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Spotlight is on Obama in Iowa as Democratic Contender (VIDEO)

Barack Obama's numbers have jumped significantly since November.

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(DES MOINES) - Could a black American be the next President of the United States? Polls indicate that Senator Barack Obama's lead over fellow Democratic challenger Senator Hillary Clinton is increasing.

His strides are large and he says his policies mean real change for the country. Even his critics admit that Obama's speeches are motivating and his words have substance. Now people around the nation are dialing into the fact that this Senator from Illinois could be our next national leader.

Obama's campaign is gathering growing support from political independents as Iowans prepare to go to the polls in a few hours. It has the other Democratic contenders scrambling as Obama's campaign challenges the traditional model of the state's caucuses and has rivals paying more attention than usual.

A crowd of more than 1,000 people turned out to hear Barack in Council Bluffs New Years Day. More than 1,100 showed up the next day in Dubuque to hear him speak.

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and State Representative Paul Shomshor, who both endorsed Barack, introduced him by speaking about his "ability to unite Americans of all backgrounds." The message was well received by the crowd which by all accounts was ready to caucus.

Democratic Presidential candidate and Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich opened the New Year by publicly asking his Iowa supporters to vote for him in the caucuses this Thursday, and suggesting that if he did not make the 15% threshold, their second ballot should be for Senator Barack Obama.

"This is obviously an 'Iowa-only' recommendation, as Sen. Obama and I are competing in the New Hampshire primary next Tuesday where I want to be the first choice of New Hampshire voters."

Kucinich says Obama drew his support through the similarity in their positions on the war, health care, and trade. This is an opportunity for people to stand up for themselves.

"I strongly encourage all of my supporters to make Barack Obama their second choice. Sen. Obama and I have one thing in common: Change."

Obama noted that he and Kucinich both opposed the war in Iraq before it started and are committed to reclaiming the American Dream on behalf of families across the country.

I have a lot of respect for Congressman Kucinich, and Iā€™m honored that he has done this because we both believe deeply in the need for fundamental change,ā€ said Senator Obama.

Obama says he believes the support in Iowa is also tied to his desires to end to the war in Iraq, reform Washington and create a better life for America's working families.

"I encourage all Iowans to take part in the caucuses this Thursday ā€“ not because it will be good for any one candidate, but because it will be good for our party and the future of our country." Obama said.

The Senator is realistic though, and he knows that the reality of the 2008 Presidency will not be known for some time. "The polls look good, but understand this: The polls are not enough," he said.


In the words of his 2004 Democratic National Convention speech, here is a video on the success Senator Barack Obama is having in his run for the U.S. Presidency.


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Anonymous January 4, 2008 9:20 am (Pacific time)

Real charitable of Rep. Kucinich, real charitable...what a guy!

Albert Marnell January 2, 2008 9:06 pm (Pacific time)

The U-Tube clip is easiest found by looking for: Hillary Clinton Meets the Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth. She denies knowledge of the Bilderberg but has been photographed countless times going or leaving a meeting.

Albert Marnell January 2, 2008 8:28 pm (Pacific time)

It is hard for people to accept that our leaders are pre-picked. Barack has never been invited to a Bilderberg or C.F.R. meeting. Only Hillary, Dodd and Richardson have been invited to these meetings. Hillary has attended Bilderberg meetings for a long time. Dodd and Richardson have gone to C.F.R. and Bilderberg meetings, which is in Manhattan in the Harold Pratt House, 58 East 68th Street, New York, New York 10021. Tel. 1-212-734-0400. The Council On Foreign Relations is just a euphemism extension of the Bilderberg. The only Republicans that have been invited to C.F.R. meetings are Gingrich, McCain and Thompson. The B next to the name is the main key. The only possible winners are Democrats pre-picked by Bilderbergers. Not one Republican candidate has yet been invited to a Bilderberg meeting. Hillary will be matched up with Dodd or Richardson. There is a very slight possiblity that Dodd and Richardson would go together. From the charts that I have received from F.R.E.E. and other sources we will have a Democrat no matter who votes for what. The charts strongly indicate that Hillary is in one way or another, even if she is a Vice-President. See her on U-Tube denying her attendance to Bilderberg meetings. Read up on the global elite and how things really work. An easy way to see what I am talking about is to watch "End Game" by Alex Jones. If you do not like Jones, there are endless sources that the Bilderberg counts on you not being aware of. Well start being aware of them! How do you think that President Carter, the peanut farmer out of nowhere, became President? He did certain things that made him attractive to the Bilderbergers. I remember saying to myself, "Where in the hell did this guy come from?" Now I know.

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