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The iPhone 8 Promises Huge Changes

Though disappointing, the production delays have a silver lining.

(SALEM, Ore.) - The anticipation surrounding the iPhone 8’s release is fraught with tension. It’s been a long and arduous wait for the tech world as its dealt with leak after leak, rumor after rumor surrounding Apple’s upcoming generation.

Most of us have amassed a pretty serious RSS feed to help filter the massive flood of reports, even though we end up reading most of the latest news with bated breath behind nails bit down to the quick.

If you strain your ears, you can probably hear Tim Cook cackling away as Apple and a long list of reputable leakers pour fuel on the fire.

In the face of these reports, it’s easy to lose sight of what we’re most likely to see in the 8. Though it’s not official until the handset is launched officially in the fall, we’ve rounded up the most probable features of the iPhone 8.

Charging Changes Likely in Our Future

Months ago, the first leaks suggested the 8 would be the first iPhone to have wireless charging capabilities. This still holds true as we zero in on the proposed launch date.

Experts suggest the 8 will come with a fast-charging power adaptor to help shorten the time people waste charging their handset. This feature is an obvious volley in response to Google’s flagship smartphone.

The Pixel’s 2770 mAH battery can charge in 15 minutes, compared to a laborious 3 hours for the iPhone 7 Plus’ 2900 mAH battery.

In addition to rapid charging, the 8 is expected to be the first iPhone to have the option of wireless charging. Unlike Androids before it—which require the smartphone to keep in contact with a charging dock—the eighth generation will charge within a limited radius of the wireless charging emitter. Some rumors clock this radius to be as large as 15 meters.

The Largest Display Yet Kicks the Home Button to the Curb

In its bid to join the Samsung Galaxy’s Infinity Display, the iPhone 8 will likely boast an edge-to-edge display. The near limitless bezel allows for a 5.8-inch OLED, the first of its kind in any generation.

Its larger screen size eats into the home button, eliminating it entirely from the most recent mock-ups.

Initially, there were rumors suggesting Touch ID will be fully integrated into the OLED screen, but problems in production cast doubt on this particular report. Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, alleges the home button will disappear completely, as he claims the 8 won’t support fingerprint recognition.

It’s also highly likely Apple is pursuing biometric facial recognition to unlock the handset, though no news yet whether or not it will replace Touch ID entirely.

Not Every Feature is Met with Excitement

Note that this wouldn’t be an Apple-made phone if it weren’t for contentious design transformations. Every generation has to have one. It just seems that the 8 may have more than the average.

Remember how the seventh generation was met with disbelief after it was revealed the home button was no longer a physical button that could be depressed. Oh, sweet summer child, if only you knew the home button’s future state.

The latest controversial design feature is to do with its touchscreen. To allow for its largest screen yet, the 8 will have a cut-out bezel at the top of the phone to accommodate its front-facing camera and sensors.

While a necessary feature to have, it does spell trouble for those hoping for variety with the newest generation.

The cut-out limits the iPhone 8 to 3 colors: White, Black, and Jet Black. First debuted in the seventh generation, Jet Black has gone down in history as one of the grubbiest finishes one could choose for a phone, as it highlights every scrapes, fingerprint, and oil deposit on the 7 and 7 Plus.

Luckily, this is a minor drawback to the 8. Those consumers who valued their freedom of expression—or those who were just sick of seeing smudges on their 7 Plus—used iPhone 7 Plus skins from dbrand to cover up these cosmetic issues.

dbrand iPhone 7 Plus skins still come in a variety of colors and textures that help personalize and protect these handsets. Since dbrand has an exclusive partnership with 3M vinyl, many of their iPhone skins can’t be found anywhere else online. These premium styles will likely remain on offer with their iPhone 8 skins, too.

Supply Chain Slow Down

Between huge changes to hardware and the addition to the upcoming iOS 11, the 8 promises to be the biggest refresh the iPhone has seen in years. The eighth generation marks the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, and Apple has taken a lot on its plate to make this generation worthy of the title.

Unfortunately, in nailing all of these upgrades down, Apple is facing a huge production delay. At first, the Cupertino-based company hoped to release its 8th line in September, but rumors suggest it won’t even start production until then. Meanwhile its launch date could be as late as November or December.

Though disappointing, the production delays have a silver lining. It has to do with issues surrounding Touch ID and the possible facial recognition.

This means Apple is willing to fix these problems before mass-production floods the market with glitchy handsets.

It’s tempting for companies to do just that. Just look at the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. They were released to North American markets before its AI, Bixby, could understand English, and it suffered from critics fed up with its problematic iris and facial scanners.

In the end, all of this information relies on trusting the rumors, leaks, and mock-ups. They may hold the secret to unlocking the 8, but they might not. That’s what makes the wait so excruciating. We just can’t confirm anything until the iPhone 8 sits in the palm of our hands.

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