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Ken O'Keefe on Press TV's News Analysis

Salem-News.com contributing writer Ken O'Keefe joins in a special discussion recorded live with other leading activists.

Ken O'Keefe
Ken O'Keefe

(TEHRAN / GAZA / LONDON / BEIRUT) - This edition of Press TV’s News Analysis will be looking at Israel’s latest violation in the occupied territories.

Located near the al-Aqsa mosque in the center of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem Al Quds laid the Shepherd Hotel, a heritage symbol for Palestinians, now destroyed by Israel, as part of their on-going effort to Judaize Al Quds.

These complaints address one important yet individual aspect of an effort by Israel to eradicate not just the living homes of Palestinians in this present day; as if they have no rights at all, (which they essentially don't in numerous respects) but also the places that represent the rich heritage of people whose culture has existed hundreds of years prior to the present conflict.

Press TV is a solid news agency based in Tehran, that has scores of staff all over the world covering news without the filters of western political and commercial influence. The agency is under fire currently in London (see: Go Go Go - By Lauren Booth Special to Salem-News.com) by right wing political press. Visiting Press TV is a good way to show your support.

Kaveh Taghvai's guests for the show are Nada Hashwi, Ken O'Keefe and Sameh Habeeb.

Enjoy the show.

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Anna O'Leary January 23, 2011 2:42 pm (Pacific time)

JEWS, COME ON PLEASE AND SPEAK UP AGAINST GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE Israel was a state created for JEWS in 1948. Jews went to live there. It is funded by Jews around the world. The AIPAC lobby is a JEWISH lobby....the biggest of many Jewish lobbies. It's understandable that Jews want to say they are zio...nizts in Israel....bit they are Jews....Zionist is again a word created by them....just like SETTLEMENTS is a wird created by them. Zionists are Jews and some Christians.....but they are Jews, and Israel without USA funding and military equipment would have to fear it's Arab neighbours and stop killing ARABS (pALESTINIANS). a JEW is a Jew..........some are American Jews, and some are Israeli Jews. American and European JEWS should all be speaking out to stop GENOCIDE IN PALESTINE. Since when did we approve the locking up of people behind walls without sufficient food or medicine? Since when did you kill and get away with it? Since when can you steal and the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENTS STILL DO BUSINESS WITH YOU. SANCTIONS ? COME ON JEWS....LET'S take your hands out of your pockets and expose the war criminals and save lives in Palestine...Lebanon (next) and Iran (bull....they won't ttack Iran). thank you all the JEWS on here....please no go and speak out and gather all your friends and show us you are standing in solidarity with us and the people of Palestine. I keep hearing about all the good Jews in the world who are speaking out.....more than 6 million Jews in America.......I don't see you marching, WHERE ARE YOU? speak up for palestine

Anonymous January 13, 2011 12:17 pm (Pacific time)

Hezbollah is bent out of shape over the investigation of the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri back in 2005. Hariri, a beloved figure in Lebanon among both the Sunni Muslim and Christian communities, died of car-bombing complications after being diagnosed with a bad case of independence from Syria. Quite a few like-minded Lebanese politicians died shortly afterward. The investigation into Hariri’s murder has been circling around some top Hezbollah figures, which naturally means it must be a “tool of Israel and the United States,” as Hezbollah ringmaster Hassan Nasrallah described it back in October. To be fair, he didn’t get really upset until the investigation turned gynecological. It seems agents of the U.N. tribunal turned up at a women’s clinic in Beirut, and were attacked by the female relatives of Hezbollah officials who received treatment there. Actually, the folks from the United Nations were mugged, as a New York Times report indicates “the women stole several items from the investigators.” Since that event, Nasrallah has been warning Lebanese not to cooperate with the tribunal. A conclusive link between the Hariri assassination and Hezbollah would be very bad for the terror organization. They’re Shiites, and their position will become very delicate if they’re proven to have murdered one of most prominent Sunni Muslim politicians. Nasrallah thinks the resulting chaos would be the pretext for an attack from Israel.

Debbie Menon January 13, 2011 12:14 am (Pacific time)

Thanks to the Kings for bringing this fabulous interview to Salem-News readers and others. High time the point about Judaism was forcibly made. Ken has big plans and I have high hopes from him. As in every movement, some cannot stand him, for reasons that seem incoherent to me. Some who have met him have found him the most gentle, intelligent and compassionate soul. He knows how to play the media (he’s a dream to pro-Palestine news editors). He is unafraid, confident and articulate, something sadly lacking on the Palestinian side. He’s an essential component in the REAL war on terror. More power to his elbow!

Ehud Goldstein January 12, 2011 10:44 am (Pacific time)

It appears this website has no clue on what is happening in the Middle East. You even ignore stories on the mass murders of Christians which has been happening for over 1,000 years in this area. They are almost gone. I assure you my Jewish brothers and sisters will not be wiped out this way, for the Jews will make sure their enemies will not prevail. The Christians have lost in this area, and you ignore that and then pray for the death of all Jews. It is the wicked faith of Islam that causes this chaos, and you puppets assist them. Have you heard
Hezbollah Forces Collapsed the Lebanese Government? Hezbollah and its allies forced the collapse of the government here on Wednesday, deepening a crisis over a United Nations-backed tribunal investigating the assassination of a former prime minister.

The government of Lebanon should beg Israel to come in and clean house militarily. Then it should remain an ally to Israel in perpetuity.
It’s been my thought that Lebanon has had a death wish for the last twenty years or so.
Syria operates it much like a sock puppet. How’s that working out Lebanon? How is it working out for you Americans who sit on your fat butts in the safety of America while the muslims freely kill the innocents? The Jews will defend themselves, it is these monsters who caused the self-defense killing of their lemmings.

Editor: Never once do we wish for what you suggest; Israel is a racist state; no nation should exist purely for the sake of religion.  Lebanon was undermined; Lebanon has been victim to Israel's war crimes.  You state lies; the only religion that we can be sure wants to punish people for being different, is Israel.  Afghanistan is also a 'religious' nation; they're doing just great aren't they?  It seems from reading this that you are another Zionist bigot who wants to see every last Palestinian wiped from the face of this earth.  It won't happen; and we have many good Jewish people on our side.  You are right; Christians have fled, but why was that?  I have a story here in the works about Muslims recently protecting Christians from Israelis with the slogan, 'We love together or we die together'.  You sound like a fool

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