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Top 10 Most Attractive Blog Topics on Instagram

We have collected the most win-win blogging topics for you.

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(SALEM, Ore.) - Promoting a personal blog or business on Instagram should start with the main question "how can I be useful to the audience?"

Depending on the answer, you can start to design a profile header, describe the mission of the profile and plan the creation of content.

But before you start posting posts and posting stories, you need to understand which topics are relevant on Instagram and are trending.

Choosing a topic is a long process and you need to pay a lot of attention to it so that the account does not lose relevance after a while. If you stop at the first topic you come across, it may turn out that after a few months you will have nothing to write and talk about.

There are many topical topics, but no matter how popular it is, only the author who is based on personal experience can make it interesting.

The same content can be served in different ways, someone will popularize a blog with the help of a trending topic, and someone will lose subscribers because of terrible posts, and he will have to buy Instagram followers again.

To make it easier to choose, we have collected 10 of the most win-win blogging topics for you.

    1. Cooking: One of the most popular topics on any social network is food. Most people like to eat and watch with satisfaction how others prepare dishes. The culinary blog will be especially relevant for those who run a business related to cooking. You will be able to talk about visitors' favorite dishes, show how chefs work and show the cooking process.

    2. Sports: The paradox is that people like to eat delicious food and at the same time do sports. Bloggers and companies that sell services or products related to fitness are successfully promoted in this topic. Give useful tips on making a training schedule, show your sportswear models and share the secrets of slimness. This topic will always be relevant.

    3. IT technologies: The technology market is at the peak of popularity. Artificial intelligence, new gadgets, electric cars and unusual energy sources are a small part of the ideas for creating such content. Companies engaged in related business can share their successes and talk simply about complex things.

    4. Life hacks: Are you constantly in search of interesting ideas that will help simplify your life? Tell your users about your discoveries. Instagram recommendations often include videos with useful tips and the authors get great coverage, even if they don't have a large audience yet, and they haven't had time to buy real Instagram followers.

    5. Style: Active Internet users want to be on trend and wear fashionable cut clothes. If you think you have a "sense of style", try creating an account where you will do reviews on the latest collections, share tips on making a wardrobe and show your favorite things.

    6. Photo and video editing: With the growing popularity of Instagram and TikTok, there is a growing demand for bloggers who will tell secrets about content processing and the use of popular effects in videos.

    Share your knowledge about new video formats in insta and about the experience of creating masks for stories.

    7. Motivational blog: Recently, authors who show how life can be changed for the better and motivate readers to new achievements have been gaining popularity. Inspire subscribers to take actions that will help them get closer to a luxurious life.

    8. Humor: People are thrilled with funny sketches and wacky memes. There is enough negativity in the life of each of us and after difficult days we want to relax and laugh heartily.

    If you feel that this topic is close to you, for people your blog can become a place where they relax.

    9. Animals: Videos and photos with pets will always be in the sport, users love animals and are touched by their behavior. You can create a blog for your four-legged friend and run it on behalf of the animal or run a business account that is related to pet care.

    10. Education: One of the most underrated topics on Instagram, in which there is very low competition. Now there are very few such blogs, and they are mostly not popular. But they have a lot of potential.

    Future students are thinking about which university to choose for education. And if you have something to talk about in this area or you're engaged in enrolling students in other countries, you should try yourself in this topic.

Choosing the topic of a future blog is an important stage that no novice influencer should miss. What you will be interested in and what you will talk about for several months depends on your choice. Choose a topic that responds to you and start acting. Good luck!

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