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Love for Jesus Can Bring Christians, Muslims Together

We have more in common than we think.
The Prophet Muhammad himself sought to erase any distinctions between the message he taught and that taught by Jesus.

(WASHINGTON D.C.) - "Behold! The angels said: 'O Mary! God giveth thee glad tidings of a Word from Him. His name will be Jesus Christ, the son of Mary, held in honor in this world and the Hereafter and in (the company of) those nearest to God.'"

Before searching for this quote in the New Testament, you might first ask your Muslim co-worker, friend or neighbor for a copy of the Quran, Islam's revealed text. The quote is from verse 45 of chapter 3 in the Quran.

It is well known, particularly in this holiday season, that Christians follow the teachings of Jesus. What is less well understood is that Muslims also love and revere Jesus as one of God's greatest messengers to mankind.

Other verses in the Quran, regarded by Muslims as the direct word of God, state that Jesus was strengthened with the "Holy Spirit" (2:87) and is a "sign for the whole world." (21:91) His virgin birth was confirmed when Mary is quoted as asking: "How can I have a son when no man has ever touched me?" (3:47)

The Quran shows Jesus speaking from the cradle and, with God's permission, curing lepers and the blind. (5:110) God also states in the Quran: "We gave (Jesus) the Gospel (Injeel) and put compassion and mercy into the hearts of his followers." (57:27)

As forces of hate in this country and worldwide try to pull Muslims and Christians apart, we are in desperate need of a unifying force that can bridge the widening gap of interfaith misunderstanding and mistrust. That force could be the message of love, peace and forgiveness taught by Jesus and accepted by followers of both faiths.

Christians and Muslims would do well to consider another verse in the Quran reaffirming God's eternal message of spiritual unity: "Say ye: 'We believe in God and the revelation given to us and to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and it is unto Him that we surrender ourselves.'" (2:136)

The Prophet Muhammad himself sought to erase any distinctions between the message he taught and that taught by Jesus, who he called God's "spirit and word." Prophet Muhammad said: "Both in this world and in the Hereafter, I am the nearest of all people to Jesus, the son of Mary. The prophets are paternal brothers; their mothers are different, but their religion is one."

When Muslims mention the Prophet Muhammad, they always add the phrase "peace be upon him." Christians may be surprised to learn that the same phrase always follows a Muslim's mention of Jesus or that we believe Jesus will return to earth in the last days before the final judgment. Disrespect toward Jesus, as we have seen all too often in our society, is very offensive to Muslims.

Unfortunately, violent events and hate-filled rhetoric around the world provide ample opportunity for promoting religious hostility. And yes, Muslims and Christians do have some differing perspectives on Jesus' life and teachings. But his spiritual legacy offers an alternative opportunity for people of faith to recognize their shared religious heritage.

America's Muslim community stands ready to honor that legacy by building bridges of interfaith understanding and challenging those who would divide our nation along religious or ethnic lines.

We have more in common than we think.


Ibrahim Hooper is the National Communications Director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). He holds a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s of art in journalism and mass communication.

Hooper has been with CAIR since its founding in 1994. As CAIR’s spokesman he appears frequently on national and international television programs to offer an Islamic perspective on current events or debate controversial issues. He may be contacted at:

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Brandi December 18, 2010 1:37 pm (Pacific time)

Mr. Hooper worked for the Islamic Association of Palestine before he went to CAIR. IAP was an overt arm of the Islamic supremacist Muslim Brotherhood and it was shut down by the U.S. government for funding Hamas!

CAIR was created so it would be less overt.

Usually, a number of Islamic conferences are planned on Christmas day so they don't celebrate this day, like the massive Reviving the Islamic Spirit in Canada on Dec 24-26th.

Back in 1992, a convention was stumbled upon in Oklahoma City on Christmas Day where overt jihadist material was openly displayed.

Christmas is not celebrated in Islam. The Quran also says it is blasphemy to consider Jesus the son of God.

Did I mention that Hopper said in an interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune in 1993, and I quote, "I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future...But I'm not going to
do anything violent to promote that. I'm going to do it through education."

This is a shocking display of pandering.

Editor: Sorry, but what an overt load of crap.  Hamas is the legit elected government of Palestine, they are absolutely nothing like what you or any other Zionist wants to say.   A total of 28 Israeli people have died in the touted 'Hamas rocket attacks' since '01 when the whole thing began.  Then, Hamas halted all suicide bombing and then, they renounced the act as a bad idea.  There is nothing right or correct about the way Israel treats Palestinians.  I love your use of 'stumbled upon' -  real dramatic stuff.  You want drama, try considering how Israel fires at peace protesters, steals land, demolishes the homes of people who have lived in them for generations.  No, Mr. Hooper's work is welcome here and if you visit often enough, you will also find press releases from Hamas.  Your game is over, we are the new game.  Israel has a lot of changes to make in the future and they will happen.  You are not superior or more deserving because of your religion, that is religious extremism and Zionism is a horrible form of racism and nothing else.  Want something to do?  Raise awareness of the suffering of Holocaust victims in Israel, there are many living in squalor and poverty.  It is shameless the way Israel behaves.  

Douglas Benson December 16, 2010 5:10 pm (Pacific time)

I will try again . These three faiths have a common bond being Abraham . An embarrassing lack of faith and a handmaiden named Hagar. To the Jews the bastard son of their forefather ,and to the Christians and the Jews a sanctioned holy war against this common enemy. My fear is they will turn this into a self fulfilling prophecy of epic proportions .

xexon December 16, 2010 5:01 pm (Pacific time)

A Yemeni Jew explains "Allah"

Douglas Benson December 16, 2010 3:47 pm (Pacific time)

Whats up Tim lose my post?
By the way Luke just who is the god of Abraham ? Dont forget Hagar the handmaiden and a lack of faith .It confounds me that religious leaders dont seem to know much about thier own religion .Multiple wives ,treating women as property are not just a part of other faiths ,care to read the old test sometime?

Tim King: Douglas, never saw it brother, do you have it saved and if so can you email it to me?  Thanks

IBRAHEEM (Denmark) December 16, 2010 3:15 pm (Pacific time)

As part of my non-violent jihad in support of Islam, I have recently completed a book called "ENOUGH! Islamophobia" subtitled: "This is Judaism - This is Christianity", a methodical review of the 5 books of Moses and the 4 Gospels, proving beyond doubt through direct quotes followed by logical analysis of around 1350 verses, that compared with Judaism and Christianity, Islam has nothing to apologise for.
Visit for more, incl full front+rear covers and c 50 pages of excerpts. Peace to the world!

Luke Easter December 15, 2010 8:17 pm (Pacific time)

Impossible! Muslims do not believe in God/Jesus. They believe in Allah. Why do you think there is discord in the first place? If it was that simple I'd vacation in Iran and neither would women in Muslim countries be third class citizens subject to sexual abuse, torture and domectic violence w/o any recourse. Heck, only in that regard is this country like theirs and that regard only.
Christians and Muslims have zilch point zero in common.
Christianity teaches Jesus is the only to the kingdom of eternal life. So, since they do not believe in Jesus as the only source... You do the math and not Muslim math of one man + 20 wives = yeah!

Tim King: First, for all of the readers who accuse us of not being dyed in the wool western thinkers, meet my brother Luke.  I may not agree with everything Luke says, but he is a devout Christian and his material is published here regularly.  As for my thoughts on this, I do not agree, but I am still happy to publish it.  I do everything possible to remind people of our commonalities and they are endless in my opinion.  For example, 'Allah' is God.  'Allah' means God.  Most people in the world believe in a single God, it is the exact same God. 

The faiths have much in common but people prefer to portray the other side poorly, historically.  Christian people (in a western world where mini skirts and Bart Simpson represent daily life)  are as guilty of sex abuse and torture (Official torture from GW Bush and Cheney - even legal) as any of their Muslim counterparts.  I just can't imagine a kind and loving God sporting a 'zero tolerance' for people who are raised to be devout in their own culture.  As for 20+ wives, I have spent time in the Arab world and never saw anything like that.  That problem would be related to greed and not religion.  Ever heard of the Mormons?  We are all the same.  

xexon December 15, 2010 5:53 pm (Pacific time)

I'm known for being harsh on religion and this isn't going to be any exception. Religions are built upon beliefs. A dangerous thing prone to manipulation. Zionism itself uses religion as a host body to move about in. It could never stand on it's own, and that is the key to defeating it. All the carnage you see in the Middle and Near East is a product of people being strung along because of what they believe rather than what they see through their own spiritual eyes. The Abrahamic religions are from the same rotten tree, and the fruit that comes from it is rotten as well. These religions are technically cults of the dead, as they attempt to keep their dead masters alive through the perpetuation of their words. It cannot be done. These are not spiritual paths at all, as true religion is an individual journey, not a group effort. So, most people are not yet mature enough, spiritually speaking, to use their inner vision. Religion is all they have. Why not share what you have so that you may come to know each other, and displace the radical elements that get all the news coverage? You helped create them after all. Because you proclaimed your own path superior. "God", by whatever your definition, is about combining all the parts to make a whole. Not dividing the whole against itself. x

eileen fleming December 15, 2010 2:53 pm (Pacific time)

Jesus also said "Put down the sword" and he promised that "the Peace Makers are the children of God" NOT those that bomb, torture or occupy others. IMAGINE what a wonderful world it would be IF all who claim to be Christian actually DID what Jesus taught was non-negotiable for his followers: You must forgive and love your 'enemy' and what ever you do or do NOT do for the least- you do it or NOT unto God.

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