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Over 100 Atttend Immigration Reform Rally in Bend

Immigration advocates say they want to see a sufficient number of visas allocated to close unlawful migration channels and thereby strengthen border security.

Billboard depicting Hispanic farmworkers
Photos courtesy: CAUSA

(BEND, Ore.) - Today over a hundred supporters of Immigration Reform joined CAUSA, Central Oregon Jobs with Justice and Recursos Para Derechos Humanos at a rally in Bend to call on Congressman Walden to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation this year.

The rally took place during the Central Oregon town hall style TV show "Talk of the Town". During the show, U.S Congressman Greg Walden for Oregon's 2nd District shared updates on current congressional matters.

Those in attendance say they were calling for a humane and comprehensive immigration reform that provides a fair and coherent path to legalization, while protecting U.S. and immigrant workers.

They say they want to see a sufficient number of visas allocated to close unlawful migration channels and thereby strengthen border security.

The group says that will allow the utilization of smart, cost-effective enforcement measures that actually enhance security while protecting human rights and due process.

This they say, keeps families together, promotes immigrant integration, and protects fundamental rights for all.

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Henry Ruark August 30, 2009 8:38 am (Pacific time)

Friend Vic et al: Seems to me you are clearly emphasizing fact of life that democracy, whatever we choose to make of it, is absolutely a Do It Yourself system. IF we choose distraction, disorganization and further dissolution of our decent and decisive American principles, we will earn for ourselves precisely what is inevitable consequential and will soon be also unavoidable. Those events now underway may even be so damaging as to prevent any possible further Founders-style remediation. Continued futile political pandering has probably now become precisely the perfect pattern to produce potent and too-powerful motivations to massacre any means we may still take. To mediate or even modify whatever maneuvers may still remain for us, to manipulate matters even partially open to us, by strong dialog and even stronger determination leading on to decisive action, may be all that is left for patriotic defense.

Vic August 29, 2009 5:05 pm (Pacific time)

Do you folks realize how many American factories -"maquiladoras"- are just across the border? There is where your anger over lost jobs should be. GE, Westinghouse, Nestle...look it up. These are not bean picking or grass cutting jobs. These are manufacturing jobs that used to provide good incomes for American families. but the businesses figured out that they could pay next to nothing to Mexican workers and make huge a small tariff and ship the goods back here. The only problem is that so many of our manufacturing jobs have been lost that the people laid off when for instance, the Westinghouse washing-machine fatory moved to Mexico cannot afford to buy the washing machine now, among other things. The fat cats have their profits and their bonuses... we will either stand up or fight over the scraps they allow us to have. Once again, we have a problem that is not what it appears to be. When the curtain is lifted, it is as always, the very very priveledged and wealthy VS the rest of us. There are a million distractions..immigrants, gays, terrorists, scandals,false flag attacks...whatever it takes to keep us fighting amongst ourselves and oblivious to the real situation. Its up to us, folks.

Pro-Enforcement August 29, 2009 1:42 pm (Pacific time)

Groups mobilize for the next immigration battle (One Is 76 Year Old Granny) Orange County Register ^ | 8/29/09 | CINDY CARCAM Former schoolteacher Evelyn Miller doesn't plan to retire from the anti-illegal immigration movement any time soon. She's too busy organizing petitions, blasting e-mails, faxes and letters, and threatening politicians who are up for re-election. The 76-year-old member of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform says she is driven by her belief that those in the country illegally are taking jobs and taxpayer services from Americans. "We're soldiers in the foxhole," Miller said from her dining room in Irvine, which doubles as a home office. The "Sleeping Giant" is up. (Excerpt) Read more at ...

Chase August 29, 2009 8:09 am (Pacific time)

This is all out of Rep. Walden's hands as per the recent court ruling that was made before this demonstration. The last statement below really hits home considering our economic downturn. "The U.S. District Court in Maryland ruled in favor of an executive order first issued during the Bush Administration that would require all federal government contractors to use E-Verify. The order was delayed once by Pres. Bush and three times by Pres. Obama while they were awaiting the outcome of lawsuits filed by various business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Under the court’s ruling, all federal contractors holding contracts of more than $100,000, regardless of size, will be required to use E-Verify, beginning on Sept. 8. Subcontractors will also be subject to the rule if their portion of the contract is more than $3,000. The court rejected all arguments presented by the plaintiffs. Judge Alexander Williams, Jr. wrote that “the decision to be a government contractor is voluntary” and “no one has a right to be a government contractor.” Last month, the Department of Homeland Security agreed to implement the rule, and it’s been backed by the Senate. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) offered an amendment that was adopted to the Homeland Security spending bill that would require all federal contractors to E-Verify on new hires. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) offered another amendment that was also adopted to the same bill that would require federal contractors to use E-Verify on all existing employees as well. Both amendments, however, must make it through a conference committee in the fall that will rectify the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill. After the court’s ruling, “Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas) applauded the court’s decision. “There are more than 12 million citizens and legal immigrants unemployed, and even higher-than-average unemployment rates among blacks and U.S.-born Hispanics. It would be wrong to allow jobs that should go to them to go to illegal immigrants instead. I am hopeful that the Chamber will choose not to appeal this decision. The Chamber should stand up for American workers and encourage all its member businesses to enroll in E-Verify.”

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