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Kevin Annett: Pope Bergoglio flaunts UN Deadline on Child Trafficking as 30 Child Skeletons Discovered at B.C. Native School

Children's remains were just discovered in a mass grave on the grounds of a United Church residential school for native children in Port Alberni, B.C.

Kevin Annett
Rev. Kevin Annett

(VANCOUVER B.C.) - In an interview today with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Kevin Annett, field secretary of the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State discusses

Pope Bergoglio

how Pope Bergoglio is using the basic methods recommended by Machiavelli in flaunting a UN-imposed deadline for revealing Vatican-controlled data on child trafficking.

They have also been tightening up rules covering up child abuse in the Catholic Church.

This, just as 30 skeletons of children are discovered in a mass grave on the grounds of a United Church residential school for native children in Port Alberni, B.C.

Please watch the video below with Kevin Annett...


See the evidence of Genocide in Canada and other crimes against the innocent at and at the website of The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State at

An International, multi-lingual ITCCS site can be found at:
The complete Common Law Court proceedings of Genocide in Canada are found at: - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part One) - 1 hr. 46 mins. - Common Law Court Proceedings - Genocide in Canada  (Part Two) - 1 hr. 47 mins. - Final Court Verdict and Sentencing - 8 mins. 30 secs. - Authorizations and Endorsements of ITCCS/Kevin Annett by indigenous eyewitnesses - 10 mins. - Irene Favel, Eyewitness to the incineration of a newborn baby by a priest at Muscowegan Catholic Indian school, Saskatchewan, 1944 - Other key testimonies from our Court case against genocide in Canada

Kevin Annett is a Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (2013). Messages for him can be left at 250-591-4573 (Canada) or 386-323-5774 (USA). His website blog is .

"I gave Kevin Annett his Indian name, Eagle Strong Voice, in 2004 when I adopted him into our Anishinabe Nation. He carries that name proudly because he is doing the job he was sent to do, to tell his people of their wrongs. He speaks strongly and with truth. He speaks for our stolen and murdered children. I ask everyone to listen to him and welcome him."
Chief Louis Daniels - Whispers Wind
Elder, Crane Clan, Anishinabe Nation, Winnipeg, Manitoba



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Anonymous December 20, 2013 3:00 pm (Pacific time)

Bill it appears your boy has not had a significant impact, like you.

Bill Annett December 14, 2013 5:04 am (Pacific time)

Hey, Anonymous scores again! - and manages to divert the whole conversation away from what Kevin was talking about. Right on, Anon - and it was that nasty old flu virus that killed six million Jews, 30 million Russians and those other groups of un-vaccinated Rowandans, Kosovo innocents and even Genghis Khan's victims. But thanks to GlaxoSmith Kline, the Center For Disease Control and the Bush Administration, all of whom profited from the anti-Swine Flu program, the world is now safe from mass graves. Don't talk about "facts", Anon, especially when you're totally out of your depth on a subject that Kevin has been researching, writing and lecturing about for 20 years on three continents. Just shut up and read your little right-wing pamphlets.

Arizona Navajo December 13, 2013 6:23 pm (Pacific time) The disease struck the Navajos especially hard. Joseph Schmedding, a trader, who entered a Navajo reservation a few weeks after the epidemic had erupted said that he found 30 Indians, young and old, lying dead in abandoned hogans.

influenza in washington December 13, 2013 6:22 pm (Pacific time) Letter of condolence from Superintendent of the Yakima Indian Agency, Washington,October 29, 1918. Bureau of Indian Affairs. Because of the Federal government's role in administering Indian reservations, the effect of the flu on Indian populations is well documented. This notification sent to the parents of a student at an Indian boarding school is typical of many letters on file.
Record held at: National Archives-Pacific Alaska Region (Seattle). Record Group 75.

1918 B.C. flu fatalities December 13, 2013 6:15 pm (Pacific time)

Fatalities: 4,400 The “Spanish Flu” rapidly spread across Canada along the railwaylines, arriving in Vancouver in October 1918. A second wave came in 1919

mass graves pennsylvania December 13, 2013 6:06 pm (Pacific time) History Of the 1918 Mass Graves in Winfield Township Butler County PA

The history in Winfield Township is indeed rich with Billy Smith's (driller on the first Drake Well) grave and Cooper's Cabin (one of the first cabins in the township) marked as historic sites. In 2002 the township gained another marked significant location. It is the gravesite of 1918 influenza victims. The mass graves were left basically unmarked until June 2002.

many mass graves are yet to be found December 13, 2013 3:59 pm (Pacific time) Officials in Philadelphia knew what was coming their way. All through September 1918 they had seen reports coming out of Boston of a virulent, deadly influenza. In fact, the Philadelphia Bureau of Public Health had issued a bulletin about the so-called Spanish influenza as early as July 1918. Despite the prescience of some, Philadelphia’s health and city officials had failed to even list influenza as a reportable disease, placing the city’s population of nearly two million in grave danger. Photo of men digging a mass trench grave for the victims.

Anonymous December 13, 2013 9:55 am (Pacific time)

Mass graves in this situation is because of influenza, which killed tens of millions around the planet at the time. Of course those with an agenda are not concerned with facts.

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