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Jun-06-2011 23:19printcomments

Rwanda: Dictator Kagame's Ruthless Pursuit of Exiled Editor Gasarira ends in Absentia Sentence

Kagame's regime, supported by the US govt., regularly violates the Human Rights of journalists.

Umuvugizi editor Jean Bosco Gasasira
Umuvugizi editor Jean Bosco Gasasira

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - The photograph to the left shows the Umuvugizi editor Jean Bosco Gasasira.

Jean Bosco Gasasira without horrific injuries

The photo to the right shows Gasasira in a Rwandan hospital in the aftermath of the beatings he received from Kagame thugs. This is what routinely happens in Rwanda when a paper publishes an unwanted story about the Rwandan Dictator.

Here are the highlights of Kagame’s ruthless pursuit of Umuvugizi Editor Gasasira:

•Rwanda Supreme Court today (Friday 3 May 2011) sentenced Gasasira in absentia to 2 years and 6 months imprisonment and ordered his immediate arrest on tramped up charges. •At the time of the sentencing, Kagame cyber mercenaries have shut down Umuvugizi online – thus following and harassing Gasasira all the way to Sweden where he lives in exile.

•Through a corrupted Umuvugizi reporter, Kagame cyber mercenaries have managed to reach Umuvugizi webmaster in Germany and constantly sabotage the website – the site is down as we write.

•Shutting down Umuvugizi is not enough for Kagame – the dictator’s intelligence services that run New Times and other media Rwanda have created a site with a similar name to confuse Umuvugizi readers. The Kagame-run version’s name is Umuvugiz.wordpress.com run by one Tom Ndahiro and Willis Shalita.

Kagame: responsible for the death of Rwandans,Congolese and Ugandans in Millions

•Kagame goons are always on the hunt for Gasasira no matter how far he is – as far north as Scandinavia – death threats and intimidations are the order of the day.

•Back in 2010, the acting editor of Umuvugizi wasn’t so lucky – Jean Leonard Rugambage was shot outside his home and died later at a hospital.

•The “crime” Rugambage committed was to investigate the attempted assassination of General Kayumba Nyawasa in South Africa, a case that is bound to confirm Rugambage’s suspicions that the Kagame regime was responsible according to sources.

•Kagame has tried everything to shut down Umuvugizi newspaper ever since the paper was banned along with others prior to presidential elections in August 2010.

•More recently, Kagame through a business partner offered Gasasira a sum of 500,000.00 British Pounds to end his journalism career and close Umuvugizi newspaper.

•Gasasira turned down the “blood money” as he calls the shameless bribe.

In the event that the Dictator in Rwanda does not know, “in absentia” mean in Latin “in the absence”. In legal use, “in absentia” means a trial where the alleged defendant is not present.

Mr Dictator Kagame, a conviction of a person in absentia or a trial in which the “defendant” is not present to answer the charges, is a gross violation of natural justice. Does this mean anything to you?

Source: africandictator.org


Submitted by: Jennifer Fierberg, MSW; a correspondent, Assistant Editor, and Volunteer Coordinator for NGO News Africa through the volunteer project of the UN. Jennifer is also the media co-coordinator and senior funding executive for The Africa Global Village (www.africaglobalvillage.com)

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keith jason July 3, 2011 9:41 am (Pacific time)

The NGOs and the so called "human rights organizations" should start in their own backyards where unemployment rates are as ahigh as 20 %, where minorities are discriminated with no access to health care, decent housing etc... start there first and stop teaching africans how to govern ....

Editor: I'd hate to see where this world would be right now without a lot of the NGO's in existence.  No, all is not perfect, but this is a ridiculous suggestion; NGOs and groups like AI and so many others must be in place to monitor, aid and assist.  

Mira June 7, 2011 2:36 pm (Pacific time)

Wow.. a vulture for working for an NGO? I think you missed the point of the article entirely!

intarebatinya June 7, 2011 1:26 am (Pacific time)

I was reading this story and found nothing peculiar until i reached the bottom where it says: submitted by:.........Volunteer Coordinator for NGO News Africa through the volunteer project of the UN. well, its now clear that the NGOs, like the vultures they are, are seeing an opportunity coming up, as the dissidents in exile become more vocal and excited. the NGOs see the chance of conflict so that they can pour in as 'humanitarian' workers, and consume all that is contributed by the int. community. How can they live without conflict in Africa? they cant!! and they have tools in the names of 'political refugees' living in exile. But i think they are misled on Rwanda because they dont have a chance - there wont be no conflict, look elsewhere. Thanks you vultures

Editor: Let's see, more than 99.9% of the world's population that doesn't live in Africa will never visit Africa.  Western nations ravage African societies, a tiny handful of NGO's go in to make things better, and you insult them for that?  There are bad apples in the world, but if people are looking for a scam they aren't going to use this venue.  Try to understand that these groups do a lot of good.

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