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Dec-27-2013 11:37printcomments

Support Mother Who Resists Court Order to Circumcise Son

The woman has said that she does not wish to harm her son. Circumcision has been shown to result in physical, sexual, and psychological harm.

The woman has said that she does not wish to harm her son.
The woman has said that she does not wish to harm her son. Please sign at thepetitionsite.com

(LOS ANGELES) - The Jewish Circumcision Resource Center represents Jews around the world who question circumcision and choose not to circumcise their sons.

An Israeli religious court has fined a woman for refusing to circumcise her infant son. The matter is part of an ongoing divorce case. In Israel, religious courts have authority over various family matters like marriage, divorce, and child welfare. Circumcision is viewed as a requirement among religious Jews. Israel has struggled for generations to reconcile its religious and secular traditions.

The woman has said that she does not wish to harm her son. Circumcision has been shown to result in physical, sexual, and psychological harm.

As the caretaker and mother, she has the right to forgo circumcision like thousands of other Israeli parents. No civil law requires circumcision in Israel. When parents disagree, as in this instance, the default position is to let the child decide about circumcision when he is older.

She appealed the case to the Israeli Supreme Court, a civil court, which issued a temporary injunction (restraining order), freezing the rabbinical court’s decree. The father’s response is due in the Supreme Court on January 2, 2014.

We urge you to sign this petition to ask the Israeli Supreme Court to issue its final ruling in favor of this mother’s right to protect her son.

Please sign at thepetitionsite.com




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Circumcised female December 29, 2013 5:44 pm (Pacific time)

dan, your comment belies your lack of experience with the male foreskin. The foreskin is extremely pliable... there are performers who stretch it and manipulate it as if it is a toy. It doesn't seem to cause Europeans problems - only one in over 16,000 is circumcised in Europe for medical reasons. The foreskin has tens of thousands of sensual nerve endings in it which act as a "brain", a feedback mechanism for the man. With foreskin, he knows when to pause, when to move, where to move - for he is in tune with his own body and that of his partner's. Without foreskin, the man has only awareness of friction and pressure. Therefore, a lot of circumcised sexuality is just "in and out" with little real connection between the partners. In fact, it appears that is the purpose of circumcision - to reduce sexual pleasure and marriage bed bonding - see the writings of Maimonaides. The good news is, men can restore and reclaim much of what was lost... much as people stretch their ears, etc.

dan December 27, 2013 1:44 pm (Pacific time)

When the child is circumcised it's less tragic than when they are at adulthood. When the head of the penis is so large that the skin won't slide back or when it does it rips the end sex becomes painful.

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