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Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Respond to Article

The Council knows this process is not any easy one for the Tribal community but the Council is committed to getting through it with diligence and compassion.

Logo for the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.
Logo for the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.

(GRANDE RONDE, OR) - The following is a response from the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, regarding an article recently published by titled: Mass Disenrollment Hits the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde.

The article was submitted to our newsroom by families of the Grande Ronde Tribe who were potentially facing disenrollment. They say 15 tribal members of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde have already been disenrolled, and 79 cases are pending the outcome of hearings scheduled for December.

Siobhan Taylor, Public Affairs Director with the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, contacted our newsroom, writing, "You recently posted an article featuring our Tribal government emblem that contained false and misleading information about tribal disenrollments. It has been posted on many social media sites and news blogs and is very misleading. Many of your readers may assume it is an official release from the Grand Ronde Tribe. It is not. I am attaching an official statement from the Tribe. I hope you will correct the misleading information."

    The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde is conducting an enrollment audit. The audit fulfills one of the tasks assigned in the Tribal Strategic Plan for 2010, which was adopted in August of 2009. That plan was formulated after nearly two years of development that began with a Strategic Futures conference in 2007 involving Tribal leaders and members. The plan directed Enrollment to audit all enrollment files and applications, track reasons for denials, and audit blood quantum records with the goal of strengthening the Grand Ronde Family Tree.

    Recently some statements have cropped up on social media sites regarding the Tribe’s Enrollment audit. One of them even featured the Tribe’s emblem and could have led people to believe it was an official statement from the Tribe. It was not. In addition, the statements contain extremely misleading and false information. For example, the statement that up to 20% of the Tribe is being disenrolled is simply not true. Audit proceedings are ongoing and in fact, over the last several months a number of Tribal members and their families have provided the necessary information to clear up inconsistencies in their files and resolve issues related to their enrollment.

    Tribal Council cannot make any specific comments on the Enrollment Audit until audit proceedings have been completed. The Tribal Council does not see enrollment files until an Enrollment Committee recommendation is presented.

    There is an established process under the Enrollment Ordinance for addressing loss of membership that includes working with Enrollment Staff, then hearings before the Enrollment Committee, a hearing before Tribal Council., and ultimately an appeal to Tribal Court and the Tribal Court of Appeals.

    Over the years our Tribal membership, through Constitutional amendments, has consistently pushed for tightening our membership requirements. As elected officials the Tribal Council took an oath of office to uphold the Tribal Constitution and the laws of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. In that same pledge, the Council swore that they would perform all duties required of them by the Constitution and the laws of the Tribe. The Council knows this process is not any easy one for the Tribal community but the Council is committed to getting through it with diligence and compassion.

    Thank you,

    Siobhan Taylor
    Public Affairs Director
    Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde



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d the next baby have to be planned t December 5, 2013 8:43 pm (Pacific time)

I don't know quite how to state this, but exclusionary policies which were initially created by the WHITE MAN upon the native tribal peoples to secure the eventual disintegration of all the tribes, by requiring inter-breeding of extended cousins has resulted (predictably)in devastating genetic consequences to the subsequent generations. Why should future children of we who have indigenous DNA be placed at risk by the OLD_SCHOOL WHITEMANS EDICTS? It was planned, it is not a mere coincidence. Eugenics was well known in the 19th century. Culture is not maintained by DhNA! A "Culture" is maintained by family & friend interactions over decades, even for the adopted. What a crock of crap this officially-endorsed by BIA {long insisted, federal government} koolaid "DNA" policy has created. It will in the end destroy the future of the "Culture" of all indigenous peoples from inside (the DNA) outwardly. It is nothing more than a eugenics policy of self-destruction in the end promoted by the great slave traders {WHITE BOYS}of the pre-civil war era who wanted manifest-destiny lands to conquer.

limiting genetic-mix is dangerous po December 5, 2013 8:17 pm (Pacific time)

"The resulting birth defects from inter-marriage of the Indians has been devastating." caused a comment "What are you talking about?" What the commentor is trying to express is that the socio-economic practice being promoted of "quantum blood" policies is driving ARTIFICIAL motivations within child-bearing generation toward inter-marriage (for retaining blood quantum in the offspring so as to sustain tribal membership status for many reasons, including financial)of extended relatedness conceptions which increases the problems of latent mutations and inherited DNA problems.

Anonymous December 5, 2013 6:14 pm (Pacific time)

The resulting birth defects from inter-marriage of the Indians has been devastating.

What are you talking about?  

cwilk December 5, 2013 11:16 am (Pacific time)

Thesis of this response: "its not factual and its misleading because we are refusing to disclose any information about it"

This goes along with their PR statement yesterday that "we stopped live streaming council meetings because we dont want anyone outside the membership to see them" and then later went on to say "we will upload video of the meetings to the same public website in a timely matter."

My favorite part is "tribal council must uphold the constitution and all tribal laws" when disclosing paperwork of the entire membership to an auditing firm is a direct violation of the enrollment ordinance.

Who ever works in the PR dept. at GR can certainly do better than this.

Erin December 5, 2013 8:48 am (Pacific time)

I am a voting, enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. I did not ask for the enrollment audit. I do not agree with the disenrollment or banishment of our tibal membership.

The ancestors must weep.. December 5, 2013 4:34 am (Pacific time)

From the confederated tribes website, quote:  "Tribal Council statement on live streaming Posted on 12-04-13 at 2:52 pm , By

Tribal Council decided to begin live streaming in order to provide timely access to the Tribal membership about Tribal Council business. Concerns about broadcasts going to an audience beyond the membership have prompted Tribal Council to halt live streaming at this time. The Council has a fiduciary obligation to protect Tribal assets. With our current technology, we cannot limit the broadcast to Tribal members only. Until further notice, meetings will be recorded and uploaded to the Tribal Web site in a timely manner. DVDs of meetings (indicating whether they have been EDITED or not) will be available for a cost of $5 each. These DVDs will be available to Tribal members from Tribal Council Executive Coordinator Stacia Martin." Comment: In a nutshell..the History of tribal council events is now declared an "Asset". Audio/Video to be "EDITED" = Historical Record Revisionism, apparently set loose by the PRESENT lack of transparency by elected tribal council of confederated tribes. How very sad, I wonder what the Ancestors would think of this ?

Revisionism is more a ploy of the "white" feudal overlords. I am saddened at the secrecy underscoring this enrollment dispute, which appears to be an ethnic cleansing of the confederated tribes by disenrollments. There is no conclusion for me to but conclude this is motivated by greed (bigger piece of Tribal-pie for who's left standing). Blood quantum was always a bad policy to determine who is in a family. GEEZ! By attrition, blood quantum will cause attrition if someone marries outside their extended family!

Eventually, under such a standard, there will be NO ONE left-standing to preserve the cultural family heritage inherited generation to generation because they don't have enough "BLOOD QUANTUM". In short, blood quantum will result in Planned Obsolescence of otherwise genetically-tied people based on decimals and fractions of "blood" {DNA}.

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