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Keep Ken O'Keefe's Middle East Show Going

Many people are familiar with Ken O'Keefe, he served his country as a US Marine and then became a high profile activist for peace.

Ken O'Keefe

(LONDON) - Here is your chance to help Ken O'Keefe's very real and sincere effort to continue broadcasting a blatantly honest television program, Ken O'Keefe's Middle East Show.

Tim King, Ken O'Keefe & Bonnie King
with in 2010.

Please read the information below, watch the video, and visit so you can support this extremely important project. Ken represents the philosophy of total truth at

There are no words that can adequately convey the importance of establishing media that is not tied to the U.S. corporate structure that inevitably supports the military industrial complex which is choking the life out of all of us. Please, regardless of where you are located in the world, support this television show.

Many people are familiar with Ken O'Keefe, he served his country as a US Marine and then became a high profile activist for peace. Much of his activism centers around the subjugation of the Palestinians, and for this reporters received ill-placed labels and brands like "antisemitic" simply because they report the truth about Israeli apartheid policy.

With regard to that constant false allegation, Ken O'Keefe says, "Whether people believe it or not, the truth of the matter is that I consider every human being on this planet to be a brother and sister. Many of my brothers and sisters are acting like complete psychopaths, they need to understand that they are their own worst enemy."

We can't control what nation, religion or culture we are born into. Ken O'Keefe directs his message, as he says, at all people on this earth.

"And ultimately my American brothers and sisters and my Israeli brothers and sisters, you more than anyone needs to realize that you are sheep being led to slaughter. The world will not tolerate the insane, state-sponsored terrorism."

He added, "...ultimately if you don't change very quickly, you will become an instigator of your own demise."

Ken is the best hope we've got, please support his effort to report honest facts to a mainstream market in the UK and right here in the USA.

The story of the project

I am extremely blessed in every area of life and the opportunity to present my own show on The People's Voice is yet another blessing. I am sharing the company with a large group of people who are almost exclusively giving massive time and effort to make this channel everything that it promises to be on a volunteer basis. Each one of us is confronting the challenges that come with such work, each of us is seeking support in whatever way we can, so as to continue this work, to concentrate on this work.

Looking at the prostitutes of propaganda and the incredible resources and money they have, comparatively what we are endeavouring to achieve is truly monumental, but we are committed. I am looking to focus my energy on the channel, without financial distractions, but this is impossible without some income to support my family, thus this campaign. I expect nothing however and am grateful for whatever people will give.

How the funds will be used

These funds will be used to cover basic living expenses in London for me and my family (for two months). If the target is exceeded I will hopefully be able to purchase a video editing machine to improve my capabilities on the show. But first and foremost is getting financial distractions out of the way. This will allow me to concentrate on producing and presenting a show that truly means to change the world for the better.

Some of my other work

If you know me you know I will continue my straight talking, no bullshit style of truth telling. Ken O'Keefe's Middle East will be a show like no other, to keep it on air will not take a BBC salary, just a very basic one so as to support my family and concentrate on my work.

Risk and challenges

The ever present risks remain the same, the powers that be know that truth is their worst enemy, the more success I have in telling the truth, the greater the risks. There is no way around this, I accept it and have done so for many years.

Please support Ken O;Keefe's Middle East Show by visiting:



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Anonymous January 22, 2014 10:40 am (Pacific time)

I'll support Mr. O'Keefe's show and hope everyone does!

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