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Great Britain's Fallen Glory

The Sri Lanka government's successful subterfuges that misled the international community initially in demonetizing the Eelam Tamils resistance as terrorists are now well exposed.

Tattered British flag
Courtesy: barnsley-nationalists2.blogspot.com

(LONDON PFLT) - “When a people are denied their rights to exist as a sovereign nation, when the only choice for them is to take up arms against their oppressors, this has been proven worldwide. Freedom cannot be snuffed out by tyrants, and those who are oppressed must take heart to stand tall against their haughty host”, Kenneth T. Tellis, F book.

Fallen leader of the LTTE Tamil Tigers
Velupillai Prabhakaran

Prabhakaran was clear in his mind what would secure the safety of the Tamils. He even agreed to the creation of a federal state during the peace process meetings after 2002, but this was not enough for India and Sri Lanka. They would accept nothing short of the destruction of LTTE and the Tamils associated with it; this led to the Mullivaikal Genocide.

India’s sole aim was to take revenge on LTTE, or the demise of the great Tamil leader Prabhakaran and his deputy Pottuamahn in particular.

But they knew that as long as the insurgency (LTTE) maintains popular support, it will retain all of its strategic advantages of mobility, invisibility, and legitimacy in its own eyes and the eyes of the people. So long as this is the situation, an insurgency essentially cannot be defeated by regular forces.

Vengeance before Nation

The Research and Analysis Wing (RAW or R&AW) is the elite external intelligence agency of the Republic of India. The primary function of the R&AW is collection of external and counter-terrorism. Formally it used to be COIN meaning ‘counter insurgency’, not counter-terrorism. Guerrilla wars are primarily fought on the field of morale and defaming a guerrilla movement as “terrorists” is a useful way of discrediting them.

In 2000 itself RAW planned the genocide by looping the UK, knowing very well that India, I mean RAW all alone had no chance at all against LTTE. RAW don’t have the gift of fairness and the magnanimity, and the sportiveness to forgive and forget and play the game gauging the expected outcome and thinking about before any act.

Because of RAW’s pranks, India has ended up looking opportunistic and unprincipled, a victim of its internal political wrangling, with a government in New Delhi not fully in control of foreign policy.

By this treacherously act of India, UK and USA, the co-perpetrator of the genocide, the war in the island was no more domestic, becoming international and the Diaspora being an integral part of it. It was actually an international war waged by 20–30 establishments across the world led by India or rather underwritten by India. No one can now escape from the responsibilities.

The Sri Lanka government's successful subterfuges that misled the international community initially in demonetizing the Eelam Tamils resistance as terrorists are now well exposed.

India played a key role in warding off international pressure on Sri Lanka to halt military operations and hold talks with the LTTE in the dramatic final days and weeks of the war in 2009, confidential U.S. Embassy cables accessed by The Hindu through Wiki Leaks showed. As a consequence India is under severe scrutiny. Colombo's victory over the Tamils shows India's power on the wane

There is a justification in shielding the USA from its architecture cum gang-up contribution to the genocidal war, because of the popular believe among Tamils that the Pre-Obama America only played the nasty foul game. Further there is a strong believe that the USA made genuine attempts to save Tamils and the LTTE leaders at least after the military defeat of the LTTE.

US stakes in Sri Lanka are limited. They do calculate the consequences of the initiative they take to ensure Sri Lanka at the UNHRC with much care. They promote the human rights dimension of their foreign policy as part of the larger objective to universalise their values, to retain the high moral ground in international affairs and avert attention from the human costs of their military operations abroad. USA is transparent and wants Sri Lanka government, as a matter of fact any government, to be receptive of her influence and more responsive to her interests and concerns. They do take into account the stress they put on the policy towards Sri Lanka by moving resolutions in the UNHRC against the government of Sri Lanka.

On 29th April, 2009 the then Britain's Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, and his French counterpart, Bernard Kouchner, arrived in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo to intensify pressure on the government to allow civilians medical treatment and food aid. Also, did the UN, ICRC and MSF along with others, just vacated the North at President Rajapaksa’s insistence? Then, you are kidding!

"Now is the time for the fighting to stop. Sri Lanka's military advances have been spectacular, but winning the peace is as vital as winning the war," said Mr Miliband. But he did insist, “The international community was not seeking to save Tamil Tiger leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran, but to rescue civilians.” This is obviously an assurance to India, to say, “Here we are!”

The ministers' visit was overshadowed by a row shortly before their arrival, when Sweden's foreign minister, Carl Bildt, who had been due to accompany them, was denied a visa. Sri Lankan officials said they had not been able to cope with a visit by three senior ministers at once. Sweden recalled its ambassador in protest.

Sencholai massacre and Tony Blair meeting Mahinda
(Ref: http://www.salem-news.com/articles/septl-massacre-nb.phpember092012/tamil)

Sencholai massacre of August 14th 2006 and just 16 days later on Thursday, 31st  of August 2006, President Rajapakse, clad in a light blue bush shirt and white sarong, meeting with Britain's then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, though on vacation, at his country residence Chequers in Buckinghamshire and finalising the RSG (or Ready Steady Go!)  for the annihilation of LTTE, the Tamil rebels

Justice for the victims of genocide is vital. That includes the truth of the part played by each actor, the actual state of the matter are very important. The Tamils know without any aota of doubt, that if not for Britten, the Delhi government wouldn’t have dared to kill Tamils, that ended as the first genocide of the twenty first century.

LTTE had its ideal De-facto state in the North and East of Sri Lanka for about 10 years. This is the earned sovereignty of the Tamils. It was about to declare independence. In 2006 the Indian Government cheated the then Tamil Nadu state government and got the foolish UK government under the premiership of Tony Blair and started the Genocide or specifically the annihilation of Vanni Tamils. The genocide of Vanni was completed by killing more than 150 thousands of Tamils. Now India and UK are shivering and trying their best to close the crime with the Sri Lankan LRRC with an international touch. All those culprits will definitely face the tune.

Thus the British government gave overt support to India in its role in terminating the Tamil liberation efforts by aiding and abetting Sri Lanka to commit genocide in Mullivaaikkal in 2009. Not only that; Tamils know the unfair and nasty games being played over there now, are with the blessing of Great Britten and of course India, the master schemer.

The British “It’s the people of Britain, and the spirit of Britain", we Tamils rely on. It is high time we reached the great people of Britten and got their blessing. In my sincere belief that BTF and GTF are safety nets guided by the British government and other imperialist forces to handle Tamils anger and smother over a period.

Reflecting on the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, Mr Blair admitted he mistakenly expected the interventions to be relatively short. Then the Tamils are very keen to know what his thinking was, when he gave green light to RAW and President Rajapakse to go ahead with the genocide of Tamils. In fact the genocide of Tamils was novel, intensive and short too.

The war criminals have to be arrested and herded to Hague to be prosecuted. A special tribunal along the lines of Nuremberg Tribunal has to be set up for this task.

The Rajapakses demonetized the Tamil insurgency to annihilate the Eelam Tamils; over a couple of millions killed or massacred, displaced, starved, deprived of livelihood and driven out of Sri Lanka as refugees. The excesses of the Sri Lanka genocide naturally conditioned and shaped world opinion, changing into supporting the Eelam Tamil cause which is basically about saving Tamil lives.

Democracy, after all is a number game, no longer works in favor of Tamils because the majority prefers the Tamils to be wiped out from the country. Separation and the birth of a Tamil nation is the only solution!

A government that is an unrepentant human rights abuser should not be rewarded with an international event promoting democracy and the rule of law is a basic norm. Why is then the UK Prime Minister so desperate to play a key role in CHOGM? Is it to be in company with the sadistic President like Mahinda to conduct state celebrations for massacring his own innocent citizens?

    This is great; already billions of people around the world are behind the war crimes prosecution demand. We need the long arm of the justice at work now. We need the direct UN intervention. If necessary, armed intervention to remove the occupying Sinhalese army from the north and east and recognise Tamil Eelam as a member of the UN and the international community.

    Justice to the victims and the birth of the new Nation of Eelam will only give the light.

By Nadarajah Balasubramaniam
Chairman / President of People’s Front of Liberation Tigers (PFLT_UK)


Based in London, Nadarajah 'Bala' Balasubramaniam is a Salem-News.com contributing writer who also serves as Chairman / Leader of People's Front of Liberation Tigers.

His life as a journalist begins with the Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora. This event which began shortly after WWII and heated up violently in the 1970's and 80's, has caused a 20% decline in the population of the Tamil Sri Lanka culture in the last 30 years alone. Born in Jaffna, Bala also spent part of his life working in Colombo, but like so many, he lost his house and escaped from the 1983 pogrom, the year remembered for a murderous event against Tamils known as 'Black July' which left thousands dead.

When Mr. Balasubramaniam left Sri Lanka with his wife and three sons and went to work in the Middle-east, where he worked as a telecom engineer. In 1989 he moved to the UK mainly because of his children's education. Nadarajah Balasubramaniam has been associated with the liberation struggle of Tamil Eelam since 1972.



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Sri Lankan Citizen August 16, 2013 9:21 pm (Pacific time)

This is a biased article with many incorrect statements. For example Prabhakaran was offered a federal state on a platter however he wanted even more. Prabhakaran has brought on more misery to the tamil people than all of sinhala leaders combined. Prabhakaran's famous ploy was to go for negotiations with the govt when the LTTE was weakened and once it armed up break off negotiations.. This happened on 3 separate occations. For example the so called hard liner Mahinda Rajapakse was elected President because Prabhakaran prevented people in the North and East from voting (the people in the North and East would have voted overwhelmingly for Ranil Wickremesinghe - a moderate leader and thus helping him win over Rajapakse instead Rajapakse won with a very small margin). Unfortunately for Prabhakaran, Rajapakse went all out to end the war when the LTTE resorted to violence yet again something that no other leader had done before. Today the majority of the people are happy that the war has ended except for the diaspora. The message from Sri Lanka is very clear - there will be no division of the country no matter what the diaspora say or do... Prabhakaran was clear in his mind what would secure the safety of the Tamils. He even agreed to the creation of a federal state during the peace process meetings after 2002, but this was not enough for India and Sri Lanka.

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