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5 Types of Gossipers Who Never Mind Their Own Business

No matter how busy people are, they always make time for some juicy gossip.


(SALEM, Ore.) - Are you a fan of the latest gossip? Well, as it turns out, most of us are. Hot gossips are like hot cakes - loved by people and spread very quickly. This goes beyond political comedy- show me at least one person in the country who has not put his or her nose in other people’s lives.

Yes, whether we know it or not, most of us fall prey to the temptation of a little harmless gossip now and then.

Have you ever thought about the level of gossiper you are? Interested? Spend a few minutes to find out how you rate, and what it means to be called a Master Gossiper.

  1. Entry-level gossiper
    A person who can call him/herself an entry-level gossiper is usually a person who knows the latest gossip at the end of the line. This is you if you can’t understand how people get the information so quickly and you learn everything the last. Yes, it is you if even the hottest gossip reaches you in a month when everybody has already forgotten about that news. You are four steps away from the real gossiper who can be called a master, so if you aspire to be one of them, wait no longer. You will learn this and more by checking out hot Kenyan gossip on Tuko.
  2. Mid-level gossiper
    This kind of gossiper is the best friend of an entry-level gossiper. These two hang out together. A real mid-level gossiper is fond of repackaging rumors, sometimes adding new details and spice to a particular story. This kind of gossipers can “confirm” a gossip assuring everybody that they know the people who can verify the story and proof it is true.
    Another bright characteristic of this type of gossiper is thoughtless retweeting and sharing on social media. They have a necessity to give an opinion and after tag close friends. If you have shared on Twitter or Facebook stories of a possible car exploding while refueling during hot weather or Funniest Trump Memes, you are already gossiper of the second level.
  3. Senior-level gossiper
    This type of gossiper can be called already dangerous if to compare him to the two previous types. At first, such person pretends to sympathize with another person, get the information to use then add to the gossip, and then he or she forwards the already created gossip to mutual friends and await the comments. Such people feel at a loss if they haven’t shared somebody’s secrets, and they feel good when laughing behind the persons back. Such a gossiper always has tricks up his sleeve, including taking screenshots of chats, and taking secret photos to use in future as a sort of proof. On social media, a senior-level gossiper will be the number one person to defend the subject of some particular gossip. Such people usually claim to be very close to the subject of gossip. You can figure out a senior-level gossiper by the habit to invoke the name of God protecting their story and to curse and even to sentence “fake” gossip mongers to hell.
  4. Graduate-level gossiper
    If you have doubts if the gossip is true or not, you can ask for advice of our next gossip specialist. We have called him/her a graduate-level gossiper. This type of gossiper usually is an opinion leader in the office, church, and social media. These people do not speak point blank, they are well practiced at hinting and using parables. We can call such a person an improved version of the Mid-level gossiper. Such gossipers have high status and therefore speak with authority, so there is no surprise why people believe them. A graduate-level gossiper makes the gossip credible. If the doors are closed they try their best and by hook or by crook get the information to use however they see fit. These high-level gossipers provide journalists with information, give tips and hints. They are a source of explosive stories but keep silent after the explosion like grey cardinals.
  5. Master/Mistress gossiper
    This is the highest rank in the gossipers ranking. Such people know everything about everybody; this makes them the most dangerous among all gossipers. Usually, they know the smallest details of the story. The previous types of the gossipers admire such a master. If you want to learn the juiciest details of some particular story all you need is to follow a master gossiper on Facebook. Any argument ends when this expert gives his/her opinion. They are real hunters after yummy gossips, can spend nights digging up facts, and smell a juicy story from afar. A master gossiper is dangerous also because he looks and sounds harmless, but in fact, he can (and probably will) use everything you say, do or even think against you in future. We suggest that you don’t try to confront such a person, because it is “Mission Impossible”, they are extremely vicious and you will never catch them red-handed in the game.
These points may simply graze the surface of a gossiper’s insider info. Now that you’re in the know, remember...use the information we have given you, but please, not against us!

Source: Special Features Dept.


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Dester March 26, 2018 9:32 am (Pacific time)

Welcome to L.A . This story should follow on to defamation, entrapment, and the grand daddy of them all blackmail. What we call in the rest of the world "Chinese whispers". Gossip has ruined many people’s lives, including companies and businesses. Sadly the likes of MTV thrives on such deplorable mindsets. Followed by mother’s meeting up, having their weekend ( chinwags ) over overpriced coffee .. talking about reality tv shows . Oh joy .

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