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Obama's 150 to 1.5 Million Rule on Middle East Murder

With Obama we are walking on the final stretch of road, it didn't have to end this way.

Obama warmonger

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - I would give anything to have not just read the headline, "Syrian president has used chemical weapons, crossing 'red line,' US says" from FOX News. Obama is going to be the death of America, it is no joke.

The people the Americans are backing in Syria are jihadist rebels who are the enemy of everything the US represents. The head of Syria, Bashal al Assad, is a secular leader, who did not place Muslim causes in front of the needs of his people. The United States and its western allies are bloodthirsty and they are leading us to our doom. Starting a war in Syria, which they are bent on doing, will open the floodgates to World War Three, hell we're in the early stages of it. Ever heard of Russia? Ever heard of China? Ever heard of keeping the peace?

Obama claims to have a red line for Syria over the use of gas, I think it is more of a yellow streak running down this president's leg.

What a scoundrel! What a loser of a leader, all the charm and speaking abilities are nothing, they are a dead end. Obama is not acting in the interest of Americans, so remember this disturbing rant when he is sending your sons and daughters off to fight this imaginary enemy and to be killed for no good reason at all.

I guarantee that if the US does this it is all for the benefit of protecting Israel, there is nothing more to it. Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria, they are some of the few countries that dared to advocate for the battered Palestinians, the people who have been subject to Israel's heavy hand of occupation for more than sixty years. The streets of Palestine and Israel are stained with the blood of those who were forced to fight.

Israel forces every adult to serve in its military. Palestinians are forced to fight to save their lives, or to avenge their family members murdered, quite literally, by US backed Israel.

If the US is so intent on starting another stupid shitty unjustified war, then anyone who participates gets what they deserve, that means the military leaders will just have to refuse.

I have published plenty of material on this, there is no other way to see it. The Americans are backing bloody murderers who kill Christians, Jews and non-Sunni Muslims. Christians in particular are frightened beyond description. The US has set Syria on fire and it can't stop throwing more flammable liquid on it.

Does anyone believe anything Obama says anymore? If they do they are stupid. I have never been more disillusioned. I hope that if the order comes down for the US to invade Syria, that there is massive disorder in the ranks, and I promise to work closely with defector groups to help US forces find places to go for refuge. I say they need to just say no, isn't that the famous saying? Just say no to drugs... I mean war.

The United States is a dirty country, and it is fast losing any semblance of its former self. The people must rise up before it is too late. If you are in the military, please publish this article and circulate it widely, encourage your fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to take the initiative to refuse service.

Refuse!!!!! You will find ample support, the writing is on the wall. Obama says Syria used gas on 150 people. That is a very small number, even if it was true. The United States attacked former ally Iraq on false intel and killed one point five million human beings, they were shot and burned to death and tortured, raped, dismembered, all by US forces who had no business stepping foot on that soil.

But Obama doesn't give a flying fuck about that does he? He knows what is going on, there is no decent human being who would make the decisions he has made. I hate war, I abhor national leaders who want nothing more than to kill, welcome to the new Amerika, I'd say it is not too late to save this once great nation.

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Tim holds awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing from traditional mainstream news agencies like The Associated Press and Electronic Media Association; he also holds awards from the National Coalition of Motorcyclists, the Oregon Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs; and was presented with a 'Good Neighbor Award' for his reporting, by the The Red Cross.

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pinkfloyd June 14, 2013 2:09 pm (Pacific time)

Dont mean to flood the postings here, but this subject brings as much passion to me as Tim King.
Here is Syrian girl speaking about what is really going on in Syria..
Thanks again to Tim for bringing this subject out in the open.

Thank you!

pinkfloyd June 14, 2013 2:05 pm (Pacific time)

The link below is what I have been trying to get across now for awhile. Whether it be the U.N., the NSA, FBI etc, the positions held in these institutions are compartmental. There are some that tell the truth because the leaders of these institutions cant control every employee. If someone tells the truth in the U.N. they get squashed.
Read this article and you will be convinced that the rebels used the syrin gas, straight from U.N. employees.

pinkfloyd June 14, 2013 1:27 pm (Pacific time)

Xlnt article my friend. Love your passion!
May I add a few things that I feel through my research are true:
1. The rebels are alCIAda, or some type of affiliates of alCIAda.
2. Turkey and notes from the U.N. show that the rebels used the syrin gas, not the Syrian government.
3. There is no way Syria would use syrin gas while they are winning on the battlefront.
4. Russia and Sweden both say that the evidence is bunk.
5. Iraq weapons of destruction come to mind.
6. As you mention, Syria is a secular nation, and even tho they have their problems, so does the U.S. ie: highest incarceration rate for victimless crimes, scandals etc.
7. With all the scandals facing the obama administration currently, maybe they need a war to distract.
I have more, but you get the point, and I appreciate you writing and posting this article. Thank you. Just say NO, and I will stand with you!!!! I am sick of the lies, murder and destruction for nothing more than total control and taking over resources of other countries. I feel your passion Tim King and others should also. But so many are too dumbed down by the media, television, flouride in the water, pharma drugs, and the indoctrination system they call education.

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