peace" with a Zionist extremist such as Kossover, someone who advocates not only a continuation of the unconscionable theft of Palestinian land by means of the "Jewish settlement enterprise," but also openly suggests sending "assassins" to get rid of alleged "liars" who dare to disagree with Zionist policies and who "defame" (speak the truth about) Israel? It boggles the mind, and indeed no TRUE pro-Palestinian activist could possibly be a friend and ally of a blatant Zionist EXTREMIST such as this.

Michael Langston June 29, 2012 5:14 am (Pacific time)

Kimberly Amatullah's Facebook friendship with ultra-Zionist Reuven Kossover tells us everything we need to know about Amatullah's alleged support of Palestinians. When Kossover refers to Palestinians, he puts the name in quotes and says "Palestinian" terrorists must die and that the "evil" must be cleansed from the land that God promised the children of Israel. He also advocates "making Gaza howl" by cutting off food, water, electricity, and oil.

No true supporter of Palestine would EVER befriend and find common ground with such a staunch ultra-Zionist. Kimberly "Amatullah" is NOT a true supporter of Palestine. If her prior record of slandering, attacking, and harassing TRUE friends of Palestine such as Ken O'Keefe and his supporters is not ample proof of her treachery, then her friendship with this Zionist EXTREMIST most certainly is.

Laughing June 29, 2012 3:23 am (Pacific time)

How can we see some of this evidence Siraj has? As someone who has humorously been on the receiving end of the insanity, I'd love to see how it measures up to my experiences.

Kimberly Amatullah June 28, 2012 10:58 pm (Pacific time)

Sorry, Tim... You are wrong; no one is above reproach. There is NO proof of your allegations and yet you ride it. Where is your proof and how the fuck old are you anyways? You think soliciting for "assassinations" Michael Langston or "shooot her" williamm shakespeare are what Human Rights Activists do? Since when? You and your worship of heroes is really sickening, seriously. Grow the fuck up. What Mossad agent loans a jackass 160 dollars? What jackass watches porno and then condemns another (never mind he has never met, not unlike YOU, freaking Idgit) for not being Muslim enough? You guys need lobotomies, for real.

Tim King: Wow, how touchy and entertaining, did you beat your fist while you wrote this I wonder? I see you have very little control and that is not surprising, but I thought you would at least stay above the tantrum stance.  I am not going to respond to these things and I will let everyone see how you are moving through like a person who just read the Hasbara training manual.  It always ends in little tirades like this one because people without a good point to represent always resort to profanity and name calling, (yawn) 

Kimberly Amatullah June 28, 2012 9:35 pm (Pacific time)

Dennis Paul...

Commencing your comments with a judgment on a complete stranger, earned you a response in kind.

Own it, you are taking liberties and merit all criticism.

Editor: There is a massive distinction between criticism and harassment and being a closet propagandist, would anyone disagree?  Dr. Paul is one of those who needs not explain anything to anyone, his history goes back to SDS Weathermen and the Black Panthers, he has seen many infiltrators in movements over the years, this is now just turning comical.  Free Palestine and expose those sent to wreck this movement, remember truth is in action, that about covers it.

Michael Langston June 28, 2012 5:44 pm (Pacific time)

Mary Rizzo is not only one of the major players in the malicious smear campaign that has been waged against Ken O'Keefe for over a year now, but is also an ardent supporter of the Zionist-backed, Israeli-supported destabilization of Syria, deceptively termed the "Syrian Revolution," and has called the murderous imperialist intervention that occurred in Libya a "liberation" of that country. That's three strikes against her. This treacherous supporter of Zionist causes may CLAIM to be a "pro-Palestinian" activist, but her own words and deeds testify against her and say just the opposite.

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. June 28, 2012 3:44 pm (Pacific time)

To Ms Kimberly Amatullah ... Starting your note with a derisive construction of my name demonstrates only an utterly childish, and thus to be discredited, approach in responding to my message. That is the entirety of my response to you.

M.Rizzo, again, takes up space declaring how disaffected she is by all of this.

I thank both for demonstrating the accuracy of my previous comments.

Both parties would do well to learn the actual meaning and legal status of "libel". Neither party has yet to demonstrate a single libel yet seem very inclined to use the term in a threatening manner. Repetitive threatening of action absent actual follow through is, in the states, itself actionable. Just an fyi.

Mary R June 28, 2012 10:08 am (Pacific time)

Smear campaigns all you seem to manage? I really don't care what you guys say, or how you smear, it just runs down the wall. I know who I am and what I have done. If KOK can't take a healthy critique, he is the one with some serious issues. He has to be able to respond to critique point by point rather than accuse someone of being a spy, paid or poisonous. If he has ANY proof, or anyone for that matter, they better come up with it, because otherwise it is merely libellous attempts to smear a person's name, to those who don't have the interest to research anything but will hear something enough times and take it as fact. If you wish to also lump me in with those "criticizing" Gilad or Vik, though that is not what you mean, because healthy criticism is good and should exist, you don't know what you are even on about. You don't think it criticism should exist at all, preferring silencing and censorship, but in the cases of Atzmon, I was his editor of his work for I think 7 years, we shared a site, had our differences, as people who work together will do, but given that the name of his book (and other things in there) were from me, I think this point alone is moot. As for Vik, back before you even HEARD of him, I was translating him, communicating with him, working out some events here with him and not the least, the one behind the campaign to stop the STOP THE ISM that was threatening vik while he was alive. I had brought the issue to the public awareness and involved the authorities to close down the site threatening the ISM volunteers. So, again, more of your lack of knowledge that you try to pass off as fact and truth.

Tim King: These articles are strictly responsive in nature, we don't ask these people to air their whiny cries against people making a difference, and by that I mean a positive difference.  

therealdeal June 28, 2012 7:54 am (Pacific time)

Just avoid Siraj Davis/ Taiyoand Mary Rizzo/Kimberley, they are two sides of the same coin. There is an attempt to discredit the pro and free Palestine movement. Dont fall for it.

Kimberly Amatullah June 28, 2012 12:48 am (Pacific time)

Eh-hem Mr. Paul Denise, PhG... All good save one thing, anything I have said is in private emails. Provide one note, post or what have you that even mentions Ken. And what sort of person speaks on such subjective bs as if they know the person whom they condemn? A weak one. I don't need to like Ken, or be a part of your cult. I am not claiming to be any kind of activist; however, yes I do support Palestine, and that is my right as well. I was admin on a page that received many release in International Press (Haaertz/JPost) and there had close encounters with what some term 'rabid zionists'. I don't pretend that we have little in common; however, you are completely ignorant of this work and yet you judge. Libel... that is what we are talking about. And very poor journalism, lacking all critical thinking and all intellectual integrity. Obama got awards too, last I checked.

PeaceKeyPr June 27, 2012 6:00 pm (Pacific time)

To Md Dennis Paul PhD,

Are you aware of the original printing of this article? Read all of the comments and see how this is an amateurish fight involving private citizens.

I agree with you about the naivite and timewasting. These people mentioned have no significance at all except in Siraj Davis' head   All subsequent complaints seem to be part of a witchhunt catalyzed by Mr. Davis' personal problems and followed by his Facebook friends.

It is laughable that someone as well known as Ken O'Keefe got involved with these shananigans.

Editor: You believe that defending oneself from unwarranted, grotesque attacks is a witchhunt?  Are you a former Bush staffer?  That is far from the truth. I'm not laughing, people like Ken don't choose these fights, they come to him and then other writer is and I set the record straight.  The only people that I grow concerned over ate those who are just entering the fray, and they are the target of these double agents who would sell their own mothers for Israel.  Again, Siraj does not have the problems you describe, I am only hearing it from people like this nameless commenter, I see it a pure strategy and while they keep bringing it up, over and over, it remains that there is no substance to it.  

Anonymous June 27, 2012 3:50 pm (Pacific time)

Dear Kimberly Amatullah and M:

Please leave us all alone!!

We are so tired of your harassment, death threats, your tactics of stalking with fake Facebook profiles, your attacks upon us unexpectedly with other internet trolls who join in on your campaigns without full understanding of the context or evidence which confutes your accusations, your nude pics posted on the internet, your claims to be the relative of Elanor of Aquitane and daughter of Jesus, your threats of putting us behind bars for lie, etc.

May we have some peace from your monstrocity of behavior which has only exacerbated the very situation you yourself created. I find it a telling irony of God's power when those who conspired to defame, incarcerate, and stigmatize an innocent person with lies (when that very person was in a hard situation and weak), have found themselves the recipents of the very same stigmatiation, incarceration, and defamation with truth instead.

Tim King rocks!! Love his "tell you how it is" and in your face approach toward his own atagonists and those with a horrible track record.

Love his work and Tim King is what we need more of in the future. We need those who are not afraid of speaking the truth against what many perceive as overwhelming odds.

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. June 27, 2012 1:56 pm (Pacific time)

A large problem, here, stems from a reliance on FaceBook for communication...if one can actually qualify the drivel posted there as "communication". FaceBook is a poorly thought out tool which had its start in silly boys hunt for college girls and a means for discrediting those that turned down the passes of those silly boys. Now, in case you are unaware, FaceBook is becoming a tool for vile propaganda in the same vein as Wikipoeaedia. Worse, the latest innovation on FaceBook will be instant identification/location of posters, etc. by a program designed by MOSSAD. Time to wake up, people.

The back and forth with disingenuous individuals claiming some genuine affiliation with the Palestinian struggle is a futile waste of time and effort. No one is presenting proof of anything. There is only borderline libel and slander and childish threats. The proof is always in the pudding. Has anyone heard of or know first hand the actual assistance either Marry Rizzo or Infamous Cate or now this Kimberley person have provided to the Palestinians? I have yet to find any evidence of any effort on any of their parts. Can anyone evidence the efforts of Ken O'Keefe? I have personally seen such evidence and have spoken with individuals in Palestine who have also seen such evidence. (BTW.. none of the Palestinians I have spoken with know squat about the other characters). In my opinion, the pudding speaks for itself.

Rizzo will write 10k+ words amounting to repetitious claim of this issue having no effect on her. The effort belies the facts. She reiterates her unsubstantiated assault on Ken in the process.. A measure purposely intended to reinsert her prior drivel into what amounts to a non conversation. She then lists a set of criteria which she claims is useful in discerning the negative traits and intentions of those she has labeled as foe, foolishly failing to recognize that these same criteria are highly applicable to her own drivel. One could go endlessly on dissecting her garbage attempts at setting herself above the fray. I won't. The newest player, Kimberley, is nothing but more of the same. Empty receptacle of truth. Full receptacle of trash.

The "palestinian societies" at the colleges are bastions for naivite and are historically a waste of time. They are the simplest to infiltrate and splinter and provide absolutely no benefit to Palestine. Move on, people. There are important works to be done and none of us need the Rizzo's, Myles or Amatullahs to get it done.

Kimberly Amatullah June 27, 2012 9:29 am (Pacific time)

And what kind of journalist are you who relies on hearsay when you could have personally asked me questions?

More like failed tabloid, Tim. Your pieces are crap, but you already know that.

Tim King: Asking a shill to answer questions in a legitimate fashion, that would be a little like trying to fly a plane without wings, it just makes no sense.  I am a journalist who holds many awards, has a file of letters from people thanking me for my work, which has saved lives.  You don't understand us because we are honest and because we believe in Ken's TJP philosophy we don't buy into the work of impostors and the unfaithful ones who attack our brothers and sisters.  And for the record, it isn't about being a Muslim, it is about being a human being.  

Kimberly Amatullah June 27, 2012 9:26 am (Pacific time)

To the Editor: You don't have information, you have a rabbit hole you dug and you haven't the integrity to source your 'facts'. Talk about credibility issues; where is YOUR proof that this person you defame is in fact working and paid for by the Mossad?

 Tim King: Oh come one, please... and why aren't you in my email?  I need a location Kimberly, working through comments is too vague.  

You can't produce anything yet you publish this tripe? You are a 'follower' of the Cult O'Thief... so actually we should expect nothing more than bottom-feeding as this is. Siraj is failed Muslim, a petty thief and a man who endorses the slavery of women in pornography; in short he is a misogynist and most likely sociopath. As to you being part of my family? What are you some illegitimate? Must be. And you'd need my 'line' to trace me fool, guess you don't do that work much. Merovign Fulk V Charlemagne Anjou Edward I Henry III Eleanor Richard the Lionheart Baliol Should I go on? I am Eleanor's Great Grand-Daughter to the 32 degree. Look that up in your Masonic wanna-be book. As far as I can see, you're a reject who has NO critical thinking and probably related to my grand-mother's ass for hauling parsnips. Good job, Salem News! Epic Libel... we'll be in touch!

Tim King: I hope you are in touch, I hope you make yourself available for the type of legal ramifications you deserve; pro-Palestine my ass, and I don't really give a crap if you are a distant relative, it does creep me out a little I admit; but then I am descended from some of the worst assholes in history and you are too, if you are who you claim to be.  But yes, it is the King Edward line and never forget that Phillip- who claimed to be directly descended from Christ is who had the Crusaders put to death; pretty shifty stuff throughout time.  As far as your accusations, whatever.  We are a heavily established, long-running human rights news group that happens to have several former U.S. Marines behind the decision making process, and that is the type of power people aren't used to., so there is no point in insulting our efforts or credibility.  Anyone who attacks Ken attacks Palestine, and you are speaking to the editor of a hall of critical thinkers, we just don't put up with crap attacks without firing back. 

M June 26, 2012 7:38 pm (Pacific time)

Dear Editor: I saw Siraj's screenshots and they showed that he is getting automatic Facebook advertisements in HEBREW from an IP address inside of Israeli territory. Siraj is not who he says he is. His albums have been taken down, but I noticed that there is a screenshot on another blog: (scroll to the bottom. see the HEBREW in the lower right hand of Siraj's screenshot. He is not who he claims to be.  Please be aware that this man is either inside of Israel (OCCUPIED Palestine) trying to sow division or he is delusional. He certainly is not a real Journalist or Activist for Palestine in any manner.

Editor: You know, I have a lot of information to work with that I suspect you do not have.  I know Siraj is working on the right side of the issue and that the person he criticizes is attacking my friends who I know to be innocent of the allegations she has brought to the FB forum.  I get really tired of this.  The people who criticize Ken O'Keefe and Gilad Atzmon and used to do the same to Vik Arrigoni when he was still alive; they are the problem, they are the imposters, they (?) have fully infiltrated the movement and I can not believe the things people try to allege.  Just remember the proof is in the pudding, I just edited an extensive video with Siraj and he says the right things and has done the same as far as I can tell.  Of course I expect this exact reaction, not sure who you even are.  And for others reading this, identify yourselves if you state an objection about another human being.  You have no credibility if you do not.

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