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Women haters: Are all Republicans like this?

Pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen. Really?

womens rights

(MOLALLA, Ore.) - As a man, I regard the three leaders of Presidential primaries with abhorrence. It reminds me of a perverse “Three Stooges”. I really don’t know if two of the wives wanted “x” number of children, I don’t think they had any say-so.

It reminds me of my visit to a Leveque family reunion in northern Maine. Most of the Leveques are Catholics, and there was a prize for the biggest family. Of my father’s generation, the biggest was 9 children. Of my own generation it was 4. Was the number in both cases providential? Or were contraceptives of some sort involved in the latter?

The third leading contestant seems to have a strong habit of bed-hopping. All the details are not known to me but they seem to be mentioned frequently. I suppose it’s connected with the biology of being an Alpha male, or that's what some would like us to think.

To hear these Three Stooges rail against contraceptive use is an abomination to me in that it is said 98% of women use, or have used, contraceptives of some sort in their fertile years.

If the women do not wish to become pregnant, why should men as a group have the power and arrogance to deny them this right? If a woman does become pregnant by “accident”, by rape, or incest, why shouldn’t she have the right to suspend the pregnancy? If men got pregnant, they would certainly maintain this right.

A lot has been barked about single mother pregnancy and childbirth. Are the single fathers being required to provide financial support or do these costs fall on the rest of us because the typically young single mother cannot adequately provide for the child or children? You know the answer.

The mother and child are forever yoked with the strong probability of being at the bottom of the socio-economic heap and will never be able to escape from it. This costs the rest of us plenty!

The Alpha males certainly have a lot to explain, even to themselves or their wives. Would they really want their own daughter to be yoked by the same restraint they profess to maintain? If so, shame on them!

Women have the responsibility to vote against ALL of these restrictions. If they don’t consider changing their voting habits to voting their own minds, then consider this: do you really want to be relegated to what your predecessors were? Pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen?

For many years, the main cause of death in women was childbirth. Even today, over half a million women die from pregnancy and childbirth-related tragedies worldwide every year. This number can still grow. Remember, things can always get worse if you let them.


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Sandra March 1, 2012 10:27 am (Pacific time)

"Women haters: Are all Republicans like this?" Maybe the answer to this question may be found by asking people like former Sen. Edwards, or former Rep. Weiner? If so desired I can continue this list by a very large number of names just going back less than 20 years. Let's be honest, both parties have their scoundrels.

Anonymous February 29, 2012 6:22 pm (Pacific time)

BettyJean Kling, so are you a Gingrich supporter or Romny? Considering your narrative, Governor Sarah Palin sounds good for you, even though she way out performed your mother in actual accomplishmens. Frankly what your mom did back then was not all that unusual, but maybe it was for your peer's mothers? Anyway she sounds great and am glad you had someone like that as a model. That's why I referenced Sarah Palin as your kind of leader, unless you buy into all the leftist propaganda, which is essentially aimed at the clueless and narcissistic types.

BettyJean Kling FreeUSNow February 29, 2012 2:09 pm (Pacific time)

Which is it Rick- Is the little woman’s place in the home or in a combo position? Let me see if we the women of America can figure this out based on your latest clarification of Who Rick Santorum is and where he stands on where women belong!
In a concession speech given just as rival Mitt Romney won the Republican presidential primaries of Arizona and Michigan, Santorum took the chance to tell voters “a little more about who Rick Santorum is” and sang the praises of his 93-year-old grandmother, his wife Karen, a former lawyer and nurse who gave up work to raise their family, and their daughter Elizabeth who campaigns for her dad on her own.
“I grew up with a very strong mom, someone who was a professional person who taught me a lot of things about… balancing work and family, and doing it well, and doing it with a big heart and commitment,” he said.
Now as if I give a rat’s pitudy about what you or any other male candidate thinks about what ‘we the majority’ of the electorate aka we the people of the United States of America, should do or can or cannot accomplish, or where we belong or don’t belong. Let me preface the following by saying – It is none of your damned business what we the women of America do, see, say, or want! But having said that I would like to recap your positions this far.
Click to Read more and meet Bella just out of Surgery
This is what we know from before We the ‘American Women’ sent you a message from Michigan:
We know women do not belong the front lines where they can be a distraction, recently suggesting that women serving in the front lines of battle would compromise military missions because men might get emotional seeing a woman in harm’s way.
We know Santorum once remarked that “radical feminists” were undermining the traditional home and called contraception dangerous. You have certainly proven that by keeping your wife home, happily impregnated nearly half of the last 20 years of your marriage.
We know you had a falling out with former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s campaign over an email one of his staffers sent questioning whether or not God wanted a woman to be president. Watch his speech here from the Washington Post blog.
Next time remember the ladies you Neanderthal- we can and will take you to the mats! I assume you got the message based on the groveling at our feet last night but ALAS – you are too late. Exit polls in Michigan help explain the shift. Santorum trailed Michigan winner Mitt Romney by 5 points among women, but only 1 point among men. Read more:
This is what you want us to believe NOW:
“But my mom's a very unusual person for her time. She's someone who did get a college education in the 1930s, and was a nurse, and got a graduate degree, even, as a nurse, and worked full time. And when she married my dad, they worked together at the Veterans Administration. That's where they met, right after the war. And later on, they had me and the rest of the family, my brother and sister, and my mom continued to work. She worked all of my childhood years. She balanced time, as my dad did, working different schedules, and she was a very unusual person at that time. She was a professional who actually made more money than her husband.” Read more:
You decided to change your tune sir and I’m not buying it and if I have anything to say about it – neither will I let anyone else! First you tried to use Conservatives and now you are trying to bamboozle Independents and …. Nah you can’t be trying to get liberals not even you are that dumb!
1. For example, stating men and women signed the declaration of independence was patronizing. Next, reminding your audience that you recruited a perfectly good lawyer and nurse to sit home having children and home schooling them – just pissed me off even more and I am a fairly conservative woman! I also remember my PA tax dollars paying for expensive private schools they didn’t actually attend because you all resided and home schooled in VA while family members lived in the house you kept in PA.
Rick took $100000 from a struggling Pennsylvania public school district to pay for ... Unfortunately, Rick and his family live in suburban Virginia, not Pennsylvania, ... but in private he takes every advantage he can for himself and his own family.
His wife Karen, Santorum said, was a recruit to his law firm who then decided to leave—to stay home and raise her children. “But she also found time to be an author of two books,” Santorum added, stressing that his family, like him, has always found a way to balance professional careers and families.
“[Karen] worked as a nurse, but after we got married, she decided to walk away, yet didn’t quit working. She was a mother, and also wrote two books,”
Tell me Rick how did your wife Karen Santorum a former neonatal nurse balance her career professions as nurse or lawyer while continually bearing a total of 8 children since 1992? You call writing 2 children’s books in all these years a fair balance? I call it a professional consolation prize considering her place is now at your side far from home and a dying baby!
In addition, you have your daughter, Elizabeth 20, stand behind you like a star stuck teen looking like a zombie daughter? You lost a child and now the 3 year old baby Bella is not being cared for by mom and dad at home but instead is fighting for her life alone while you and Karen and Elizabeth are campaigning and shamelessly evoking pity for dying Bella! She is being used as a lapel pin instead of you and your family staying home with her in what may very well be her last days on earth. We are equal human beings- run your wife for office and you stay home you big jerk! Or better yet, go back to PA you don’t belong in the big leagues in 2012- women outside your home are not your pawns!
So I will ask again which is it Rick- Is the little woman’s place in the home or in a combo position which best suits her man’s needs? Are you again showing us by example what is expected of us women by a modern day womanizer? Karen leaves her profession to stay home to bear and educate your babies until she and Elizabeth are needed to prop you up on the campaign trail? Sadly, you are both needed at home right now and the women of America – will probably be sending you home fairly soon.
Yes Rick – you owe BELLA- go home!

Ty Faison February 28, 2012 11:29 am (Pacific time)

From my experience it takes some real guts to stand up to the powers the way Dr. Leveque did.  

Anonymous February 27, 2012 6:25 pm (Pacific time)

Matt I guess the Oregon Medical Board does not agree with your appraisal.

Editor: The Oregon Medical Board took Dr. Leveque's license because he helped get the first round of legislation for legal medical marijuana passed.  His 'crime' was authorizing a patient without making the individual, who had serious health issues and qualified for MMJ on several points, travel from eastern Oregon to Portland for a physical, which from a medical standard, was hardly necessary.  Dr. Leveque trained the first doctors in Uganda and Tanzania, his life is so rich and amazing that there is not sufficient space to describe it.  He fought the Nazi's in Patton's Army and anybody who doesn't respect him is an idiot.

Tim King- in case anyone doesn't know who the main editor is. 

stephen February 27, 2012 4:57 pm (Pacific time)

I have written many times that I view salem-news for Tim and Dr. Phil...but Dr. Phil needs to take his own advice and smoke or eat a bit more.. :-)
1. Voting is outdated: it doesnt work...

Editor: Stephen, let me put it simply.  Don't ever disrespect my Mentor, Dr. Phil Leveque, OK?  He is a giant among men and I am a very loyal person to my team, there is a bar here, a standard, and everything has to stay above it or I will not carry it, cool? Thanks.  I appreciate your input, but you know you have a hard time not firing things that are counterproductive.  And for the record, darn it, there are a ton of things being voted on in this country that are terribly important, like school bond issues, things like that, and in small communities I have seen dire measures defeated by less than a hundred votes, so don't tell people voting doesn't matter, if you believe that then you are in the damned anarchist camp and they are nothing but allies of the GOP even though neither realizes it, but then there you are only rooting for Ron Paul when every damned person knows it is an exercise in futility, too bad, he has good points like your hero Alex Jones but he is in a tight corner and most people are not even phased, which is unfortunate but true.  The only thing to do in my opinion is fix what we have, live up to the dreams of other Americans who were grounded and knew what was going on.  The key to all of it is unlocking the corporate media, that is what we are here to do, to be the news only honest.  Voting isn't going away and don't tell me the platform of the GOP isn't vastly different from Democrats, regardless of how disappointing the Dems are, it is night and day different, Democrats care about the poor and Republicans care about the rich and stripping rights away from women, screw that.

Matt Johnson February 27, 2012 3:56 pm (Pacific time)

Real men take care of the poor and value women at the highest order, recognizing their beauty and strength and intelligence and inherent kindness. Thank you Doctor Leveque for once again standing up for what is right!

Doug Welch February 27, 2012 3:24 pm (Pacific time)

Hear hear! I cannot believe the utter imbecility manifested in the GOP debates. To hear from these neanderthals, one would believe that the entire 20th Century had not happened, from the consolidation of labor, human and civil rights to the defeat of Fascism, these buffoons are dredging up political trends that we thought had been laid to rest. I guess this is what happens when progressive social activists win many, many victories, the reactionaries lie in waiting until the dust settles and try to undo them. We won't go back!

Anonymous February 27, 2012 1:58 pm (Pacific time)

It never was about "contraception", it's about the 1st Amendment. Show me one of these candidates who wants to outlaw contraception? No proof, thus the mainstream media, aka democrats, have as usual been dishonest and have turned many innocent but uninformed into their spokepeople. That's the primary reason the Supreme Court leveled the playing field by allowing all corporations to exercise political speech, not just the biased media corporations including newspapers, magazines, book publishers and movies/television. Just look how livid the left gets when someone in the media allows both sides of an arguement to come into play. Facts are not going to be suppressed anytime soon. No doubt a bloodbath is in our future, but it won't be the elite left getting in harms way innitially, they just direct the action from a safe location, but we know who they are, and they will be dealt with in a complete way. Nearly 100% of them are zionist' racists.

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