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Isn't Hit and Run at Sea Illegal?

The area where this incident occurred was still in Australian controlled waters. That whaler ship "apparently" was whaling illegally there anyway.

Sea Shepard trimaran was rammed by Japanese whaler
Sea Shepherd trimaran was rammed by Japanese whaler

(SALEM, Ore.) - In the recent case of the Japanese whaler ramming an activist boat near Antarctica, you can clearly see that the Japanese ship was heading straight for the Sea Shepherd stealth ship.

Their full intentions by doing that, via constantly aiming and shooting off water cannons at the boat, were quite obvious.

As soon as they crashed right into the boat (if you watch the footage they were very lucky that the whaling ship did not run over the whole boat completely) - they "still" carried on firing their water cannons at the damaged boat, with no consideration of the wounded that could have been aboard.

They then veered off and banked sharp to the left afterward, showing how maneuverable that whaling ship is.

That ship's crew could have moved around the Sea Shepherd boat, or at least slowed down - but instead decided to accelerate toward the boat in an offensive attack position.

That Sea Shepherd boat is an extremely expensive bit of kit; the last thing they would want to do is try to ram it into a huge steel-hulled ship. The captain on that whaler should get arrested for some kind of criminal act.

If that was a car and the driver decided to intentionally ram another car or a pedestrian, then that would end up in the "attempted manslaughter" category.

You would think under some kind of Maritime law, that at least the captain of the whaler ship would lose his license and the owner of the ship be fined for damages.

It seems like liability and the ability to sue on the waters only cover tourist areas, or public accessed areas like tourist beaches, harbors and lakes.

The area where this incident occurred was still in Australian controlled waters. That whaler ship was operating illegally in the area.

Also, you have Australian citizens on the boat that was rammed. I think the Australian Police as well as the Navy should be more involved in this, as it is clearly getting out of hand. The Australians are supposed to be very protective of what swims around in their oceans, as well as being very eco-friendly.

I am sure most Australians would back that idea of having their waters protected more, especially when it comes to protecting their whales and dolphins.

There is also the threat of over-fishing that could affect the Australian fishing trade.

What else are the Australians doing with their Navy anyway, apart from protecting oil rigs?

Dexter Phoenix has worked as a staff and freelance photographer since the mid-1990's. Covering war, world politics and celebrities, he has a wealth of professional experience. We welcome his presence to our staff at Salem-News.com. This native of Great Britain moved to Los Angeles in 2007, where he photographed general news, general interests, sports, did freelance model photo work, and also stock images. In his career, Dexter has had photos published: World wide, in many magazines and newspapers and online. Throughout the course of his career he has experience with technology of all imaginable types. In his career as a photographer, Dexter has covered stories in Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, France, Mexico, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Somalia, Tunisia, Algeria, Angola, Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Colombia and The United States. Email inquiries about photo purchase to Dexter at the above address. You can email Dexter Phoenix, Salem-News.com Photographer/Reporter, at innocent_p0stcard@hotmail.com

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The Toofoo July 16, 2010 8:46 pm (Pacific time)

I just saw the full video on Whale Wars turns out the Ady Gil was practically stationary to await refueling and literally all the crewmembers were above deck. And the collision would have never happened if the Shonan Maru 2 didn't turn towards them. I mean seriously that captain is an idiot the Ady Gil was obviously a smaller vessel, and if the Shonan Maru was trying to over take the Ady, the Shonan Maru according to law should have stayed clear of the vessel being overtaken (Andy Gil). No matter how you look at it (Shonan Maru view, Bob Barker view, or Ady Gil view) the Shonan Maru was at fault

Gil January 10, 2010 8:21 am (Pacific time)

If you look at the whaler's video of Ady Gil you can see the wake behind it. That shows it had power and was moving into the whaler. So was it attempted murder or stupid suicide attempt? If a motorist on a limited access highway hits some idiot running on foot is it attempted murder? Only way a whaler can run down a speedboat is if the speedboat let's it.

Just Bob January 9, 2010 7:17 am (Pacific time)

These ain't exactly children spattin over a shovel in the sand box we're talkin 'bout here. These are fully grown adults playin kid's games! Takin' the life of endangered species is wrong no matter how anyone looks at it. Goin' off to the opposite hemisphere for food also sounds pert desperate as well. Are there any specifics regardin catch limits (fergive me, I'm new in this arena), or regulations I wonder? That thar is international waters, but I do suspect there are some sort of governin limits other than the larger boat always has the right of way (even if the big boat pilot may have sneezed). Tryin ta gain empathy fer the bigger boat now...I could get angry about people tryin to stink me out and ruin me props in effort to disable me boat. Not knowin what is bein lobbed at me could be skeery (and physically dangerous to me crew members). On the other hand, if a research vessel claims to be doing legitimate research, then there should be an open door for full disclosure of the activities in addition to documentation about past research. I also suspect that international efforts would be welcome along the same line of research (in other words betterment of the species being researched). Unless of course the research is the best way to destroy another craft (then people tend to become highly irritated).

Jeff Kaye~ January 8, 2010 5:11 pm (Pacific time)

Looked like attempted murder to me, but I read some stories about the Japanese vessel getting "stink-bombed" and The Shepherd ship trying to foul the whalers' propellers with cords. I guess it's really war out there, and the relevant authorities need to intervene. Notice the "Research" painted on the whaling vessel. Yeah, they're researching how much whale meat will fetch at the markets when they pull into Honshu harbor. Wouldn't it be grand if an Aussie Naval Destroyer came out and sank that wretched whaler pirate ship?

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