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EXCLUSIVE: India 2014: Emerging Political Scenario

For the time being India’s enemies have partially succeeded. But a rapid reorganization and consolidation of all the evil forces are gathering. It is up to the leadership of Modi and Modi alone that can take on these forces.

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(CHENNAI) - The year began with an undignified and completely unnecessary attacks on Narendra Modi by lame duck octogenarian Manmohan Singh with a vile statement that the future Prime Minister will cause problems for India. As usual, he avoided expanding his one liner. UPA-II under stewardship of Manmohan has exposed his hollow economic knowledge and zero political sense. The kind of people he selected in his cabinet has virtually destroyed India’s economy, education system, financial system, monetary system and, not stopping there, they completely compromised India’s national security structure. Detailed analysis of what UPA-II has done will be done soon, now that it is clear that Congress in UPA-II has given up hope of even getting 1/3 of Parliamentary seats. In fact, it should prepare for its funeral ceremony after 128 years of misleading Indians under British imperial tutelage. Manmohan may go down in Congress Party’s history as the most despicable leader.

Some of us analysts see 2014 as a watershed year. After total destruction, a nation has two options. Option one is to start quick and effective reconstruction, which only Narendra Modi can achieve. The second option of letting a situation of drift on under direction, supervision and control of Western powers was insured by the Congress and UPA-II alliance and now will be assured by Aam Admi Party.

For the past 2-3 years Narendra Modi’s guests have included the ambassadors of leading West European countries including UK. The Gujarat Chief made it clear to them that he is a nationalist. The western powers perceive a nationalist as their “ENEMY NO.1.” Any third world leader that has asserted national sovereignty and nationalism has been crushed through overt and covert wars, civil unrest, even engineered civil wars. Leaders like Sukarno, Patrick Lumumba, Hugo Chavez, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro Ruz, Milosevic, even De’ Gaulle who asserted French nationalism, were unceremoniously removed by the Anglo-American Zionist cabal. However, it became clear to the Globalist cabal that Modi will not play ball with them.

But what Manmohan did was even better than what the top leaders of the Congress, the Left parties, certain leaders of Bhartiya Janata Party [BJP] and Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh [RSS] and other regional parties have done. It was far beyond merely collaborating with western imperial powers. Manmohan Singh literally handed over the Government to the corporate driven, George Soros controlled, UN-Framework Team. The civilian and military intelligence is now infiltrated with Mossad, CIA and MI6. The Governor of India’s Central Bank [the Reserve Bank of India] is now under control of a minion of European and London banksters Raghuram Rajan. If hard evidences of abdication of political and economic sovereignty are required, the confirmation quietly comes from departmental officers. Two days ago few top US embassy officials in a private conversation with an Indian leader admitted that they funded and steered Aam Admi Party [AAP] to power in Delhi.

AAP is a carbon copy of colour revolution soft coup and its leaders exact replicas. The colour revolution soft coups have removed nationalist leaders, offered false hope of “clean government to the people, and forced their nations to accepting economic or military domination of the Globalist-Imperialists.” Just as other colour revolution leaders in Central and West Asia forced upon the people by the Gene Sharp –George Soros duo, AAP has been literally pulled by the scruff of their collective necks by the Globalist cabal and made to form one of the most important state Governments backed by the same party whose leaders have been involved in scams after scams each running into billions of dollars and nation-wide human rights’ violations, systematically and unflinchingly ever since they came to power in 2004.

From the time AAP was inserted into capital’s social and political landscape with considerable support from the West, it has proven to be the false messiah. It received money from Ford Foundation which is directly controlled by the CIA. Its leaders then said that they simply want to remove corruption and that they have no interest in forming a political party. Both contentions were proven a huge lie. Then they said they will neither have alliance with tainted Congress Party but they have done exactly that. Kejriwal contented that he had 378 pages of hard evidence of corruption against former Chief Minister Sheila Dixit; now he asks the opposition BJP to present the evidence!! He promised us that he will bring down electricity price by 50% but played another game of subsidy when he should know, being a qualified engineer from IIT, that electricity cost from coal and hydro should not cost more than Rs 2.25 per unit. Gujarat charges a little over Rs 4 and private firms are still investing in power sector there. So, this was yet another lie. His cabinet’s decision to shun Government residence and perks has yet to be proven.

One of the senior AAP leader Prashant Bhushan is handling a writ petition in the Supreme Court of India seeking a ban on Genetically Engineered Seeds. However, his party has not made a single statement on GE seeds and foods. Prashant knows the evidences of extremely harmful impact of GMOs on human and animal health and the environment. He also knows that Delhi market is flooded with GM foods imported from the USA including milk and baby food. Yet neither the AAP nor Prashant Bhushan thought it important to include this vital issue in their election agenda.

Media was carefully supervised to present a huge image build up for Arwind Kejriwal and his fellow travellers. The mainstream Indian media never ever gave the same importance to examples set by Chief Ministers of Goa, Tripura, and West Bengal in simple living and shunning Government perks and privileges. Why? It is not a rocket science to analyse media coverage and behaviour and come to a solid conclusion that India’s main TV channels and broadsheet have carefully built a positive image about leaders who are complicit with the west. And the mainstream media is totally in collusion with the Globalist cabal.

Now, a party that was not even a cohesive group twelve months ago is planning to contest 300 seats nationally. Money, as they claim, is pouring in; the media reports that they have the support of over 100,000 retired bureaucrat, judges, police officials, etc. Why didn’t they say 200,000? Or even 1 million? Where did this figure of 100,000 come from? Was it given to them by Kejriwal or did they do a survey?

What happened in recent past is worth noting. Rajnath Singh, BJP’s President, in a recent visit to the USA told the US investors that they will not support FDI in retail. Modi himself has clearly stated his opposition to FDI in retail in an ‘India Today’ conclave. He may review every treaty –both overt and covert- signed by Manmohan Singh, including one that allows a European country to dump pig shit in India.

The review might expose the misdeeds of NATO led by Britain and France. Most people have forgotten that former French President Sarkozy was promised by Manmohan SIngh US Dollar 40-60 billion worth of nuclear hardware business. In an Arnabh Goswami anchored discussion, a former nuclear establishment chief had revealed this vital information and Arnabh quickly silenced this expert. People missed that statement in the melee that usually follows Arnabh’s 90 minutes of nonsense. There was too much at stake for the western government to not upset the BJP tsunami.

For the time being India’s enemies have partially succeeded. But a rapid reorganization and consolidation of all the evil forces are gathering. It is up to the leadership of Modi and Modi alone that can take on these forces.

Arun Shrivastava is's South Asia Correspondent. An accredited management consultant, Arun is also a highly experienced researcher and writer. He studied in India and England and returned to India in 1989, after a brief stint as senior officer with Economic Development Unit of Birmingham (UK). From 1989 to 1994, he taught Strategic Management and Long Range Planning to MBA students at International Management Institute in Delhi.

About twenty years ago he founded two institutions, one for consulting and another for doing sponsored research work; today both are known for excellence. Since the events of 9/11, he has devoted much of his time to researching NWO issues. Arun also moderates International Human Rights Organizations’ discussion group. is very pleased that Arun Shrivastava chose to join our dynamic team which has been paying increasing attention to problems taking place in India. He is's 94th writer and his presence allows us to better cover important events in an increasingly interconnected world community.

You can send an email to Arun Shrivastava at this address:

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somashekar bhogaiah January 7, 2014 8:30 pm (Pacific time)

A very nice article, Modi is the only saviour of our nation otherwise disintegration of India is a reality.

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