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'Great Salad Bowl'?

The fact that we were a "great melting pot" gave us the strength to endure because, first and foremost, we were all Americans ... each adding their own flavor to the blend in the pot.

(Harrisville, N.H.) - America has been known as "the great melting pot" for as long as I can remember. People from every corner of the globe combined as Americans to make our country great. They took advantage of opportunities that existed here that did not exist in their native lands.

Opportunities to reap the benefits of their own hard work, opportunities to worship God in their own way, opportunities to speak their minds freely, and opportunities to raise their families in peace and safety. People from many countries became a homogeneous mass that loved our country enough to honor her, to respect her, and to fight and die for her.

My maternal grandfather, who came from Italy, insisted that English was the language his children spoke at home. "After all," he said, "English is the language of America and we are Americans."

He never failed to remove his hat and place his hand over his heart when the flag passed by and insisted that his children and grandchildren do the same. He loved his native land and never forgot her, but he loved the land he adopted and that adopted him even more.

Why does it appear that so many of the more recent immigrants refuse to be assimilated into American culture? No one is insisting that immigrants forget their native lands or cultures. All that is asked is that they pledge allegiance to the country they chose to immigrate to and become Americans first. They should love our country, honor our country, and respect her laws.

The fact that we were a "great melting pot" gave us the strength to endure because, first and foremost, we were all Americans ... each adding their own flavor to the blend in the pot.

Are we certain that changing from the "great melting pot" to the "great salad bowl" will result in the same magical and delicious blend of flavors or might that change result in flavors that insist on maintaining their uniqueness to the point of spoiling the taste of the whole? The important thing is that we understand that our neighbor may have come from a different background, religion, culture or country but he or she is an American... a brother or sister in arms when we are set upon, a friend and supporter in times of need, and someone you tell "Don't worry, I've got your back" and mean it with all of your heart.


Source: Burlington County Times

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Bob Collinsworth June 7, 2010 4:47 pm (Pacific time)

Vic, As a matter of a fact, I am part Native American. One of my ancestors deserted from Andrew Jackson’s army during the Creek Indian wars to run off with a Native American woman. That Native American woman’s genes are part of what I am. I am no bigot Vic and not all of our laws are bad Vic. Actually; most of them were created for good reasons. We have to have reason, order, and law. Without it, none of us would be happy living here. That is not to say that all of our laws are perfect. I am basically a mongrel Vic and I am proud of the fact that I am. I guess you could say that I am a true product of the "Melting Pot". It is good to be on guard against evil of all kinds . . . including racism but you are barking up the wrong tree by baying racism at me. Read the article again Vic . . . slowly this time and read the article in its entirety. To expect someone who wants to come to our country to abide by our laws is not unreasonable. To expect them to apply for citizenship and to love and honor the country THEY chose to come to, is not unreasonable. No people who have emigrated from their native land to the United States have had an easy time of it. The cultural barriers and language barriers can be crippling. Quite often, there is animosity toward new immigrants from those already here and that is something I also try to address in my article. We should all celebrate the culture the new immigrants bring with them because it is the blending of those cultures that make us who were are . . . it is the fact that we have all become citizens of the United States and as such are brothers and sisters under the flag that give us strength. Creating Schisms by calling anyone who disagrees with you a racist is not a healing maneuver; nor is it fair. Do not read into my writing that which is not there, because it really will not do either of us any good and could easily create issues for others, where none really exist. I am glad to see that my article got you thinking Vic. I hope it gets everyone who reads it thinking. Regardless of whether or not you are currently a U.S. citizen, I love who you are and wish you well. Bob Collinsworth

Vic June 4, 2010 7:17 pm (Pacific time)

"Why does it appear that so many of the more recent immigrants refuse to be assimilated into American culture? " Why is it that many of the recent writers on American culture play the racist card? Are you an American Indian? Is "Collinsworth" an American Indian name? Is there a Collingsworth tribe somewhere? Respect our laws??? Like the Geneva Convention ? Like the Symington Amendment? Me thinks too many people confuse racism with patriotism....Im glad to hear that archaic foreign customs like St. Patricks Day are no longer imposed on us true Americans....we are not Italy, after all..and Thank God we never will be, although Musolini would feel right at home here in Fascist Amerika...

Jim Mikulic June 4, 2010 4:13 pm (Pacific time)

Those from European backgrounds are what was referenced as the "melting pot." Please note that other than institutional norming, the majority of all races essentially stay homogenized and keep to themselves more as each day goes by. There are exceptions, but just a small percentage. We are balkanizing at a pretty quick clip. Go to southern California or any major urban area and see for yourself. Go to college campuses. Go to areas near stateside military bases. I have no idea what this portends, but there are those who take advantage of this situation for their own perverse agenda's, and they are from all races and ethnic groups.

Anonymous June 4, 2010 12:15 pm (Pacific time)

Call it what you will..its bigger than what most people know. The bilderberg group is meeting in spain. I spoke of the group many years ago, was laughed at, now its mainstream news. They run U.S. policy, I have seen it. They want world government, thats why the borders are open. Here is the update so far: they dont want people making good wages, they have about 80% agreement on air strikes on Iran...their plan of 30-50% de-value of the dollar is still on track, and international taxes paid to the IMF bank...Dont believe me now, just watch. I dont have a crystal ball, I just listen to what they say. Seems as tho war is the only way out of this mess...oh, and, the people at bilderberg are upset cause they are not stealth anymore..p.s. if their plans for the world are so great, why did they have to hide it all these decades?

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