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Petition Drive to Help Fukushima Residents forced by Japan to Enter Nuclear Contamination Area

Following the recent SOS from Fukushima families...

Fukushima Japan
Visit the petition site:

(FUKUSHIMA / SALEM) - (This is a great article for background Researcher calls Fukushima Radioactive Steam - 'Nuclear Hell on Earth' - Special to There now is a petition in Japan to evacuate the people from Fukushima Prefecture. We reported over the weekend the tragic plight of residents being turned out of shelters and instructed to return to their homes in the affected area.

The petition can be found here: And by the way, I have been staying true to these stories about petition drives and signing them before publishing, to ensure the integrity of the process. The form is written partly in English and partly in Japanese, but easy to follow.

When you are done filling out the partially Japanese script, hit the 'right' button in Japanese font for 'submit'.

In response to the article, John Bernhart wrote to explain that he is a father living in Japan who made the decision to evacuate his family without any assistance.

"Now I have no job and we are living in my savings. I do not expect ever to get any compensation from Tepco or the government. In fact, Tepco wants me to pay my last electricity bill".

Mr. Bernhart set me straight in regard to what I wrote about the tsunami in effect, causing the nuclear disaster.

"I have two comments about the article. First, it is NOT true that the current nuclear disaster was caused by a natural disaster. It was caused by the cost-cutting of Tepco and the criminal negligence of government regulators in the pocket of the nuclear industry. Second, while many in Japan pretend not to have been affected. It is not true that all have not been effected. All of us have".

He says the true story is that the government and businesses are doing nothing to restrict radiation pollution. His words automatically set off an alarm.

"Radioactive waste and rice hay and food are being shipped all over Japan contaminating the entire country to protect business profits. The Japanese government as well as the UN are covering up the real dangers to limit financial liability and to protect the nuclear industry".

What this dad tells us, we have heard from different writers in different ways, on several occasions. It is painful to consider, but the greed of business does indeed seem to be putting all of Japan at risk, yet it does not begin or end there.

Bernhart concluded his thoughts by writing, "The people of the world must condemn the UN, condemn the WHO, condemn the IAEA, and condemn all businesses and governments covering up the truth of Fukushima. This is a message from a very worried father in Japan".

While residents like John and many others continue to communicate to our newsroom the challenges they face, researcher Karin Rougeau has been plying the Internet and other sources seeking the newest and latest information. Surely as western people do, people on the island of Japan live with the belief that our governments care about our personal welfare, and at the working levels, that is particularly true. But at the higher levels, the picture grows very dark.

In the first story I posed the question, What would compel Japanese authorities to subject its populace to a situation with so many dangerous factors..?

A comment from a visitor using the name Bruce, offers a scenario that perhaps explains why Japan would abandon these people.

"You perhaps do not understand Japanese culture - refer the Brides of Hiroshima. The people of Fukushima are viewed as a diseased limb to be removed from the tree. It is not just the government, the entire Japanese populace are complicit in this action. The problem is this time the disease is going to be wide spread and a large part of the tree will have to be sacrificed".

Kennat Nyhus has been compiling links which are listed below, adding that it is a fact the people of Fukishima are in an SOS situation. "You must abandon your homes and the land there to survive without affect, you can protect yourselves and your children from the Radiation somewhat. You should follow the links below should you choose to stay":

If links fail to work, copy and paste them in browser.

ZEOLITE, it removes radiation from your body.‚Äčn.html#ixzz1ODr5HafW

Goodluck and much protection for you all and your families of Japan.

Kennat Nyhus

Same from the rest of us, and here is the link to the first story where the video is posted:

Jul-16-2011: S.O.S. From Fukushima: Silence is Deadly in Japan Tim King


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Jamich June 8, 2012 4:42 pm (Pacific time)

Although I agree with those that have been suggesting means by which to avoid siainficgnt exposure to radiation, I am highly critical of the way the media have exploited peoples already high levels of anxiety by further raising the fear level in people, effectively causing a global panic amongst western nations regarding nuclear power and radiation. I'm not a scientist or a student studying such matters, but I think if all of us took the time to look outside of the media everyone would discover that the media has overblown this situation. It is wonderful that the world has come together to help the people of Japan, but it is also extremely unfortunate that the media and governments the across the globe have effectively raised the levels of fear and anxiety, which have been blown out of proportion. When Gregory Jaczko announced before Congress that the government in Tokyo is not trustworthy, and Washington is, has left the world in a rather idiotic panic, scrambling for potassium iodide even in Miami. It is also unfortunate that Washington should discredit the Japanese governments 30km evacuation zone, by suggesting an 80km evacuation zone. Radiation levels in Tokyo are far below potentially hazardous levels (levels at which SOME people may experience nausea and headaches), and are lower than they would be in high elevation cities like Denver, or even Paris. In Tokyo radiation levels are below .20 microsieverts, while in a city like Denver radiation levels can be between .45 and .70 microsieverts. Radiation levels in a city like Chicago or Paris can be as high as .40 microsieverts. In other words its harmless. Even in areas just outside the 30km evacuation zone, radiation levels are siainficgntly below potentially health effecting levels at below 5 microsieverts, which amounts to 50 banana's. If you live in the middle of a banana plantation you are exposed to more radiation, in other words, again, harmless. People who fly regularly are exposed to far higher levels of radiation, anywhere from 100 to 300 microsieverts, depending on the length of the flight. The levels of radiation within the 30km evacuation zone, although differing siainficgntly by area, are as of now lower than what one would expect to be exposed to on a trans-pacific flight. Reports of levels of radiation that are hundreds of times higher than normal levels fail to report that the levels of radiation that begin to cause potential health hazards are 250,000 microsieverts. Which, when we compare to the highest levels of radiation outside of the immediate vicinity of the power plant, 90-105 microsieverts, we see that the current panic is baseless and has effectively caused an unnecessary panic of hoarding and unnecessary traffic congestion. The government evacuated people when levels were still well below harmful levels, and to further note, below levels one would experience from a trans-pacific flight. The government has been remarkably transparent throughout this incident, there are plenty of private online live geiger counters to see levels across the Kanto area to prove that. We must also remember that people like Gregory Jaczko, who have caused this unnecessary panic, have known political leanings against nuclear power. Jaczko is not neutral, and has more interest in exploding the situation by scaring the people with the worst-case scenarios and of apocalypse, by shouting Chernobyl; which is just disgusting. Then the media followed suit. The likes of CNN and Fox, have created a firestorm of panic, both unnecessary and dangerous. I'm not suggesting blindly following the Tokyo's announcements, but on this occasion I think there is greater reason to believe that the government has been highly transparent. I ask those that are believing the announcements being made in Washington or Paris to evacuate areas up to 80km; why would you trust someone in Paris or Washington, who are not being fed immediate and accurate information from those at the plant this very minute, over those in Tokyo who are?

COLLI July 19, 2011 8:03 am (Pacific time)

Were you able to submit your name to the petition? The form refused to let me do so. It did not like my E-Mail address for some reason.

Tim King: Yes I was, I will see if I can figure out what to suggest, thanks so much.

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