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Walton Becomes Chairman for Rick Metsger's Political Campaign

A history graduate from UCLA, Walton is acutely engaged in the world of politics and wants citizens to become more involved in shaping their government.

Bill Walton
NBA Hall of Fame and Former Trailblazer legend Bill Walton has signed on as Chairman of Senator Rick Metsger’s bid for the Democratic nomination to serve as Oregon’s next Secretary of State.

(PORTLAND, Ore. ) - NBA Hall of Fame and former Trailblazer legend Bill Walton has signed on as Chairman of Senator Rick Metsger’s bid for the Democratic nomination to serve as Oregon’s next Secretary of State.

Walton, a change activist dating back to his days at UCLA, believes it is "time to take our country back" and that it must take place at both the state and national levels.

"I have known Rick for over 30 years and he is the right person to help lead Oregon forward and preserve the very special qualities of the state I dearly love," Walton said. "Sports and politics share many similarities. True winners are those who can inspire and lead others to be their very best. Rick is that kind of leader," he added.

Walton, a nationally acclaimed sports broadcaster, retains deep ties to Oregon despite a whirlwind career that takes him to all corners of the country for his broadcasting responsibilities, as well as being in high demand as an inspirational speaker to organizations throughout the United States.

A history graduate from UCLA, Walton is acutely engaged in the world of politics and wants citizens to become more involved in shaping their government.

Metsger, who entered the Secretary of State race just before Thanksgiving, says Walton’s support will help him reach out to Oregonians who are not yet engaged in the political process, who want a new kind of leadership that will make sure their voice is heard from rural and urban Oregon and everywhere in between.

“Most people spend more time thinking about how to balance work and family and how they will afford to pay their bills than they do about the role government plays in their lives,” Metsger said. “I am working for the support of ordinary people who believe they have no voice in their government. As Secretary of State I will provide the independent oversight needed to ensure fair and responsive elections,” Metsger said.

Metsger and Walton enjoy a friendship that dates back to the Blazer championship year in 1977 when Metsger was a sports anchorman for Portland television station KOIN-TV and Walton led the Blazers to their only NBA title. The two became colleagues in 1990 when Walton worked alongside Metsger as a playoff analyst. It was one of Walton’s first broadcast experiences that has now blossomed into an award winning career.

Metsger also notes that Walton is a member of the Grateful Dead Hall of Honor, recognition of Walton’s endearing love for the iconic American band. He has attended over 700 of the band’s concerts and is well recognized in the Eugene area where the band made numerous stops.

“Maybe we will adopt The Grateful Dead’s hit song “Truckin” as our unofficial campaign theme song,” Metsger, a transportation advocate, joked.

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Jefferson January 13, 2008 6:47 pm (Pacific time)

Certainly Walker is better, but that's still a pretty sad situation...but to get her out of the legislative process would be an improvement, but she isn't anymore qualified than our current Sec. of State, ergo we need someone in there that will serve all Oregonians, regardless of party affiliation, and do so competently. Need to revamp the registration process to make sure we can minimize potential fraud...Bradberry certainly leaves ample room for improvement...maybe we need to re-think mail-in ballots and return to poll voting for a while to make sure all voters are legit...then go back to mail- in...

Lee Berger, Portland January 13, 2008 5:51 pm (Pacific time)

Rick Metzger championed S465 during the 2007 session. 465 would have allowed employers to discriminate against medical marijuana patients based only on their status as patients. 5 senate Democrats are seeking the nomination for Secretary of state. Only one voted 'No' on 465; Vicki Walker of Eugene. I like Walton, as a player, a commentator, and we have similar tastes in music, but he should be supporting Vicki, not Rick.

Henry Ruark January 12, 2008 5:43 am (Pacific time)

To all: No "wish for violence:, only for ID to bring out out from behind that unnecessary tree. "Foot in face" vs Walton known to happen on-court, as I do recall, and obviously not to be wished-for in your also obvious old-age. Re rest of trash-talk, no more need be said: You still demonstrating for me much better than I could provide, doubtless from own internal knowledge, revealed purposely or only by inadvertence.

Henry Ruark January 11, 2008 4:33 pm (Pacific time)

Finally found out where I fit, and seems it is my fate to falter and fade away, now that I have been so properly rebuffed right in public. For the record, POM's first Comment on Op Ed was to call me "demented", without any connection to topic involved. His second, third and several more pointed out my utter lack of experience and how socialist I really am --very large surprise to me. NOW I can hardly wait for that final command: You know, to "assume the posture"... SO can only wonder who else will be next ? And when family members will begin to exercise needed responsibilities, if still possible so to do.

Jefferson January 11, 2008 2:25 pm (Pacific time)

Say SFI are you wishing for violence to be directed at me? Yes I shot hoops several times with Walton with several other people in a park in NW Portland back in the 70's when I was back in the states (I use to travel a lot) what. Other than my impression with him as I mentioned below, the fact is I would never vote for Rick, as I am quite sure several of his former co-workers also will not. So why would some interloper like you even care, unless you seek to attack every post I make. What did you do SDI just wake up one day both bitter and limited, or has this been a lifelong affliction? Poor dear. Note: Around this time period several of my associates were doing our level best to get Neil Goldschmidt properly investigated, but a bigoted editor (who has moved down the food chain-you'll see him later SDI) kept a lid on the evidence and witnesses, delaying the investigation. We made sure this editor never got membership into several clubs he coveted. In fact we prevented him from even being allowed in as a guest which really bugged him to no end. For you people who don't know who Goldscmidt is: He became mayor of Portland, Oregon; Sec. of Transportation(Cater's regime); and then governor of Oregon. He is a self-admitted violent child rapist and a lot more. I am 100% sure this former democratic governor has not even begun to feel the legal pain he has coming down the line. He is a violent monster, and these pedophiles have a 100% recidivism rate. I am sure Henry/SDI will tell you someone like Packwood is worse. SDI does not even know he is nothing more than a water carrier for the people who see him as utterly inferior.

Henry Ruark January 11, 2008 11:35 am (Pacific time)

No further words from me, "spewed" or otherwise, now necessary for POM...he doth do it to himself, right out in public, too... See further example in his demeaning expression re Walton surely entirely uncalled-for and only possible to read as defensive and destructive --sure signs of deterioration. Doubt if dunking-duel ever occurred, and if it did, hope Walton managed to place large foot firmly on POM-face...

Vic January 11, 2008 8:28 am (Pacific time)

Instead of "Truckin"..I would suggest "Chaos AD" by Sepultura....

Jefferson January 11, 2008 8:26 am (Pacific time)

Henry/SDI no doubt you are peerless when it comes to irrational spew...absolutely peerless! Yeah I knew Walton way back when, even played a little pick-up hoops in NW Portland. His world perspective was not very impressive nor did he seem very informed. Though that was a long time ago and I would hope he has had some growth. Many people simply do not grow or develop any type of wisdom as they age as Henry/SFI clearly demonstrates. So childish, no, not really, his agenda is to demean all those who offer different perspectives from his...a classic far left strategy. Look and see how he reactes to even the most benign statements of mine and other posters he disagrees with (which would be with the majority of Americans with 3 digits in their IQ's [that leaves feldman out of that database!]). Little little bitter boy who never grew up. Short BM warrior...

Sue January 10, 2008 2:55 pm (Pacific time)

I am not a Walton fan. However, that won't influence my decision on whether to vote for this guy or not. Endorsements of celebrities don't mean anything to me. Isn't it too early for this anyway? May is still 4 months away.

Henry Ruark January 10, 2008 2:33 pm (Pacific time)

N-N: YOU no longer "stanger" here, either, nor newcomer due courtesy we deal to all arriving. NOW we know YOU, by your own ongoing words always driven to dominate, demean, defy, divide and, if possible, defeat. Well, friend de feet may get trampled but that's as close as you will ever get, here or elsewhere.

Jefferson January 10, 2008 1:48 pm (Pacific time)

Walton is not a stanger to me, nor is Rick.

Jefferson January 10, 2008 1:44 pm (Pacific time)

Get a grip SDI, get a grip. You worked for a Portland based property mgt. firm...

Henry Ruark January 10, 2008 12:41 pm (Pacific time)

To all: N-N again reveals true "heritage" of any political judgement: based on personal bias ruled by emotional attachment to past-century "principles" rather than on established realities now seen clearly by many millions across the nation. Walton's activist record kills him off immediately with N-N regardless of facts involved in current debacle and imbroglio re Bush/Cheney cabal --despite his written rejection of their regime and its rapacious impacts on all of us now. But under this basket, do believe he's strongly outpointed by Walton already.

c.d.h January 10, 2008 12:06 pm (Pacific time)

i think it a good reason to vote for rick let us be heard

Jefferson January 10, 2008 11:37 am (Pacific time)

Well this is an excellent reason not to vote for Ricky.

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