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Jun-12-2010 05:01printcomments

Israel Wouldn't Stand a Chance Against the UK in Armed Conflict

All I heard when I was in Israel was just how much better their rag tag military was from the rest of the world, and how they have “kicked ass” against joint training with the British SAS and the American Navy Seals, and so on and so on.

U.S. Marine, British Royal Marine, and a pair of Israeli Defense Force soldiers.
U.S. Marine, British Royal Marine, and a pair of Israeli Defense Force soldiers in combat areas; notice any differences?

(SALEM, Ore.) - The future will likely see the new British Prime Minister behaving more aggressively towards any ongoing threat. The Conservatives are less politically correct than the sly sneaky labour party that was “regrettably” in power previously.

Also, knowing that Britain will have full backing from other powerful nations with military clout like France and Germany, as well as fair weather friends like Russia, it should not be an impossible task to take on such an egotistic country like Israel... and not walk away being bankrupt after taking on such actions.

Israel's 'finest' say they're a better military
unit than U.S. or British Special Forces

I also know (being there and seeing them in action), that Britain or France would not have a problem with wiping them off the face of God's green earth - only given to the Jews apparently, so the rest of us are out of luck. (rolls eyes).

The cost also wouldn't be out of sight; nothing like the outrageously stupendous costs of Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, the military skills acquired in dealing with those people would not be too difficult, even if Britain decided to go at it alone towards such a country, “hypothetically speaking”.

All I heard when I was in Israel was just how much better there rag tag military was from the rest of the world, and how they have “kicked ass” against joint training with the British SAS and the American Navy seals, and so on and so on.

Now I do know for a FACT that Israel would not have a chance against the British Royal Marine Commandos, The paras, as well as the American counterparts; the American Marines and the Rangers, in which all these highly specialized units were mentioned in the most negative way, wherever I went when hanging around with the Israeli troops.

They are over the top with their boasting bravado, it was almost gut churningly hilarious, (no doubt brought on by a large dose of inferior complex from their side of the corner). It had gotten to the point I had to walk away (not to offend them)… in laughter due to this ridiculous nonsense!

The problem is that the U.S will not allow anyone (even their allies) to take a heavy hand to their so-called "silent ally".

Israel knows this of course, and hence the chauvinistic, arrogant, untouchable behaviour that has been screaming out of Israel for so many years.

America is basically Israel’s “bullet-proof jacket”, and until Uncle Sam pulls the plug on their funding and support, Israel will carry on this fashion; until all its neighbours, as well as the countries that do not agree with Israel, are crushed into oblivion.

They have obviously inherited the same attitude as the States when it comes to that old saying that Bush said during one of his speeches: "you are either with America, or you are against us".

There are just too many powerful American Jews running through the veins of American politics, to get any real result out of anything that relates to the ongoing situation over there.

Until that is resolved, then the world will just be running around in circles on this subject, like a mad dog chasing after its tail (and you know what happens when a dog does that?... it goes mad!).

This article is a response / follow up to: What Would Turkey's NATO Allies do in the Case of a Turkish/Israeli Throwdown?‏

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French student April 8, 2013 3:27 pm (Pacific time)

I have just come across this story while doing research for my studies. I have never come across such a down to planet story as this. I have a cousin in foreign legion that has agreed to this story. You are the first newspaper that shows the true self of war. This writer is correct in saying this. May you carry on with such journalism, respect Benoît

Dexter June 13, 2010 1:44 am (Pacific time)

Vic. While America is saving us a fortune while being involved in taking on your worldly crusades, I think we would be mad to "hang up the apron" and stop cleaning up after you, while we contemplate on divorcing you. You lot have way to much money to throw at "mommy", it would be insane, and in are "own: best interests if we still stay together like a truly happy married couple :D . So on your next visit, don't forget to bring round some more dog food Vic, the dog is getting hungry again... cheers ;)

Danielis June 12, 2010 8:26 pm (Pacific time)

I agree completely. If cornered, the Israelis would be motivated but, so far, they've never had to take on professionals.

Vic June 12, 2010 4:40 pm (Pacific time)

Didnt the UK create Israel? You know..... that whole Balfour Declaration-give-land-that-doesnt-belong-to-you-to someone-else thing? The US may be Israel's daddy, but Britain is it's mommy. Britain is responsible for this mess...period. That would be great if Britain had the balls to remedy the chancre THEY created, but I wouldnt bet a dime on it till Britain stops being the USs lapdog...which aint going to happen.

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