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Evidence Suggests Whitney Houston Was Killed by Drug Traffickers

Illegal drug use takes a toll on our society.

Whitney Houston
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(MADRID) - The forensic proficient diagnosed that Whitney Houston expired drowned in the tub with an overdose of drugs, but now a private inquiry has given another version of the event. According to 'The National Enquirer', Paul Huebl has given a video to the FBI which would prove that Whitney did not die, as suspected, but was executed by drug dealers to whom she owed a lot of money.

Furthermore, the FAD has released an advertising campaign under the slogans "Drugs not only harm those who consume" and "Everything has a price", which seeks to raise public awareness about the drugs as a product that leads to waste. The creative idea rests on this assertion: "The most dangerous drug is to forget what they really are".

In Spain, the drugs are traded in an marginal environment of poverty and misfortune. In these slums live many clans that grow in brittle situations. These sets were originally inhabited by Gypsies (Roma). This population has been joined by an exodus of Portuguese or Romanian Gypsies and other ethnic groups from Eastern Europe, Muslims and Sub-Saharan Africans.

In those suburbs of shacks few people achieve the four decades of existence. The weak and fragile buildings, the shortage of drinking water, street lighting and and poor hygiene, added to the impoverishment, are routine in this environment. It is surprising to see happy kids, ragged or naked, indifferent to their own cruel reality, frolicking among the filth and garbage stockpiles. The show is so gruesome that it shakes the heart.

This is a world apart, whose residents have given up the struggle for comfort.. Stigmatized by the marijuana, they barely are able to stand. The drugs are the most serious attack suffered by our society. An attack whose consequences reach all of us, but those victims are particularly young people, our most valuable asset.

Recent studies by the Spanish Ministry of Health show that between 14 and 18 years of age there is a lower perception of the risks of drugs and an increased consumption. These findings have led to create a new advertising campaign to warn young people at schools against the dangers of the drugs, under the slogan: "Drugs. Do you want to gamble? "Campaign appeals to the responsibility of adolescents, aiming to create a "culture of rejection of drugs".

The more drugs are, the more consumers will be and more money derived from trafficking with illegal substances. This could summarize the report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), about the drugs situation in the world. The cannabis and its derivatives are the most purchased drugs, followed by synthetic and chemical drugs, such as amphetamines or ecstasy. The UN is calling for government control, because those are the gateway to other addictions.

This time, we are fighting for life, that is sacred and must not be threaten. Drug mean death, sacrifice of millions of naive and innocent lives, in the name of one of the dirtiest and terrible business known to mankind. War on drugs has to be led by education, with less permissiveness, with greater respect for the persons, and offering to the youths a vital perspective. The absence of any reference to God, is one more factor into despair. And the lack of hope leads to dehumanization. The man empty of God ends to be also devoid of humanity, and becomes an enemy to himself.

Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer has led a distinguished career in Spain in the fields of advertising and public relations. He is currently President of the European Institute of Marketing.

Author and journalist Clemente Ferrer Roselló, a prestigious Spanish advertising character, presents a fascinating personal and professional career fully devoted to the world of communication in its varied dimensions. He earned a PhD in Information Sciences from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, BA in Advertising from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona Master in Marketing from the School of Marketing Studies in Madrid.

He has been Associate Professor of Business Management at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Navarra and a contributor to the Madrid daily ABC. He also spent several years teaching, both in the Official School of Advertising as the School of Information Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid. In 1985 he was awarded the Gold Master, granted by the Senior Management Forum and AMPE Prize 1996 to the "long and brilliant career advertising."

You can write to Clemente at this address:

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Anonymous January 23, 2013 6:53 pm (Pacific time)

Adam how about fatal accidents when under the influence? Do you think the high correlation of youthful use contributes to the school drop out rate?

Jose79845 January 23, 2013 8:54 am (Pacific time)

Marijuana was legal in communist Poland and then made illegal when it was taken over by democracy. We are truly living in an idiocracy.

Jose79845 January 23, 2013 8:52 am (Pacific time)

And marijuana is NOT a gateway drug in North Korea where where marijuana is legal and selling drugs like cocaine carry the death penalty.

Jose79845 January 23, 2013 7:02 am (Pacific time)

God gave us holy oil consisting mostly of cannabis but the church blasphemized the sacred plant. There is no God in the churches that converted to 501(c)(3) objects of the State.

adam January 23, 2013 5:47 am (Pacific time)

no one has ever died from using pot...NEVER

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