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Infantry Deaths: Pres. Truman's Atomic Bombs and Pres. Obama's Drones

The bomb and drones both save infantry lives.

Atomic bomb and drone
Courtesy: U.S. Govt. and

(PORTLAND, OR) - After barely surviving General Patton's Army in WWII, I and my infantry division was scheduled to attack Japan where infantry deaths were predicted to be about one million as the Japanese were going to attack troop transports with kamikaze suicide pilots. We infantry couldn't possibly survive that. President Truman probably saved a million infantry lives.

Over the years, the artillery from air and ground has become the major killing machine of the infantry. Our pop-guns, the M-1 Garand, etc., killed few people by comparison to the artillery, which includes the flying artillery, the bombers. In WWII, the bombers had only about a 10% accuracy but area bombers killed many thousands and paralyzed Germany's war effort. Together, those bombers and artillery are called the 'King of Battle'.

Since WWII, the flying artillery such as the helicopter gunships, have become the mean killing weapons. The newest killing machine is the drone, recommended by the chiefs of staff and President Obama. Drones will save thousands of infantry lives and remember, the infantry does the fighting, killing and dying, which included in WWII, 300,000 deaths, which was 70% of those Americans killed in WWII.

In the current wars, Iraq and Afghanistan, the infantry with about 100,000 total, fighting in support, are barely holding the ground, but any progress is made with helicopters and drones. One drone is worth about 100,000 troops on the ground. Even that many could not capture bin Laden. President Obama's drones saved thousands of infantry lives.

The current kerfuffle in Congress, trying to restrict drone and air strikes, will cause the deaths of thousands of infantry. We dogface infantry have paid our dues with blood and death in every American war. To deny the infantry the best means of attack and defense will be a crime. Battles are not fought in Congress, but in some God forsaken places far away.

If the Congress wants to condemn the infantry to unnecessary deaths, they should send their own sons and daughters into the same hell of battle. Charles Hagel, former Vietnam Infantry sergeant, will be the best Secretary of Defense to protect our infantry by giving us the best equipment including helicopters, AND DRONES.


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Kenneth Johnson February 13, 2013 2:40 pm (Pacific time)

Anonymous, I agree with you completely. And I do approve the use of nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Were we to have invaded, the most optimistic estimate was 100K American deaths and 5-10 MILLION Japanese deaths. Tojo was attempting to arm the general populace with SPEARS! SPEARS! Brutal and murderous as they undeniably were, the bombings were the best of a long list of bad options. Certainly, all the old Marines of WWII whom I've known have agreed.

Anonymous February 12, 2013 7:16 pm (Pacific time)

Yes they are now Obama's Drones. I recall those who went ballistic because 3 people were water-boarded, with zero deaths/injuries. Now Obama has given an order that Americans can be killed by these Drones without due process! So where is the outrage other than Code Pink and the ACLU? Could it be political? Ummmm, killing Americans and no intelligence gathering! Waterboarding, no deaths and gathering intelligence. What's Obama's next trick...killing Americans in our homeland without due process? You people on the left should start enlarging your view on what's going on, because the far left expects you to stay silent. Better make sure you have the ability to protect yourself from whatever is coming down the road, for it won't be friendlies.

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