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'Courage to Resist' Honors Bradley Manning, Wikileaks and Other Whistleblowers

Bradley Manning is an American hero.

Artwork by the amazing Carlos Latuff, friend of Salem-News.com in Rio de Janeiro.
To see more of his work, visit: Latuff Gallery

(SALEM, Ore.) - Vic Sadot says 'A tribute to GI Resistance in 2011' was especially inspired by the 22-year old Army private named Bradley Manning who languishes behind bars for telling the truth as an American about his own nation' lawbreaking, and also by the mission of Julian Assange's Wikileaks.

The video is live at dignity.com. DIGNITY's mission furthers the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in solidarity with all peoples struggling for self-determination.

This is our language at Salem-News.com, so naturally we were moved to hear this special tribute song to Manning and Wikileaks that credits those who make the right decisions, the kind we were raised to make a Americans.

In a way the US has striking similarities to Iran or North Korea or any of its perceived foes because true honor and integrity are exactly measured by the treatment of a whistleblower. They are our society's bravest and most honorable citizens.

Manning and wikileaks exposed the lies, war crimes, and cover-ups of the corporate empire's crimes against humanity and their use of American citizens as their robotic servants.

Vic Sadot said, "Bradley Manning, Nichol Mitchell, Marc Hall, and others give us hope for truth and justice if they can stand up when already bound up by the military and empire octopus tentacles! Check out their real life stories of resistance at www.couragetoresist.org".

Find more videos like this on DIGNITY

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Editor: I tried to light this up but it didn't work, please resend and I will add it, thanks.

stephen February 18, 2011 3:59 pm (Pacific time)

wikileaks did not reveal anything I did not already know, and alternative news was already exposing. wikileaks does cover and hide facts that deal with israel, britain and the U.S. tho. It is called "give enough truth, that was already known and growing, and dilute it with deception". When wikileaks brings the truth about 911, then get back to me. I am in a network that watches for government de-classified documents. Today, one of those documents came out, showing that the pentagon knew about the 911 threat. This is about the one thousandth time giving evidence that the official story was made up. Hey, on other levels, I know how learning the 911 official story is deception, when I learned I got sick myself. I did not want to believe it. But the evidence is too overwhelming. When wikileaks brings up 911, then I will pay attention. So far, wikileaks is nothing but info I already knew, and covering for governments that Tim King usually criticizes. Tim: wikileaks is opposite what you are working so hard for. Please see my info about my Feb 5 prediction in Egypt, I know what I am talking about. thanks.

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