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Free Syrian Army Leader Defects, Exposing FSA as Saudi-Israeli Run Project

Saddam al-Jamal has since become associated with a group of jihadists called DAASH which are an even greater threat to the Syrian populace than the FSA.

Former leader of the
Former leader of the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) Eastern Front, Saddam al-Jamal.

(SACRAMENTO) - The leader of the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA) Eastern Front, Saddam al-Jamal, has broken ties with the FSA, citing that the group has been infiltrated with foreign spy agencies from the west since the beginning. Al-Jamal also heads the "Allahu Akbar" Brigade in al-Bukamal in the Deir Ezzor area of eastern Syria.

Al-Jamal, who was a member of the FSA Staff Board or Supreme Military Council, dissociated himself from the FSA Military Council, and the National Coalition, aligning himself with al-Qaeda's "Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant," or DAASH as they refer to themselves. Sadly, the group poses a greater threat to Syria than the FSA.

As Franklin Lamb referenced in today's report, Salafist Crimes in Syria Against Islam Escalate as Sunnis Join Shia in Repudiation:

Daash appeared on the scene about a year ago, and some local observers believe it arrived via Iraq, with large amounts of funding from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey, and with latter, especially, facilitating its weapons, supplies and access to the north of Syria via Turkish territory.

Interestingly, at least two of the same exact countries that the FSA leader cites in the video, are backing DAASH. The former FSA Eastern Front leader reveals in the video below, that the person currently responsible for the file of the "Syrian Revolution" is Salman bin Sultan, Bandar's brother, from the Saudi royal family. It seems the Saudis have their hand in this game at every juncture.

From the beginning of the conflicts in Libya and Syria, it was patently clear to many observers that the U.S. and other western nations, along with Saudi Arabia, were the power brokers, and all support Israel which has run afoul of international law time and time again in its occupation of Palestinian lands.

The Free Syrian Army was vastly popular in the beginning, but our reporter, Dr. Franklin Lamb, was on the ground in Damascus and reported the events as they unfolded. The FSA quickly became a hazard toward all Shiites, Christians and Jews in Damascus.

The FSA consisted largely of international jihadist fighters at first, but was quickly overwhelmed by political forces friendly to Israel and the west.

Now the oppression in Syria is rising well past the boiling point under DAASH, as these hardcore Salafist jihadists take over one area after another, declaring fatwas that condemn women and girls to a tragic life. According to Franklin Lamb's report published today:

Females in Daash controlled areas of Aleppo and elsewhere are being prevented from wearing jeans and sweaters and must wear only the Islamic dress Abaya and Barkaa. They are forbidden from putting on any make-up, and now, as of two weeks ago, to even leave their homes without a male escort. Some women in parts of Aleppo and Raqaa now refer to their neighborhoods as Tora Bora, Afghanistan, given the similarities of repression between Taliban and Salafist treatment of women...

Even diehard Sunnis are speaking out against the raw oppression these Salafists are bringing to Syria, a nation that had excellent nationwide education until the western backed war to oust Assad. The Salafists, particularly those associated with they kill and maim people in the street who don't adhere to their fatwas. Girls are banned from attending school, and none of this existed before the U.S. and European countries decided to destabilize the government of Bashar al Assad.

He also confirmed the involvement many regional and global intelligence services in the running of the FSA, whether it is in attending FSA meetings, training them in Jordan and other locations, and providing them with different types of assistance.



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I was never here December 4, 2013 11:16 am (Pacific time)

Well that's an obvious surprise . Considering how well the US have been in bumping off potential terrorists recently. Most of the people involved on his side of the fence (in Syria ) , their names have been put on a rather impressive menu; served up on a rather impressive platter for the US and Israel to "digest" .

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