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'Ann Coulter Smells Like Poop and Sadness'

The DJ's on a Portland, Oregon FM station bantered this term the other night. I believe those words, the title of this story, summarize feelings about Coulter for an awfully large number of people.

Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

(SALEM, Ore.) - Few people inspire a line like that. Disc jocks on Portland, Oregon's KUFO coined the phrase about Coulter. I find it totally ironic that a station named for alien space ships would be so grounded and down to earth in thier thinking.

The thing about Coulter is that she crosses lines that others wouldn't dream of violating. She is a violator of all things in the world that are decent and true.

Her enemies are the poor in general, single moms in particular, gay people, anyone with an agenda resembling kindness, and the families of policemen and firefighters who died on September 11th 2001.

That's a heck of a list. For people like Coulter who live 100% off shock value by feeding the needs of the mean and cruel, conscience isn't part of the deal.

Sassy Smith wrote January 19th 2009, Coulter’s new book Guilty has been causing quite a stir, particularly among single mothers. She also goes after single moms who choose to adopt children (particularly from other countries), including celebrities.

In describing celebrities who adopt children in foreign countries, Coulter wrote, "Apparently, busting up tribal wars to adopt foreign babies has become the latest form of Hollywood autoeroticism."

Coulter alleges that celebrities often adopt children for selfish reasons. A queen of selfish self promotion, she charges that celeb's use their new baby to promote their careers - calling the increasing level of adoptions a "trend" comparable to celebrity sex tapes. She is not trying to change her already established image, and she certainly isn't making any new friends either.

I had a nightmare once; Coulter was a growth that poked its head out of a monster's head like a scene from Alien. Coulter keeps writing books and oozing back into view in the national media, but someday people will no longer talk about her. Coulter may not have a conscience, but Americans do.

Over the past eight years, Bush and Rove and Cheney and Rumsfeld have created an environment where things that were sacred, like our very rights as Americans, were stolen from us.

Along with that this crew robbed our nation of its integrity, and that is not something most of us will easily forgive, along with the needless deaths of so many people.

So in keeping with the shock set, the DJ's on KUFO bantered this term the other night and I hope whoever specifically said it, will let us know in our comment section. I believe those words, the title of this story, summarize feelings about Coulter for a large number of people.

Here is another informative story about Coulter: Ann Coulter Hates Single Moms & Compares Celeb Adoptions To Celeb Sex Tapes

Speaking of Coulter, here is the unaired Saturday Night Live skit with new SNL cast member Michaela Watkins and her take on pundit Ann Coulter for this unaired bit of "Weekend Update."

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SH February 11, 2009 10:46 am (Pacific time)


Clearly you have been drinking the Kool-Aid.As a 20 yr. military man,I must say that it's disgracful to see you wear the uniform in your profile, Do you think that gives you some sort of creditability? I can assure you, it does NOT.I can only assume that you are one of the few "sexually challanged" that slipped past us during the purging process.

Tim King: First, you can't spell and you are willing to make yourself appear as an uneducated person. Plus, your "purge" comment sounds like something a communist would say. Second, I am wearing an IBA and a helmet in that photo and it is none of your business. I was a Marine right out of high school and I wore the uniform, believe me; in this shot I am just a reporter covering the war in Iraq. You disgust me too there SH, shouldn't you go ahead and just add the last two letters to your name? You know... the "IT"

JW February 5, 2009 8:53 am (Pacific time)

Daniel no doubt you have an ethnic bias in your interpretation of history which may impeach the needed empirical approach an impartial assessment requires. When one looks for "causal variables", for almost any analysis, it's best to do so with a "clear slate", ergo, the popularity of "doubleblinds." Otherwise myopia, which is evident in many of the below posts, will distract one from attaining empirical analyses, in my opinion. I did not serve in the IDF Daniel, but I ran into many Israeli war criminals, even here in the states for that matter. Some are still being pursued, Bush did drop the ball on that investigation! For example something that never got into the news, and lord we tried. We exposed four former Portlanders, two went to Wilson High School, one from Lincoln and one from Tigard High, who avoided US military service by stating they were studying overseas. They served in the Israeli military ( in their extremely low regarded naval branch) and were overheard bragging about their involvement in the attack on the USS Liberty, "...shooting Goy in a barrel..." They did this at a tavern a few blocks from Portland State where a lot of Vietnam Veterans on the GI Bill at Portland State were also at, and a few spoke Hebrew, as I do also Daniel. They and their families were out of the states within 3 days. I am happy to report that all four of these anti-American racist haters moved down the food chain years ago while living in Israel. When you mention that my take on media ownership smacks of racism Daniel, then I would ask you why? How about some yiddish phrases about Gentiles? Or that Goy are just "two-legged animals" as per many Jewish viewpoints? Why have there been so many diasporas in the last two thousand years? What behaviors promulgated them? I don't have a racist bone in my body, but I sure will not back away from stating historical facts. I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable trip Daniel. Peace. Note: Bill Gates still dissed the American worker by telling congress he needed more visas to import foreign workers while we have a plethora of qualified Americans for those jobs.

Daniel February 4, 2009 12:25 pm (Pacific time)

JW i have a few minutes before i fly out to respond . Did you serve in the IDF . I am of jewish heritage and know many progressive jews who oppose Abe Fox and his machine . Bush inflamed the area by starting an illegal war in IRAQ , did you miss this . I guess you think the war did not have an enflaming effect on the area . Again i ask can you give some conservative media names that support your position on Israel , as i have with Democracy now . As a student of history i know the Jews and their Arab brothers have a long history of living and working together . Please check this for yourself . Their are many in Israel who opposed this latest military action , reported on Democracy Now not Fox . Amy Goodman DM host is Jewish , Norman Finkelstein the great vocal opposition to Israeli action is Jewish , son of holocaust survivors . I have seen Norman a number of times on DM , never on fox . MIT grad school is 40% foreign students , should we not employ them in the states because of this . Bill helped to create an industry that employes thousands directly and many more indirectly . When you are a giant your going to step on toes and make others envious . Again when you slander someone you should be able to back it up with facts not just opinions . You think Bill Gates who created tens of thousands of jobs and billions in wealth in America has dissed America , you are very confused on this matter . Jim your question on media ownership does smack of racism , you put all Jews in the same boat , statements like this just empower Abe Fox and the boys . Jim if you are for american jobs first what did you think of the BUSH policies and their effect on American employment .

JW February 4, 2009 11:11 am (Pacific time)

Daniel I may have a little more experience than you in regards to the middle east, having spent some time there while in the military, and continue to communicate with people who are actively involved in the area (most are Jewish by the way, and want Israel to do what is needed to assure peace. They hate the Zionist ideology held by many other Jews). Though I readily admit I learn new things daily. As it is you are no doubt entrenched with your viewpoint that Bush infamed the current situation in that area, the extensive historical pattern of violence in that area of the world clearly disputes that perspective. Many clear-thinking conservatives like Buchanan are behind the idea of pressuring Israel to alter their policies. You may have noticed when people take that position they get smeared with being called anti-semite, and demonized in other absurd ways. May I inquire of you: who currently owns the mass media, makes the Hollywood movies, publishes the school textbooks, etc. ? The latter coupled with a large percentage of senators and congressman who have family members in Israel should give you a hint about future American policy in the area. Saying is different than doing, so just observe how things unfold and you shall see nothing will really change. We may have some moments of peace, and some toothless window-dressing policies, just like the many times we have had those periods since 1948. These people have been trying to destroy each other since Islam came on on-line approx. 1400 years ago. The engineer data whether an opinion or fact is completely over-shadowed by the fact that Gates dissed American engineers by asking congress for special visa'a to import foreign workers. If you cannot recognize that Daniel, then let's drop the issue, for it will be an endless debate. I am for seeing that Americans have jobs first, then if we need more because of a need, then allow them in. Especially during this economic downturn and increasing unemployment rate, this makes sense to you, right?

Daniel February 3, 2009 9:41 pm (Pacific time)

JW the drug problem on the border is greatly Americas fault because Americans are the ones buying it . Yes LBJ was involved , my post said Bush and his predecessors . Your opinion on Bill is just that , an opinion based upon your friends opinion , is just opinion not fact . You said there are thousands of unemployed engineers who dont think bill is a nice guy some facts please not just opinions . The pattern of destruction thru out the middle east was amplified under Bush , who was not viewed as a peace maker by his words and actions . I am skeptical of major change with Israel under Obama , altho i do not view him as inflaming as Bush . American understanding of Palestine has increased thru left leaning shows such as Democracy now . Many of Obamas supporters are putting his feet to the fire on this, such as code pink an ultra left group . Pat Buchanan has been one of the few right leaning journalist supporting a Palestine state. JW what other conservative media supports this position . Yes it is a very volatile time and place in the middle east , i pray someone gets a handle on it before it spins into a nuclear nightmare . I am taking off south again be back in a few from there .

JW February 3, 2009 11:11 am (Pacific time)

Daniel I have also been a regular visitor to Mexico, and Costa Rico is one on my favorite warm climate locales, though the Wallowa's are my main base. The criminal drug problems in Mexico and along the border are no American's fault, maybe congress' sandbagging on the border fence/security, but we will be forced into a very violent national-level encounter very soon. I did not say Gates caused thousands of engineers to be unemployed, but he wanted to hire more foreign workers, an action that reasonable people see as an affront to American workers. A good friend of mine who runs a large Portland Corp. out on Swan Island belongs to a number of professional engineering organizations and he has been my recent source on prevailing opinion of Gates. So when we chat next, I'll see what sources he can provide. As far as a blank check to Israel by Bush, well this has been going on since at least LBJ. In fact it was LBJ who got all this misery going for the native peoples of the middle east. Of course if you want to question that opinion Daniel, then go to: and see for yourself. If you think things will improve for these innocent people anytime soon, then it appears that a significant percentage of Obama staff and congressional members will do everything they can to strengthen Israel's oppressive hold on these people. There is a strong documented history that supports that opinion. I hope I'm wrong, but having observed this since at least 1967, I doubt things will change until we see some mushrooms.

Daniel February 2, 2009 11:27 am (Pacific time)

JW BTW MIT has 40% foreign students in its graduate schools .

Daniel February 2, 2009 11:20 am (Pacific time)

Jim you said thousands of unemployed engineer's dont like MSFT , do you have any FACTS to back this up . You imply MSFT was responsible for their unemployment , do you have stats on this . The border problems with Mexico stem from the War on drugs they escalated under there new President with pressure from the US . I have a place in Mexico , i am there quite often and have a first hand knowledge of whats going on . I have not lived in Seattle from the late 80s i am not familiar with the incident . JW if you are a student of recent history you know Bush 2 gave the Israelis a blank check providing military equipment and their mandate of violence . This was also done by his predecessors but w2 escalated it to a new level . The last 8 years saw a large erosion of personal freedom and the beginnings of a police state , did you miss it . Thanks for your comments .

JW February 2, 2009 8:28 am (Pacific time)

Daniel I never suggested Bill Gates caused the current economic downturn, just that he (via his congressional testimony) needed special visa's to import foreign software/hardware engineers (and other professionals) to meet his corporation's needs. As mentioned previously America has plenty of these types of professionals available. I'm sure M.I.T., Cal Poly and other universities will back me up. Regarding a potential martial law, that potential is always omnipresent, but the current environment makes that potential more realistic. Are you familiar with the violence that has intensified in Mexico and along our borders? Do you remember when the Seattle mayor called martial law in a portion of that city? The latter was an extreme over-reaction in my opinion. So in a flash the evironment can deteriorate and martial law can occur. Would I like former Israeli soldier and Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel to have any say in a martial law possibility?

Daniel February 1, 2009 10:15 pm (Pacific time)

Jim MSFT employes 91,000 , they are letting 5000 go because of the downturn in the world economy . Bill Gates did not cause the downturn and he is NOT asking for a government handout . MSFT is a WORLD wide company with huge sales outside of the USA , benefiting this country . A company with sales internationally needs an international workforce . If big blue owned the codes you would have seem much less development of the PC . MSFT as any large company has made mistakes but i feel if you look at the record they are one of the best .

Daniel February 1, 2009 1:56 pm (Pacific time)

Jim Bill Gates has millions singing his praise , for helping to create an industry , and for his example in generosity as a corporate head . Its true MSFT has eaten up a number of smaller businesses often to the benefit of both . Bill has created far more wealth and employment than he has created unemployment . Jim what head of industry do you think is a good example , or do you oppose them all . Jim martial law was becoming a reality under the LAST president were you concerned about it than . The daily poll numbers mean little to me , i am more concerned about action taken and its result . I gave Bush 2 my trust until i saw what action he took and its results . Obama has only been in weeks , somethings i like , others i dont , its still too early to tell the result . Jw i would hate living in an urban setting for any length of time , altho i have lived in the worlds largest . Thousands of unemployed creative software developers and engineers put out of work by Bill Gates , where do you get these numbers ? Back on subject , i enjoyed watching William F Buckley jr , i disagreed with much but was never offended by his presentation .

JW January 31, 2009 11:42 am (Pacific time)

Daniel thanks for your comments. As far as Bill Gates and your assessment of him, you would find it rather difficult to convince thousands of unemployed American professionals in hardware/software engineering on what a great fella he is, to name just one demographic. As far as the jury being still out on Obama, well the time will come when the public decides on his leadership abilities. My prediction is that his approval numbers will be approximately what Clintons were, around 42/43 percent by next summer. Currently the pollster Rasmussen shows only 42% agree with the bailout plan, which is 13% below Gallop's poll of 55%. Rasmussen has always been more accurate over the years. What worries me is that we have all these people who are talking down the economy and saying we need at least two more similar bailouts over the next couple years. This along with saying that we should be nationalizing our banks and financial institutions (Paul Krugman, an Obama advisor) promotes this scary proposition. Well things will get interesting but some who wanted change may not like the kind of change they got coming if the conservatives fold and not fight against the socialists that are no doubt going for broke. We are balkanizing more and more everyday, so my chief worry in that martial law may become a reality in the not too distant future. That would be game over. I would hate to be living in an urban environment at this time.

Daniel January 30, 2009 7:50 pm (Pacific time)

JW I think Bill Gates has set the example for the head of a major corporation . Is America awash with talented creative motivated people , I wish . Most of our major orchestras are composed of and directed by foreign born talent . America has been the source of the worlds brain drain for years , lets keep it up . I would rather have a talented engineer from India move here than work for a rival in India . Bill also found when your best employees become overly wealthy from stock options you lose them to retirement or to new startups they start . Many complain about the US being overrun by peasant workers but little is said about the enormous amount of talent that migrates to North America . Check out any major hospital emergency room just for one . I am concerned about jobs that have gone overseas from heavy industry to phone centers . The lost textile and shoe industry and American steel , mostly moved to China . When i was growing up American conservatives wanted nothing to do with the repressive Chinese Communist government . I was for opening relationships with them , but not giving away so many American jobs to the repressive communist government and the few families that run it . America needs to rebuild its education system , the structures and the staff. Jim one of the reasons i think Obama did so well among the young is the disparate need for leadership , young inspiring leadership . This is also a reason for the popularity of Rush , people want change and they want a voice . As you well know from my posts i am not a Rush fan , on Obama the decision is still out , time will tell . The fact is tho Obama is the President , leader of the free world , Rush is just another overpaid voice .

JW January 29, 2009 8:52 am (Pacific time)

Daniel, Bill Gates has done a lot of wonderful things with his money, even that head guy at Nike. Gates has testified several times in congress that he needs special visa's for professional people to be hired by his company. America is awash with the American citizen talent that he needs, though they require more income than say those from India. I have heard his spin on this, but it does boil down to profit motives in my opinion. Phil Knight of Nike moved some of his manufacturing to Vietnam many years ago, several veterans groups who were pushing for more info on MIA's did what they could to change his mind, for the North Vietnamese (that's my label) have on occasion released some remains, they have still stopped us from going into area's that we know will probably have considerable remains that will most likely have evidence that they don't want the world to know. Once again a move based on profit. Phil Night has had a pass by the media in this matter, but someday he may get the real notice he deserves. As it is, getting news from a variety of sources is the best way and that trend is taking place with the general population. My fear is the government will attempt to interfer, as some IP's already are doing.

Dave S. January 29, 2009 2:44 am (Pacific time)

Coulter may have been an incest victim or suffered some other serious abuse by her parents or siblings. How else to explain the vermin in her heart?

Daniel January 28, 2009 11:00 am (Pacific time)

Thanks Jim for the civil discourse. msm is one of the few news sources i dont use ,to me their layout and stories look like a supermarket tabloid . As a msft stock holder i am not happy about this ,and have written them . Bill Gates tho has been very generous with his money for world health problems . I was surprised how balanced Aljazzera is , there was a bias toward there arabic audience , but not to the extreme that you would expect . Its also nice to watch without the barrage of commercials interrupting every 5 minutes . I have also moved away from any shows where they just scream at each other , back and fourth . I mostly get my news from reading multiple sources via the net .. I am still waiting for the networks to do a story on the harmful patent medicines they push every night or the high calorie junk food they sell you .

JW January 28, 2009 8:33 am (Pacific time)

Daniel I see many of the points you are trying to make. I am not a listener of talk radio but know many who are. Many of these people are pretty sharp and well-educated, they simply have views different than you it appears. That's the value of cool calm debate, an exchange of viewpoints. Hateful distractions do nothing more than strengthen people like Rush. I grew up thinking Walter Cronkite was better than sliced bread, I don't have that opinion of him anymore. Not worth discussing why at this time, other than newsreaders can fool a lot of people at any given time, for a while. Today's news consumer is getting sharper, so the msm is either going to have to make radical format changes or simply fade away. I believe the latter is already in progress.

Daniel January 27, 2009 8:05 pm (Pacific time)

Another self correction i wanted to say Dr Irwin Cory the comic, not wendell the actor and former president of the guild .I remember when i was in the service when i saw television , i was not interested in seeing walter or David and Chet . I wanted to see the Tom Jones show with singing and dancing and nice looking babes . A different time and life .

Daniel January 27, 2009 12:51 pm (Pacific time)

Jim i think most would trust Walter over Rush . The reason being what you stated earlier , people want more fairness . I am not selling Rush short , i said he was one of the most highly paid , i indicated he was popular, not from fairness but by inflaming rhetoric . He is the example of the type you want to move away from , myself also . His popularity proves my point , people want fairness if its slanted to their opinion . Sorry for all the previous typos upon rereading some of the posts i sound like Dr Wendell Cory . Democracy Now is drawing very large audiences , they are the perfect example of non commercial media becoming successful in dire economic times . The show is very much weighted to the ultra left . As i also stated earlier all the media is weighted in favor of there ownership and sponsorship . You have to read and listen to a wide range of sources to be informed .

JW January 27, 2009 9:54 am (Pacific time)

Daniel, I am familiar with Carlos Slim's background and getting a 14% return on his NY Times loan is not his endgame. Funny you mention Walter Cronkite and Rush in the same post. Who do you think America trusts the most at this time? Cronkite was no friend of the Vietnam soldier or the returning veteran in my opinion. Though frankly I was more of a Huntly/Brinkly viewer. I also would never sell short the 20 million or so listeners of Rush (I am not one, I have no patience for talk radio). It does appear that conservative news organizations and personalities are attracting the big audiences. Time will tell how further they grow, but pretty sure that those who are afraid of these organizations/personalities will attempt to diminish or destroy them. So what's your view on the so-called Fairness Doctrine? You think that name is appropriate, or something more fitting for Orwell's 1984?

Daniel January 26, 2009 6:37 pm (Pacific time)

Jim the nyt is not alone in losing market share to the web and world competition . All old tech paper based media has taken a fall. Who wants to buy yesterdays news. The major TV networks and their local affiliates have all taken finical loses . A number of the higher priced news reader have been let go. Times have changed from the one or two news source towns. Nobody has the market share they did, the proliferation of web based sites with low cost help is hard to compete with. The consumer wants fairness with a large slant toward what they view as fair. We have left behind the Walter Cronkite model of fairness to what ever loudmouth sells this week. This is true of the right and the left, with the clods of the right being more popular. Look at the money they pay Rush, its not because Rush is fair its because he has a large following. Obama won in large part due to the internet and is networking . Carlos Slims BTW is the richest person in the world, a media magnet with extensive holding throughout the hemisphere. You act like Carlos is a fruit picker who just fell off the truck. Jim you say, just look at the organizations that are successful now on their own, who are you speaking of, can you give a few examples.

JW January 26, 2009 2:02 pm (Pacific time)

Daniel the fact that the New York Times had to go to a Mexican national to get a loan (which will not work in my opinion) and that at 14% is significant for a so-called established institution demonstrates that the msm in it's current form is on the way out. No doubt internet newsites will flourish, but they will also face what the msm and the major networks are facing, and that is a consumer who wants fairness. If they don't provide it they will face the same fate as the Times and outfits like them. Advertisers want viable outlets or they may go even further into the direct mail strategy in their adver. budget. Both far left and far right flame throwers are about to fade away. Just look at those organizations that are successful now, on their own, not those that are subsidized by the likes of propagandists' George Soros.

Daniel January 25, 2009 2:17 pm (Pacific time)

Jim the NYTimes lost it with Judith Miller and the bogus WMD info given to her thru Libby. They are also losing it with there blinding pro Israeli government support . 14% interest is high , but not as high as the loan shark credit cards the average joe uses. Maybe Carlos is lending them the money in pesos . Americans want fairness , but we all know there is a slant on every news cast . How often do any of them do an exposé on their sponsors and their often harmful or worthless products . If you want balanced news you have to go to a number of sources from the right to left , national and international . Unfortunately most people do not have the time or motivation to do such , and just get their news from one or two sources

Jim Williams January 25, 2009 7:24 am (Pacific time)

In my opinion radical zealotry (left or right) attempts to obliterate fairness, subsequently gutting meaningful debate. Ann Coulter or her somewhat similar opposite Keith Olberman have their right to say what they want. The audience and the paying customers make the ultimate decision on who they prefer. I was watching MSNBC during the 1/20 swearing-in ceremony. MSNBC had a split screen, and one screen showed all the Bush haters acting out. Why show that? Americans by and large want fairness not an ongoing "politics of destruction", so I changed channels. The New York Times recently secured a loan from a Mexican billionaire for $250 million at a "14%" interest rate, that's right up in loan shark territory. Could they not secure a more favorable loan and rate? Or do the creditor's know that the consumer is voting no when it comes to the Times? Also MSNBC is ranked number 22 for cable networks, so like the NY Times the consumer has decided to go elsewhere. As my pappy told me: "Keep your words soft and sweet, just in case someday you may have to eat them." I believe Americans do not want radical change and certainly not big government socialistic policies, so in probably short order the honeymoon will be over for all elected officals. I believe the coming stimulus in it's current form is nothing more than a pork laden distraction, and unless we stimulate those that actually create the jobs (small business) we are in for years of misery and balkanization.

commonsense January 23, 2009 9:43 pm (Pacific time)

you dont have to read all her books to know shes nuts - just like if you put your foot in dog crap you dont have to put your other foot in it to make sure. when fascism comes to american it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross (S lewis)

Vic January 22, 2009 5:23 pm (Pacific time)

Im guessing it is a take off on Marcy Playground's song "Smells Like Sex and Candy"

Daniel January 22, 2009 4:21 pm (Pacific time)

Sorry rick for the late night typos about Ayn Rand , i also misspelled listened . Its good to know that your reading the post so closely so you can make corrections . Like Ann your good at the cheep shot , you have learned well .

Don January 22, 2009 11:06 am (Pacific time)

I love Ann and don't find this critical at all. Obviously NBC lawyers thought this was to positive for Ann and her new book after banning her for life for less than a day. Ann's words will last forever and she didn't even have a black father.

Henry Ruark January 22, 2009 8:14 am (Pacific time)

D-c: You wrote:"give us concrete reasons for what you have based your reasoning on why her position is not true," which defies common sense for any writer. Basic foundation for points-made is there, for anyone with zip enough to learn from plain English. For others, mirror-check for denial symptoms is clearly indicated. For those who have done such effort professionally, it is well-known that "opinion", turly, honestly built on informational sources, is and must be the accumulation of experience over a long time. To demand analysis for each portion and point displayed is to require memory-trip back over years, despite recent work in research to prepare for the current writing. That's one main reason WHY "informed opinion" is potent, powerful, and useful: It draws on specialized experience as well as both past and current research. Tha's also why long-list of footnotes, citations, references in any book is simply writer's choice of what to reveal --thus open to question, often. I share this for what it may be worth to any aspiring to do such work, and for no other reason. Seek out writer you trust and like, ask him (OR her !) if this is true, and how (s)he works and from what solid base. Then, too, there's a limit on what one gets for a plugged nickel in ANY website...!!

Rick January 22, 2009 7:23 am (Pacific time)

It amazes me that someone who knows who Ann Rand is doesn't know the difference between "there" and "their".

scary January 22, 2009 5:45 am (Pacific time)

I once had a nightmare- and it was that I read one of your adolecent articles posing as "news". Yo wouldn't know sacred if it had a neon light blinking on it. You switch from Ann Coulter to Bush, Rove and Cheney without the slightest sort of logic. This is just a poorly formed rant. Advocating the siliencing of anyone who doesn't agree with you. Where is your sacred tolerance, divirsity, and dissent? Oh, right up there with the Dutch Government who now arrests anyone who dares speak out. Now speech must be "approved." Lovely.

Daniel January 21, 2009 11:17 pm (Pacific time)

LOL Ann a lone voice , better tell Rush and all his clones . Scott ,earnest i have had the misfortune of listing to and reading Miss Coulter on too many occasions . Its all about inciting a reaction , thru cheep shots and innuendo . Anything to sell her books and keep the name in the press . Its all show biz .She is NOT Ann Rand . I am glad of who she represents , she is there personification . Every side should have there voice in an open society , i am just glad Ann is not mine . Ava i also think Anns days as a voice are passing, her popularity is based too much on a rapidly fading sex appeal among a number of her disciples . Time is the great neutralizer for us all .

Ava January 21, 2009 9:08 pm (Pacific time)

Hopefully Ann Coulter has finally run her course...kind of like the stomach flu.

Dencouch January 21, 2009 8:54 pm (Pacific time)

To stratcat944.

If credentials impress you, then research them before dropping to one knee. This is the internet and anyone can be anything they wish. Tim's listed bio was much more interesting at one time.

Sorry to be a disappointment!

Here you go: Tim King launched during the summer of 2004 when he was a photojournalist/reporter for KATU Channel-2 News, the ABC affiliate in Portland, Oregon. Assigned to cover Salem for the station, Tim began Salem-News as an overflow for his daily work for the television station. About a year and a half later, Tim left KATU to become fully devoted to the growth, development and daily news needs of along with Bonnie King, who had left her position at the Statesman Journal in Salem, Oregon where she served as the Newspapers in Education Director.

After two years, was selected by Google to be one of its contributing news organizations and traffic on the site grew ten times overnight; with the daily number of visitors jumping from 600 to 6,000.

Over the winter of 2006/2007, Tim spent two months in Afghanistan covering the war through the eyes of 900 Oregon soldiers. Tim reported for and Oregon's KPTV FOX-12 from a number of regions and situations in Afghanistan. His work was also shown in two documentaries produced by the Portland FOX station in the weeks following his return. More recently, Tim spent five weeks covering the war in Iraq, embedded once again with an Oregon Guard unit. Tim produced reports with the Army's 101st Airborne and Marines from the 2nd Marine Air Wing during the summer of 2008.

Tim's Background prior to

Tim`s history is steeped in his ability and desire to tell a great story - which first lead him to the television newsroom in 1988, serving as News Anchor/Reporter for Lincoln City, Oregon`s cable TV station, TV 10. That`s where Tim found his calling.

Since those first years, Tim has moved on to serve as News Photojournalist/Reporter for KATU (ABC), Photojournalist at KVVU (FOX), KVBC (NBC), and KYMA (NBC), the News Assignment Editor for KVVU (FOX) in Las Vegas, NV, as well as radio News Director (KBCH/KCRF). In addition, he was the Producer/Host for the `Coast Entertainment Show`, Executive Producer (creator) of the TV series `Hot Wheels in Las Vegas`, and Executive Producer of the 30-minute documentary `Fallen Fortress at Cape Lookout` which aired on Oregon Public Broadcasting in 1993.

Also significant among his achievements are the 2 years he spent as a Wildlife Rescue team leader on the coast of Oregon; and his 3 years in the US Marine Corps. Tim`s career in the broadcast industry has afforded him many opportunities to cover incredible stories as well as meet innumerable celebrities and dignitaries. He has flown in many military planes including an F-16 Air Force Fighter, and produced a three-part series on aviation history of the Southwest region of the United States. Aviation is one of Tim`s passions.

Tim holds numerous awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), the first place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several other awards including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting.

Dencouch January 21, 2009 8:48 pm (Pacific time)

Tim, you have to admit that her book comes after a great deal of validated research tho, no? Thirty three pages of references and sources listed is a good start. On the other hand,you need to surrender your Ad hominem attacks and give us concrete reasons for what you have based your reasoning on why her position is not true, and we should saddle up with your view. I don't mean this in a cruel sense of the word, but you are sounding like a cry baby, soldier!

LOL January 21, 2009 8:20 pm (Pacific time)

Coulter stands out only for one reason, she's the single, lone, sarcastic and loud voice on the right. Coulter crosses no lines nor is any more offensive than hundreds of liberal writers. Both Tim King and Ruark are just as, if not more, rude and arrogant and insulting as Coulter could ever be. Their treatment of conservatives as sub-humans not something even Coulter would do.

patricia January 21, 2009 4:07 pm (Pacific time)

That was funny! Ann Coulter is one frightening woman! Is she a woman?! I doubt it! : )

scott January 21, 2009 3:34 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King is an ignorant ass. Who has apparently bought into all of the liberal montra. I'd say that his level of intelligence is what I'd expect from a "jarhead" but that would be insulting; since no self respecting Marine (or veteran) would speak of a war-time president this way. Most of what Coulter says is generally true to a degree, she just has no tact in the delivery of the information.

Tim King: Gee Scott, Hitler would have liked you in his ranks. Just nod and carry on and don't forget to get sheered every Spring.

Roberto January 21, 2009 2:47 pm (Pacific time)

Hey Tim, are you even aware of what points Coulter was trying to make? Or, are you one of the Dem Liberal haters like the rest?

Tim King: Roberto, I have read excerpts and that is plenty for me. My time is more valuable than that, and I don't mean to sound vain, but that is how it is. I have written about Coulter before and she didn't like it then and I think she probably doesn't like it today. There used to be a sense of decency and a line that people didn't cross and that has gone away in the last eight years. So now we're all on the other side of it, but only certain media types bash poor people and single moms, and we don't approve.

Daniel January 21, 2009 2:03 pm (Pacific time)

Tim why are you running ads for her ? This just makes people want to see what outrageous things she has to say .

We are working on it, in fact if I can't change it in the next few minutes I will just remove the entire ad space. That is not something we want there, believe me!

Mike January 21, 2009 10:59 am (Pacific time)

Victimhhod has become an ‘industry’ in America. Proving that you are ‘victimized’ can get you a LOT of free entitlements from taxpaying Americans. It's tolerated because ‘tolerance’ is the new RELIGION in the U.S. In college, we read the ‘Divine Comedy’ and our edition had the commentary by Dorothy Sayer, the Medieval scholar along with the cantos. In discussion of the sin of sloth: She said: Sloth (as a sin) is more than the mere laziness of mind and body but rather it is the total poisoning of the will to the place where we acquiesce to evil and error in the name of tolerance..... it's a 20th century malady. (Old book-I know we're in the 21’st century now, but the thought is still valid)

stratcat944 January 21, 2009 10:51 am (Pacific time)

Earnest, your defense of Coulter's character reveals much about your own. Did you read Mr. King's credentials? The Liberace reference was downright comical too, thanks for the laugh!

Jeremiah January 21, 2009 10:24 am (Pacific time)

Earnest compares Liberace to Ann Coulter? I guess that seems reasonable to someone who has read all of Ann Coulter's books. Just the fact that you've read all of Ann's books tells the rest of us pretty much all we need to know about the 'ignorance is bliss' principle. I earnestly feel sorry for anybody who buys into the Coulterspeak. Pity, even. I mean, how could you not feel pity towards someone who TRULY clings to the venom spewed by Coulter/O'Reilly/Limbaugh and then calls dissenters the 'real radicals and hatemongers'? Earnest just doesn't get it and no doubt never will. I am 110% sure of that!

Matt Johnson January 21, 2009 9:51 am (Pacific time)

That's the funniest damned thing I've ever heard!

Earnest January 21, 2009 9:47 am (Pacific time)

When I was younger I remember many who made fun of Liberace because of his personality and acting out behavior. Of course I'm sure he as well as Ms. Coulter enjoy(ed) going to the bank making their bountiful deposits. It is obvious that the writer of the above article has never read a book by Coulter, but cherry-picked out quotes and in effect put out completely misleading statements. I know for a fact that Ann Coulter has donated and helped generate funds for families who lost loved ones from the 9/11/2001 attack. Can the writer make that claim? Can the writer make the claim that he read her recent book? If he had then he would know that all of her statements of facts that she puts in all of her books are primary sourced. Learning how to read and think critically is a skill that comes easy for some, then you have the radical zealots who could care less and just go with whatever fits their agenda. I suggest this witer of this misguided and absurdly incorrect article go read the book , and then point out where her stats are wrong. It will not happen. By the way if you go back and read some of her other books, in one you will see the Sen. Joe McCarthy was a genuine American hero, besides being the Godfather of one of RFK's children. I guess ignorance is bliss for some, but you radicals are the real haters and someday you will have an appropriate and lawful accountibility. I am 110% sure of that!

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