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8th Summit of IRTVU Kicks Off in Tehran

Conference slogan: "the Prophet of Mercy; the mission of resistance media"

The 8th Summit of the Islamic Radio and Television Union (IRTVU)

(SALEM, Ore.) - The 8th Summit of the Islamic Radio and Television Union (IRTVU) was opened today with attendance of 220 radio and TV networks from 35 countries.

Institutions and some Islamic Countries’ Ministers of Culture are participating in the opening ceremony of this international assembly.

Keynote speakers and participants at this event include Secretary General of the union Ali Karimian, Iran Leader’s top adviser Ali Akbar Velayat, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, Deputy Secretary-General of Lebanese Hezbollah Sheikh Naeem Ghassem, and Minister of Information in the Government of Syria Omran Ahed Al Zoubi.

Ali Akbar Velayati who was speaking at the opening ceremony of Islamic Radios and Televisions Union Assembly, said, “The news reporters and other members of the media have raised the true Islamic slogans, that is, resistance against oppression and tyranny,” the Assembly’s newsroom reported.

The top advisor of the leader of Iran in international affairs also hinted that though this Union needs a reassessment of its capabilities, it remains the leading center shedding light on the latest developments occurring all across the world.

He also continued: “Making use of state-of-the-art technology is an important tool in predicting the political developments of the region.”

Pointing to this fact that the media needs to make the best out of the least, Dr. Velayati said, “The world’s oppressive leadership is emerging in various and new forms, such that it has deprived the world of Islam from all news facilities and has created a monopoly in this field. Thus, it is critical to grow domestic potentials in improving the production of media facilities.”

In the next part of his lecture which was concerning the Islamic Awakening and its widening scopes in Africa and Asia, Dr. Velayati said, “After the emergence of the Islamic awakening, the enemies tried their best to break the chain of resistance which included Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine. So, they led their assaults to Syria, which is the main stand of resistance against the Zionists.

“The enemies had miscalculated that the popular and legitimate government of Syria will fall in couple of weeks; but, with God’s help, and with the resistance of Bashar Assad and the Syrian government which enjoyed the public support, it is for more than four years that the enemies have seen their attempts in vain, while the hopes are high for more resistance.”

“If the Syria had fallen,” Dr. Velayati added, “the resistance would have been defeated in Lebanon and other countries too.”

The advisor of Iran’s supreme leader noted that Iran and Iraq have announced their support for the Syrian people and their legitimate government and said, “this wide support nullified the plots against this Syrian nation. It is while the foreigners went to great length to provide the anti-government insurgents with all armaments and weaponry.”

This Iranian official also indicated that Saudi Arabia is funding the terrorists and added, “Today, Syria is suffering from mass killings whose targets are both the Muslims and the non-Muslims, Shias and Sunnis and even the Christians have been the victims of these indiscriminate genocide.”

Velayati also said that the terrorists can’t be grouped into extremist and non-extremist, as they all are serving the cause of terrorizing the societies.

Then he said, “Iraq has been a country which played a significant role in the Islamic history and today, this nation will stand against the foreigners and the enemies; they should know that Syria will stand united and will never be divided.”

The top advisor of Iran’s supreme leader in international affairs also said, “We are witnessing the same schemes going underway in Yemen where the enemies plan to divide this country. Today we see that the United States has been forced out of Iraq but they are still trying to interfere with Yemenis affairs.

“The Americans have waged a proxy war and other countries follow them on this trail, but they should know that they will be defeated.”

He also pointed to the important role of Islamic Medias and said, “Today the west lacks freedom of thought; and many of the mediums are not allowed to criticize the US policies. Thus, there is a big distinction between the Islamic Radios and Televisions Union and other media outlets. This big Union, with its special characteristics, can stand against the imperial western media.”

Referring to amoral movies which are void of artistic values and are produced by Hollywood, Mr. Velayati hinted that we have this responsibility to make our best efforts in forwarding our plans in pure and high quality Media productions.

This advisor of Iran’s supreme leader also said, “We have a responsibility before the nations who have stood against the suppression, and that is to stop the US influence in the region and confront its hirelings.”

Referring to the unprecedented crimes by the Saudi Royal Family, Dr. Velayati said, “It is so shameful that the UN has kept silent for over four months since the deadly airstrikes led by Saudi Arabia on the Yemeni nation.

“Unfortunately some of our friends in the international scene are also silent out of their simplicity, and are helping the US to forward its plans.”

Unveiling of ‘Halal Media’ brand and the opening of the sixth edition of the Islamic Film Market are also to be held on the sidelines of the assembly.

The 8th general assembly of IRTVU is being held under the motto of “the Prophet of Mercy; the mission of resistance media” and will last for three days.


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