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Oregon's Pattern of Failure Allows No Protection for Disabled Woman

Black, Disabled and Discriminated Against (in Oregon in ways that are hard to believe, yet documented and true...)

Kim Petitt
Kim Petitt photo by Tim King

(SALEM, Ore.) - We cover issues related to racism in Oregon regularly; our ongoing series about a former Corrections Officer from Oregon prisons; William Coleman, has illustrated the extreme lack of transparency and corruption in Oregon's government.

Kim Petitt and William Coleman

His story, like this one, places a particular emphasis on racism toward African-Americans.

The state agencies that have made life so difficult for Coleman are the Dept of Corrections (DOJ), the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) and the state Dept. of Justice (DOJ). In the case of Kimberly Petitt, the agencies who have failed to help are the Dept. of Oregon Human Services (DHS), BOLI, and the Oregon Board of Nursing (OSBN) and several others.

What we are bringing you is the story of an African-American woman whose treatment in Oregon, at the hands of state, city and county officials, has been illegal and morally corrupt to say the very least.

She has been repeatedly victimized by individuals, businesses and governmental entities. Each time this former legal transcriptionist tries in vain to utilize the channels of legal recourse; they are closed to her.

Moreover, Kimberly represents a vast number of people including my own grandmother who have either been ripped off, injured, or have died because of poor care in these convalescent facilities.

My grandmother received poor care and died in a convalescent center in Morro Bay, California. We never forget this. Fortunately the place changed hands.

A friend and associate of, Al Hayward, successfully sued the operator of one of these places and won over the death of his father; a terrible story of elder neglect and abuse.

Apparently that is the game. Crooked criminal corporations running convalescent homes bilk people out of everything they own, and then the patients sometimes receive horrible care.

Thank God this isn't the case everywhere, but it is a huge, widespread problem in America that is only going to get worse if it is not corrected.

What you will learn by watching the video interview I conducted with Kimberly in the last week of 2010, available in three parts below; is that the very agencies and courts directly responsible for monitoring these places are collaborating with the businesses and allowing them to go on.

I know there are loopholes, but people are being stolen from left and right, and even though it is often in the news, companies like the one in this case, Pinnacle Healthcare Inc., simply plow along and steal all they can, directly and openly, and after they are done, the person no longer has the resources to hire attorneys and properly defend themselves.

If and when they do, and Pinnacle has a court history of this, they simply pay the matter off in an out of court settlement, which allows them to stay in business.

What will happen in 2011 that these companies do not anticipate, is a lot of media coverage and hard questions being asked of the government employees and elected officials, who allow their criminal behavior, often toward elderly citizens; members of "The Greatest Generation", and sometimes they are younger people like Kimberly, to continue unabated.

I am thankful that Kimberly read my series on former Oregon Corrections Officer William Coleman, a Racism Whistleblower who has survived an amazing set of events which in retrospect, portray a highly illegal level of corruption that exists in Oregon's prisons and reaches into the state's highest law enforcement office, the Dept. of Justice, where Oregon's elected Attorney General is based.

This agency has been of zero help to William Coleman's Odyssey, though it is on a course that will lead to much change in Oregon's future. They can't change that, and it sure would be better if the clean up came from within Oregon. The alternative is federal intervention and I suggest nobody wrinkle their nose at the idea that feds could come into Oregon and that the state's government could be the subject of a sweeping investigation. Oregon's lawmakers need to toughen up and do what is right.

And I hope that the people named in this article call their attorneys, because there is going to be some explaining to do, even within this existing system. Also, we will be visiting the various agencies and establishments and asking a lot of hard questions. Nobody gets away with treating a human being this way, not even in Oregon.

In the first video, we learn how Kimberly suffered her share of racial abuse while growing up in the Battle Ground, Washington area, where only a handful of Black families lived in an otherwise totally white part of the US. But she grew up in the 1980's when there was still a sense that people could right a wrong by relying on the principles of law and the foundation of the US Constitution. Her family brought a serious case against her high school for allowing Ku Klux Klan members on campus in full drag in 1981. The difference is that they were able to get people fired, change what was taking place; they were able to exercise their rights as Americans for the sake of what was just and correct.

There is no way to adequately tell Kim Petitt's story in the span of a single Internet news story; there will be many more to follow because this story dwells at the root of the most sinister, outdated type of hate in existence. This is the kind that is partly about the color of a person's skin, and in this case, a person's physical state. In the world where I come from, we protect women, mothers above all; and we especially follow our obligation to ensure that people are not treated with open racial discrimination simply because the particular state's government has no system of checks and balances to adequately guard against it.

The interview with Kim Petitt continues, as does the article below that:

Kimberly Petitt's story is far ranging, but the matter at hand is that she is essentially homeless thanks to the convalescent group that led her to where she is; living in a motel room that is not even equipped for a disabled person. And that is scheduled to end on 6 January. Pinnacle's ultimate plan as it stands, involves taking tihs woman out of a motel room and placing her on the street, in the winter no less. It seems they believed they could get away with a great deal of immoral and illegal activity, and when you glean the details, it only gets worse.

Here is the final part of the video, once again the article continues below:


What Needs to Happen

Our mission in part, at this point, is to locate a home for Kimberly while she recovers from her illness. It would be wonderful if someone in the Salem area had a place they could allow her to live in while she maneuvers through her coming legal battles. Anyone with ideas should drop an email my way:

U.S. Suicide Statistics (2001)

Further Breakdown by Gender / Ethnicity

                             Rate Per
Group        # of Suicides   100,000
White Male.......22,328........19.5
White Female .....5,382.........4.6
Nonwhite Male ....2,344.........9.3
Nonwhite Female ....568.........2.1
Black Male .......1,627.........9.2
Black Female........330.........1.7

What I find extremely troubling about the plight of Kim Petitt, is that both the convalescent home that stole her belongings and the Eugene Police who raided her while she slept in a convalescent home bed, screwed up. They took a violent cruel approach because she supposedly was 'violent' and 'suicidal'.

What these parties failed to do, was take a quick spin through the statistics about Black women and suicide. As you see in the stats to the left from Suicide Statistics 2001 -, it is the absolute lowest statistic, because black women don't commit suicide except for rare exceptions.

The rate of Black females who committed suicide in 2001 for example, was a total of 330 in the US. That is 1.7 for every 100,000 people. For White men on the other hand that year, there were 22,328 suicides; that is 19.5 for every hundred thousand. 330 total?

So when you talk about a person who has no violent past, is educated, disabled, very very sick, with no hint of suicide in her past, fitting a non-suicide demographic, and yet still fighting like a tiger for her rights; you aren't dealing with a suicide case, that is obvious and clear.

The convalescent home that ripped off her belongings in a deal that never materialized, yet made the contents of her home and her antique business disappear, actually called Eugene Police and had a SWAT team come haul this sick, disabled woman away like a criminal. The act in and of itself should lead to police being relieved of their jobs.

Kim says the main person behind her problems was the man who ran the convalescent hospital in Lincoln City; Anthony Knippers. That aspect of her story will be fully detailed in another report. Right now it is all about Pinnacle Healthcare Inc. and their current role in this woman's despair.

In Kim Petitt’s Words

"The Eugene Police, Lincoln City Police, Lincoln County Sheriff, have never done anything to properly investigate or handle my serious complaints of theft, forgery, fraud, violating judge' orders of no trespass, etc., and once they start tossing out 'mental illness' when they have nothing else to fall back on, that gets around though there is no record of mental illness or no substantiation.

In other words they do not hesitate to slander and then produce incompetent, non-comprehensive police reports, etc., just as in Lori Nelson case, and the Nursing and Counselors and Therapists Board offices claim that 'their findings and investigation are private' so you don't know just what they have done at all in terms of conducting a proper and complete, non-discriminatory investigation.

But you do know that it was not done above board or by law, because of how they have treated you when you have inquired of the status. They tell you things to try and cut you off at the knees, to discourage you because they are White and you meaning me, are just one Black woman who is disabled and truthful.

They refuse to believe the truth from a Black person with overwhelming evidence, but 'CHOOSE' to believe the lies from multiple white people because they are white too but not just white as many white people are good, but these ones are evil and feel the same hatred and bigotry towards people of color, primarily Black people, as do the persecutors reported to them, the ones complained about."

Robert Lamb was the head of nursing (DNS) at South Hills Nursing Home in Eugene. He is the person who made the first 9-1-1 call about Kim as she lay sleeping in her bed. He told Eugene Police Dispatch that she was extremely dangerous and that they should hurry up and get there.

"And he was the main party at the nursing home harassing, menacing, and stalking me every day to a point where Julie, my friend of over 14 years who is a registered nurse talked, and decided I should call the police for relief, but the police refused to come, and as a result this gave the parties at South Hills free reign to further abuse me, and concoct their plan of felony false statements to police that led to my being brutalized, assaulted by a 4-member Swat team from the Eugene Police, namely Jay Worden and 'Officer Stewart' but all four as a collaborative, traumatizing, painful effort."

Even if Kim Petitt was violent and suicidal, which she emphasizes was never the case, and by all accounts is the case, it seems police might not require a SWAT team to contact a sleeping disabled woman in a convalescent home who had been through a hard day of medical treatment as Sacred Heart Hospital.

She recalls men yelling at her and then the words, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way". Sleeping, Kim didn't wake up in time to do it "the easy way" and the next thing she knew she was being placed into a police car and taken to a mental ward.

Her following statement has been checked out; in and of itself it is a damning indictment above and beyond the problems involving Petitt.

"There were other nurses who deliberately placed false statements into my medical records at South Hills, Dolores 'Di Di' King, Bobby Baker, of course Robert Lamb who has since been fired for carrying on a sexual relationship with Cassondra Wilkinson, a Med Aide who turned up dead in her bed one morning where her 15-year old daughter found her, but until then no action had been taken against Robert Lamb."

She recalls Lamb having a problem according to some of the CNA's she talked to at the convalescent center, being challenged by women who stood their ground with him.

"I personally observed this in him when I with dignity and control, stood up to him when he continued to menace me," Petitt said.

It became obvious to Kim Petitt that there was no hope in following the path citizens in her shoes are supposed to take. The Board of Nursing was ignoring the complaints about her medical charts being falsely modified with statements reflecting that she was 'mentally ill' which of course was a not very original yet still widely used method of squashing a person's credibility.

The apparent decision of the OSBN's Holly Mercer to not act upon Petitt's very serious complaints calls into question the very integrity of the agency charged with ensuring nursing is above the board and not corrupted by personal interests or sloppy care. (For nurses, false record keeping is addressed by one of the main oaths that nurses adhere to because the ramifications are serious for the victim.

Still, Kim Petitt kept trying to reach Mercer and see if she would actually perform her taxpayer funded job.

"I was told by the clerk that answers the phone that the Board has all of my complaints and I did not need to file new ones because they would thoroughly investigate all the complaints. But they never did except for William 'Billie' Dickson and Robert Lamb, the two white males that called in the false 9-1-1 calls on the same day/night."

That night of course is when Kim Petitt had a terrible nightmare that was no nightmare. She has the phone records and recordings and thus can assemble the timeline that led to her Eugene PD 'SWAT' arrest.

She says Lamb called police earlier in the daytime, and 'Billie' Dickson called them in the evening after Kim had returned from Sacred Heart, at approximately 9:00 p.m.

The arrest led to Kim quickly being seen by a doctor who immediately knew she was not a mental patient and released her. Even though the doctors at Sacred Heart had released Kim with a clean bill of health, when she returned, as noted earlier in this article, the South Hills Nursing Home staff in Eugene refused to let this sick woman back into the building.

Out in the Cold

"I had a clean bill of mental health from the doctors there, but was locked out as I was forced to sit on a cold green, iron patio chair, knocking on the front door every 10 or so minutes while the employees from inside just stood at the windows jeering, taunting, and pointing at me as I froze. I was bleeding profusely, in a great deal of pain, no meds for the afternoon or evening, only a thin blue gown on and a thin jacket, severe migraines and was very faint nearly delusional from the pain and cold. It was about 36 degrees."

Later, Kim says the Board of Nursing Home Licensing & Administration's investigator Janet Bartel, led her to believe early on that she was entirely disgusted with Pinnacle Healthcare Inc.

She recalls Bartel talking about her disappointment and deep frustration Pinnacle; the company that owns both nursing homes and several others.

"She found out who the insurance liability information was for them through her other State contacts, and she faxed it to me herself encouraging me to file an insurance liability claim against them, and she also told me that what Anthony Knippers did and what both nursing homes were doing to me was so heinously against the law and violated nursing home board statutes, etc., and to make certain to get both my complaints back to her ASAP. In the process of her so-called long, overdue investigation outcome, she was removed from the case because she had compromised the investigation by being too friendly with me. I did consider her a good person and friendly and who I thought was on my side for obvious reasons. But she let me down in the end."

Kim was seriously disappointed when Bartel, along with Lori Nelson, the Oregon State DHS Discrimination Investigator, sent out on 12 October 2010 what she called, "A frivolous 18-page mumbo jumbo report" and cc'd it to as many as 30+ people via email including other State agencies where Kim had complaints pending about the nursing homes, etc.

Kim believes that it was simply an effort to smear her. This is very similar to the tactics played out against William Coleman during his long ordeal of retaliation faced because he was a racism Whistleblower. If nothing else, she believe that Robert Lamb would be in trouble for his involvement in her seemingly ridiculous treatment.

"Even with the restraining order I obtained where Judge Eveleen Henry found there was abuse, that I was forced to get against Robert Lamb - head of nursing (DNS) at South Hills Nursing Home in Eugene, Holly Mercer - director of Board refused to take any disciplinary action against Lamb."

No Hiding Racism Like This

Stranger than fiction Order Now

Along the way, reaching out to the appropriate agencies, Petitt got a real earful from Barbara Jaye of the Lane County Senior and Disabled Office.

Petitt describes what she saw as offensive, racist statements, when Jaye said:

"We're all White out here so why would even someone like you move out here? You need to use proper grammar and better English when you speak, especially Living out here with all of us White people."

When Kim told the woman about her serious physical problems, and explained that she had fainted, Jaye replied by saying, "Oh, you got dizzy and fell, but you got back up right? You got right back up? No, we don't have any funding or resources and it's not racially diverse out here for you; not sure why you moved out here"

That is what Lori Nelson's main focus of the investigation was to be, Kim says, "But she would inadvertently send me dysfunctional emails concluding to me that she was all over the place and was not focused. This gave me room for concern over months' time so I finally contacted her supervisor for explanation. After I did this is when Lori Nelson sent out the rambling, slanderous and frivolous 18-page report."

I'm sure many of our readers already get this, but this type of behavior has to change. I don't know if it is going to be John Kitzhaber, Oregon's incoming return governor; he might really be able to help if he sets his mind to it, but will he have time to keep people like Kim from falling this far?

Kim concluded by saying:

"It is so hard to get justice when you're Black and telling the truth in Oregon; I know other citizens have bad experiences but the stakes are much more different when you are Black; that's just the facts.

"The State offices knowing that you're being honest, only mission is to shut you down therefore leaving the door open to many more abuses and they occur in droves. They want a Black person or disabled person to have no ammunition against the persecutors who are 9 times out of 10, white, so they lie and conspire against you illegally to make you look like you are a complaining fool, or to have no credibility when they have overwhelming evidence to prove otherwise and the guilt of the parties being complained against.

"The offices are not diverse in staff and there are a few Black people working in these State offices, or some other people of color, but they are not in authoritative positions, no positions of supervisor so they cannot or will not act by law. I have found that they are reluctant to take proper, lawful action because they are cowards afraid they will lose their jobs."


Tim King is a former U.S. Marine with twenty years of experience on the west coast as a television news producer, photojournalist, reporter and assignment editor. In addition to his role as a war correspondent, this Los Angeles native serves as's Executive News Editor. Tim spent the winter of 2006/07 covering the war in Afghanistan, and he was in Iraq over the summer of 2008, reporting from the war while embedded with both the U.S. Army and the Marines.

Tim holds numerous awards for reporting, photography, writing and editing, including the Oregon AP Award for Spot News Photographer of the Year (2004), first place Electronic Media Award in Spot News, Las Vegas, (1998), Oregon AP Cooperation Award (1991); and several others including the 2005 Red Cross Good Neighborhood Award for reporting. Tim has several years of experience in network affiliate news TV stations, having worked as a reporter and photographer at NBC, ABC and FOX stations in Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. Serving the community in very real terms, is the nation's only truly independent high traffic news Website. As News Editor, Tim among other things, is responsible for publishing the original content of 65 writers. He reminds viewers that emails are easily missed and urges those trying to reach him, to please send a second email if the first goes unanswered. You can send Tim an email at this address:

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Kimberly Petitt April 30, 2012 5:17 pm (Pacific time)

Tim King:

Can you please provide the contact information for the person who posted above, Silence Dogood March 9, 2011 4:07 pm (Pacific time) about my civil rights being violated? I would like to contact this person to pursue the State, Lori Nelson, BOLI, and OHLA. I have never gotten any justice on my efforts and damages I suffered over the past 2 years plus with regards to these State agencies. When I contact Lori Nelson's supervisors, they ignore me and do not respond. I am just shocked that Oregon harbors this sort of trash in their government, but then again this is what I have been and many other Black people in Oregon, have been exposed to, racial and other hate bias injustices including criminal acts committed by Caucasians that rarely if ever, go punished. My experience is that they would rather believe lies from guilty Caucasians than the truth from a Black person. I do not feel you are this way, Tim, but I hope you can write more extensive articles on my situation. Please email me the attorney's contact information so I can contact him before the Statute of Limitations runs out. Because of the discriminatory hateful actions of Lori Nelson, she has tainted other State agencies and Pinnacle Healthcare believes they can run all over me. DHS is responsible for this where Lori Nelson works. She even sent the violating 18-page defamation to Terrell Clements, investigator of the Federal Office of Discrimination (OCR) in Seattle. Even though he received this violation of my civil rights, he did nothing. He came back last year with a determination into the investigation of Pinnacle Healthcare of "Insufficient Evidence" when he even stated he had 100's of pages of documents and also, I sent him the recorded court testimony of the main three cultprits and liars who called in the SWAT team on me of Eugene Police... Martha Jenness, Jammie Posey, and Robert Lamb who finally got fired but only after a white CNA-Med Aid was found dead after associating with her, Cassandra Wilkinson which went against Pinnacle's company policy about employee fratrinization. All of Pinnacle was involved in the false statements to police in which they took no action (the police) and Lori Nelson was a previous employee as an investigator, I believe, with the Eugene Police Dept., so this explains part of her motivation to hurt me by contacting 30+ people and organizations to smear me which was definitely 30+ violations of my civil rights. What I could not believe is that she contacted Pinnacle Healthcare, the corporation who lied on me after Anthony Knippers was responsible for taking $400 dollars from me for the relocation of all my belongings from Lincoln County to Eugene, OR but he never did. He never reimbursed me my $400 but enlisted the assistance of a 2-time felon, Jason McEldowney, where I saw no more than only one small load of my property. The rest is missing and Anthony Knippers has never contacted me even once about this matter. Pinnacle never reimbursed me for the theft and hardship the imposed upon me but only had me evicted when they owed me money, much more than that they stated in court that I owed them. Oregon State Legal Aid said they would help but then dropped out at the last minute leaving me without counsel to fiend for myself against these monsters in landlord/tenant court. The judge, Moustafa, I believe was his name, is a Caucasian Muslim (Arabic) and talked down to me in front of these hatemongers in court and evicted me even though Pinnacle violated Medicare/Medicaid Laws in how they first put me in the nursing homes without my signing or being made privy, any monetary amounts I supposedly owed. The whoel ordeal, though I've done nothing wrong, was carried out viciously and with hatemongering malice by these slobs at Pinnacle and help from the buddies at the court and I believe, but cannot prove it at this time, that bribary was involved. My name, because I stand my ground for my rights, has been slandered and lied upon because these racist Caucasians want me to keep my mouth shut and go away, but when I stand and then stand some more for myself, they behave with such evil and such criminally calculating coercion and conspiracy that their fellow State Government and Federal Gov't Caucasian counterparts jump right on board with them. This is a huge problem in Oregon, such racism that goes sanctioned everyday by other whites who choose to believe what is false from their own counterparts, than to believe the truth again, from a Black person. This matter and how evil and discriminatory the State of Oregon has been as a whole (in their supposed investigations, nursing board, nursing home board, BOLI, Attorney General's Office, DHS and SPD headquarters, County Disability Offices, etc.) absolutely discriminatorily dispicable in how they have ALL treated me and when I contact attorneys in Oregon, they are usually white and not one will return my call but all have refused to represent me and when I ask for a reason why, they ignore me much like the same pattern of Oregonians as a whole, esp. the government personnel here, and also, Peter DeFazio, whose wife is Myrnie Daut, refused to step in and take any action. His wife after all, is the director of risk management and claims for the City of Eugene, which includes the police dept. Myrnie Daut denied my claim against the officers and the police dept. as a whole for failing to investigate Anthony Knippers or even search his home for my property, refusing to take proper action when I was constantly being criminally harassed and stalked by Robert Lamb while I was laid up in the nursing home, South HIlls Rehabilitation Center in Eugene, and also the police refused to provide me with the 9-1-1 recording when I called them a second time requesting officers and to report Robert Lamb for constantly opening my door and yelling at me as if I was his slave while I was trying to heal in the nursing home. They suddenly don't have those 9-1-1 calls and treated me like garbage when I continued to request multiple times in writing after my verbal requests went ignored, but all they sent me were the false 9-1-1 calls made against me by Posey, Lamb, and Anthony Knipper's mother, Martha Jenness who was behind the conspiracy to dump me from the nursing home by calling in SWAT and lying to Eugene Police that I was suicidal to which I never have been. The nurses in Jenness' click at the nursing home Bobby, and some others, made false reports in my medical records at the nursing home, just any kind of old lies to smear and slander me, filled with many misleading and false statements. The nursing board never took any action but has ignored me. Black people have it very bad in Oregon and when we try to seek justice it is so hard to find an attorney; they are non-existent and refuse to take on our cases. They too, these racist attorneys are part of the bigger problem also as there is no justice in Oregon and when you self-advocate and cross all i's dotting all t's, they hate you even more and label you with false slander then spread it around to all State agencies, and others, to make sure that they prevent you from seeking necessary justice against the guilty. Lori Nelson is a horrible individual and I do wish to press charges against her civilly and criminally if this can be done, to make sure she is held accountable for her role in seeing to it that I received no justice. The administrative judges for the State are white and have falsified legal documents, even signing them then stating during a bogus hearing that "I didn't sign that order", said Judge Robison, who did indeed sign an order dated October 5, 2010 in my favor, only later to recant his signature and when I asked who signed it then, his response was "I don't know". They just treat me like shit because that's the good ole boy way and network and so many Oregonians are privy to that sort of criminal activity and lies. I never received any response when I contacted the Head of Adminstrative Hearings, a Superior Judge and she never once responded to me. They wrap you up in so many hearings that you just become so anguished and degraded that everything just becomes a blurr and no justice is served, but lies and deliverate misrepresentations are always a result of Black people who come forward to expose the unjust State personnel and other organizations, doctors' offices, therapists, and the list is endless... Lori Nelson made sure of that. Please contact me at and please provide the contact info for the attorney above. I am going to take action immediately.

Thank you very much, Tim and for all your efforts.

Kimberly Petitt

I will email you Kimberly, thanks, I don't feel like I did anything, you need and deserve support, having met you and !

Silence Dogood March 9, 2011 4:07 pm (Pacific time)

TO Editor of salem-news:

Quote from article above: "Kim was seriously disappointed when Bartel, along with Lori Nelson, the Oregon State DHS Discrimination Investigator, sent out on 12 October 2010 what she called, "A frivolous 18-page mumbo jumbo report" and cc'd it to as many as 30+ people via email including other State agencies where Kim had complaints pending about the nursing homes, etc."

I read this article completely, and listened to the videos. I would like to file a federal complaint regarding Kim's case.

If the letter sent by Lori Nelson (to 30+ people) included confidential information about Kim's health, health care, or Oregon state health records (etc), any citizen is allowed to file a federal complaint regarding alleged violation of Kim's HIPPA rights by the State of Oregon caused by the letter.

The basis would be, that,if some of the 30+ people who received the (emailed) letter were not involved in, or partnered with primary providers in Kim's health care, her civil rights were violated, and perhaps maliciouly and in retaliation, making the issue rise to the level of a federal criminal violation, not just civil violation.

Anyone can file a third party complaint regarding this letter, even though I, or others do not know Ms. Petitt.

If the report is dated around Oct. 12 or 12, 2010, this must be done soon; as there is a federal statute of limitations. Time is ticking....

If Kim is willing, I am willing to pursue this for the benefit of all Oregonians from what has been done to Kim.

Anonymous January 21, 2011 8:54 pm (Pacific time)

I hope something is happening to remedy this racist BS.  Why in this day and age have Oregon residents advanced so little?  Kim is an educated woman, this is a travesty.  Thanks Salem-News for bringing these extremely important stories forward!

William Coleman January 7, 2011 5:40 am (Pacific time)

Replying to anonymous!! How would you know this is a one sided story unless you are involved somehow or know something?  This is your opportunity to share with us what you know? Kim has documents to back her allegations. If you know nothing you can't call this story one-sided. Another state employee trying to discredit a women that has facts to her allegations? I know it 's hard when you get caught in these types of criminal behaviors; these types of incidents took place in 50s and it still exist without fail. People need to support positive situations. I thank Salem-News. com for exposing the truth. I can tell you use to Statesman Journal but you want get real news there. Thanks for tuning in to true news.

William Coleman January 7, 2011 5:14 am (Pacific time)

Replying to Mary. People like you that don't want to believe that this kind of behavior by the state exists without fail. You must be employed with the state. Kim has documents to prove her allegations which is sad for them, yes we all wish these crimes didn't exist but they do.

Marie January 7, 2011 2:59 am (Pacific time)

This is the problem that exists in Oregon: "Blame the Victim" for coming forward. "Allow the lawless persecutors freewill and keep your mouth shut! Do not come forward"! Thank God that people like Kimberly Petitt, William Coleman and hopefully others have the guts and integrity to come forward in the face of hate and apparent opposition. That much is clear on this forum. A great change in conduct is obviously overdue here. Thank you for reporting the truth It has long since been overdue and will hopefully make room for change and reprovement in the Oregon State Government systems that stems all the way down to local State and municipal courts, county officials, city officials, etc., the court system is very flawed, very corrupt in Oregon also. It seems truth does not matter anymore but who "rubs elbows and waxes palms". God willing we all can exterminate all the destructive vermin who crap in the "heavenly places".

mary January 6, 2011 3:52 pm (Pacific time)

funny everyone is against her,
this is a one sided news story & was it actually verified with any of people or
places in this article?

Tim King: Let me ask you this, do you typically expect to take information from a Whistleblower and go to the offending parties and have them corroborate the charges against them?

"Sure" they say, "We did all of that"...  Didn't think so.

What I did was examine and evaluate the records I thought I had already stated that.  Kimberly has followed all of the legal channels and there is a real paper trail of it, now located in multiple places.  This friend is an Exposé; don't try to give me the definition of a news story, I have been in this business for over twenty years, I've reported from two wars and through some of the hardest circumstances imaginable; I was arrested  by authorities while reporting in Mexico, I've seen this and done that; numerous awards and the most recent one just two months ago.  Go to my staff page entry and read about it Mary.    

Anonymous January 6, 2011 6:18 pm (Pacific time)

This is a very interesting opinion to read. Yes, I use the word opinion instead of article or news excerpt. This is because this is not news. The job of news or a journalist is to provide the reader with an unbiased story that gives each view point and perspective.

 Editor: We are engaged in an ongoing series about corruption in Oregon government.  This came to our attention as a result of that.  Like the person in our ongoing series, a former Corrections Officer named William Coleman, Ms. Petitt has done an impeccable job of keeping records.  A thorough examination of these records was conducted for days leading up to this interview.  This woman is honest, it will be proven in court.  And I find your criticism of my presentation of news quite interesting, considering that you lack the very integrity to state who you are and what your position at Pinnacle is.

This article gives only one side, a story of a young woman that feels as though she was abused by every department and business in Oregon.

 Editor: Yes, this is essentially true.  There is no doubt however that this young woman was extremely abused.

At some point I think you need to read between the lines and figure out why everyone on the planet is out to get one person. Is it really racism or is there something about this individual that has not been brought to light through this story. In my opinion I find it funny how a person of color goes through something that may be tough for them, and it is immediately considered discrimination. I cannot believe that all of these state, federal and private entities all have it out for this woman because of her disability or the color of her skin.

There is always two sides to every story and I find it very odd that none of these organizations or companies were contacted for this article. I have a feeling that if we dug deeper into this woman’s past and into the history of this happenings, we would find out more information to explain these actions and to the integrity and personality of Ms. Petitt.

Editor: So you are entertaining the idea of a smear campaign?  That is nothing new.  Mr. Coleman has survived the largest one I have ever heard of in all my life; Ms. Petitt can also.  In the world I live in, there are generally offenders and victims.  Yes they each have a side, but when one is operating illegally and one is barely surviving, I tend to let my 'human bias' run its course..  Oh by the way, you should see the next article that is in the works; the LC facility has a more sinister past than I even knew of.  

 I also question why Ms. Petitt is allowed to use first and last names of individuals and slander them. But because of HIPAA regulations and personal decency, the people and organizations named in this article are not retaliating or posting defaming statements online like Ms. Petitt has done.

Editor: "allowed" is an interesting word to use here.  Slander only applies if and when statements are made that are untrue.  These are by every account, not untrue statements.  The facility in LC messed with a person that they greatly underestimated.  

There is more to this story I am sure and posting this one sided opinion on is an injustice to news and to your readers.

Really? Well my grandmother died because of a lack of care in one of these place.   A good friend just spent ten years getting justice for his father's death in one of these places.   They are regulated and this particular place has been in violation of numerous state and federal rules and laws.  The injustice is the crap this poor woman has had to endure; it is the officials who are charged to help people like Kim and they failed her.   

Michael January 6, 2011 6:47 am (Pacific time)

Those people from Pinnacle Healthcare and their employees from both nursing homes (Lincoln City Rehab and South Hills Rehab) belong in prison, not out conducting their criminal business. I thought when you make a false statement to police that required charges being brough against you, plus the fact that I did get some background on this matter and it seems there was a counselor who wrote up a false report about Ms. Petitt saying she had suicidal ideation. Your suicide research above totally contradicts the lies told by Kurtis Mitchell the counselor that visited briefly with Ms. Petitt then the nursing home's doctor involved in the collusion, Dr. Robert Ballman, conspired with his best friend, Martha Jenness, administrator of South Hills Nursing Home, and Mitchell, and others included in the falsified report, assessment and a hold, all fake in order to substantiate their false conclusion in order to illegally dump Ms. Petitt from the nursing home. All these parties involved from the evidence and having spoken to the victim herself, belong in prison, not free and able to abuse and neglegt other victims who may enter their nursing homes. This is a prima facia example of outdoors racism and collusion that have made this intelligent, yet disabled woman's life a complete travesty. You just don't get over things like this when other humans are sabotaging and screwing you over; you just don't recover from anything like this. She trusted all the right people and they failed and shit on her deliberately and with malice, totally illegally. Why aren't they in jail?

Luke Easter January 5, 2011 7:02 am (Pacific time)

Need more be said about speaking out? Facts on Post-Conviction DNA Exonerations There have been 265 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the United States. • The first DNA exoneration took place in 1989. Exonerations have been won in 34 states; since 2000, there have been 198 exonerations. • 17 of the 265 people exonerated through DNA served time on death row. • The average length of time served by exonerees is 13 years. The total number of years served is approximately 3,433. • The average age of exonerees at the time of their wrongful convictions was 27. Races of the 265 exonerees: 158 African Americans 80 Caucasians 21 Latinos 2 Asian American 4 whose race is unknown

to susan & other racists January 5, 2011 12:40 am (Pacific time)

Love can emanate from you as finite or as infinite as you choose it to be. Hate can emanate from you as finite or as infinite as you choose it to be. It is your choice between the two. My choice is to seek love, so as to to embrace the difficulties of humanity and instill hope for peace.

Marie January 4, 2011 10:09 pm (Pacific time)

In reading over the comments esp. those by Luke Easter and Susan Miller, there is a contrasted disconnect to the real content and message of the article regarding Kimberly Petitt's plight with the Oregon State Government and Pinnacle Healthcare (William Coleman's plight is so familiar to that of Ms. Petitt's; the truth is in your face. Run with it!) It seems that one (Easter) wants to equate gaining a spine, that is, coming out to expose the tyranny and corruption within Oregon government, with that of how they should fear for their lives -- as in a bizarre crafted threat of sorts, and the other, Susan Miller, appears to be outraged that not just one, Kimberly Petitt, but two, William Coleman, have also taken the initiative to open up extensively and with integrity about the epidemic in Oregon of blatant, overt racism where corruption is always tied at the hip. They all go hand in hand. Kimberly Petitt did refer to the fact that MANY citizens are experiencing injustices in Oregon, however she is profoundly honest when she adds that when you are Black the problems are greatly intensified. This is not an argument, not a tussel with the audience and commentors on this forum about Whites get it worse or Blacks get it worse or whomever; she simply stated the facts surrounding the issues at hand, that corruption, discrimination and overt racism so outrageous and open in nature, go hand in hand within the past and current practices by State government of Oregon, thus it needs to be exposed and addressed to eliminate this unlawful most dehumanizing conduct and those doing it. We all want to be proud of the state we live in and its government, its citizens, but we cannot do so until there is significant change in the patterns of negative behaviors that are exhibited unlawfully by adverse, criminally minded individuals responsible for the horrific conduct in our State government, and how this egregiously harms our citizens of Oregon. Don't be in denial or blaming the victim; do something about it to change the face of hate and bigotry combined with civil and criminal practices within our state's government, and that includes local and municipal courts, police, sheriff, and other law enforcement, and governement. This would no doubt include you --- you, yourself exposing those you know to be a part of the problem so these ones can be lawfully and with integrity, booted out from positions of authority and power that they hold and replaced with upright and law-abiding personnel. It's time to stop fighting the victims, but to stand -- stand for what you know is right for all, esp. those who are on the bottom end and suffer the most egregious of discrimination and evil. If it makes you mad, then do something about it to bring a "POSITIVE" CHANGE, or be quiet as you have been all these years! As Lil' Kim would say: "It's time to put your lights up"!

Luke Easter January 4, 2011 8:07 pm (Pacific time)

1st Timothy 5:7, “For God hath not given a spirit if fear; but of power, love and a sound mind.” What I’m saying is, when you speak out, be ready to endure the consequences. Because, if the powers that be don’t give a hoot about those three they will not for you and me. By all means speak out, Isaiah 1:17, “learn to do right, seek justice, relieve the oppressed, correct the oppressor, defend the fatherless, plead for the widow” just remember who could be next. Only if you can stand the heat should you be cooking in the kitchen. Those with sensitive skin should stay away from the fire. Deuteronomy 20:8, "Is any man afraid or fainthearted?
Let him go home so that his brothers will not become disheartened too."

Tim King: You are both good friends and very similar; Luke raises awareness and fights racism on these pages and William is a bulldog who is not afraid at all to speak the truth about the racism he experienced in Oregon.  No doubt we all realize the stakes can be high but this is the fight for justice and what is right and we all go when we go.  Martyring reporters or whistleblowers would be the worst thing they could do.  As far as this goes, I think there was a minor misunderstanding and it's just water flowing under the bridge. 

William Coleman January 4, 2011 3:50 am (Pacific time)

Replying to Luke Easter's statement. Luke, I love your poems, but your statement about be careful what you try to do or say, As in the right thing. Just look at JFK, RFK and MLK. l Luke I'm trying to encourage people to speak out about crimes state government has done to thousands of people, Your statement is encouraging fear in their hearts by reminding them what happened to MLK, JFK, RFK. Luke the only way to decrease state government crimes/ racism is to speak out and expose the truth without fear. I understand people who never experience this kind of behavior by state and local government to have fear. JFK RFK MLK were good men that helped make a difference in their era and helped made a difference in society today. It's our turn to make a stand for the next generations, but if we let fear enter our hearts it's going to get worse.  Kim Petitt is a fighter; we all need to encourge people to fight for their civil rights as Americans. I believe real Americans are people who help the people that need the most help and making sure they get that help.

God Bless!!

Susan Miller January 4, 2011 8:31 am (Pacific time)

There are far more white people treated far worse than this individual. It is the white people who cannot scream racism to get attention, something blacks have been using in a "Cry Wolf" scenario going back decades. I would like to see all wrongs corrected, but am sick and tired of blacks who want preferential treatment. In fact I go out of my way not to help blacks in any way, whether it's economic or medical, or in any other way. I absolutely loath blacks, and for damn good reasons!I imagine you are dumping more comments than publishing ones like mine because we are all getting more wise to these cry babies who suck up our resources way beyond what they contribute. You now have 4th generation black welfare families, all educated to scream racism and look for hollow-headed whites to carry their water. They are using you salem-news, but maybe that's your real agenda, you are self-hating whites who want to be trampled by evil, like those filthy sub-human muslims. Yucky scum!

Editor: You want your crap published?  You actually want people to see your pathetic whine?  Anyone with even a tenth of a brain who watches this has sympathy and sees what is taking place.  This woman has done nothing wrong, whereas you probably have done little in your life that is right.  You haven't had to deal with racism and yet you blubber 'cry babies' over Black people suffering racism?  You are sadly, proof of the racism that exists here, nothing more and nothing less.  And for the record, for the principle of the matter, I didn't modify your comment.  Sorry you must have been raised by terrible parents..

Luke Easter January 3, 2011 11:58 am (Pacific time)

Regularly? That means again and again and again... Imagine what injustice is like in Chicago, New York City, LA and these are not the states. So, President Obama is King George III in disguise? He sits in the White House Gardens sipping beer with a cop and a professor over some minor BS racial issue while the real problems go unchecked. No Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, aka, the country preacher? What country you say? Hell if I know. Well, becareful what you try to do or say. As in the right thing. Just look at JFK, RFK and MLK.

Matt Johnson January 3, 2011 10:15 am (Pacific time)

I am horrified after reading this story and watching the videos, how could this place have gotten away with this?  Thanks for helping this poor woman, please see it through and ensure that justice exists.

Anonymous001 January 3, 2011 6:44 am (Pacific time)

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." - Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - Edmund Burke

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