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Supporting the Wrong Side

Mandela was arrested as a result of US intelligence cooperation with the apartheid regime, and was imprisoned on charges of ‘violence’ and ‘terrorism’.

On the left, a South African is carried away after being injured by police at an anti-apartheid demonstration in Camp Province (UN Photo).  On the right, a Palestinian man carries an injured boy.
On the left, a South African is carried away after being injured by police at an anti-apartheid demonstration in Camp Province (UN Photo). On the right, a Palestinian man carries an injured boy.

(DAMASCUS, Syria) - When Nelson Mandela stood to greet the thousands of people gathered to watch the world cup final in South Africa, everyone stood to show respect to the man whose moral authority and stardom is unrivaled and uncontested.  One wonders how Mandela came to represent moral and human integrity in our age and how he was treated by a racist government before he defeated it.  What were the accusations leveled at him during the different stages of his struggle?

Racists accused Mandela of ‘terrorism’, and was asked to abandon ‘violence’, but he continued his fight against apartheid having become convinced, after the massacre in the poor black township of Sharpeville (March 21, 1960), that the white minority and their western allies will not peacefully give up authority and its privileges.

Mandela was arrested as a result of US intelligence cooperation with the apartheid regime, and was imprisoned on charges of ‘violence’ and ‘terrorism’.  But he refused, as of 1985, offers to be released in return for abandoning ‘violence’.  In his memoirs, Mandela wrote that the oppressor not the oppressed always identifies the form that struggle takes.  If the oppressor uses violence, the oppressed cannot but respond in kind.  It is useful to note that in the conflict between the black majority, fighting for freedom, and the white minority rule, the United States, Israel and the west (until 1981) supported the ‘wrong side’, i.e. the side supporting apartheid, under the pretext of fighting the ‘communist threat’.  The ‘Al-Qaeda threat’ had not been invented yet.

Today, after more than a year into President Obama’s administration, the approaching mid-term Congress elections, and after Obama (raising the slogan of ‘change’ then) had asked Israel to freeze settlement as a prerequisite for resuming negotiations with the Palestinians, he reversed course to support the ‘wrong side’ in the Palestinians’ struggle for freedom.  His latest meeting with Netanyahu gave the latter’s extremist government the green light to demolish more unarmed civilians’ houses, arrest more civilian Palestinians, including women and children, and spread more oppression and settlements in Palestine.  This means that the party giving unconditional support to all these crimes has once again gained control of White House decisions concerning the Middle East as it has dominated, for decades, the American Congress and media.  Nevertheless, there have been enlightened voices which tried recently to express concern over the price paid by American soldiers and the American people as a result of supporting all Israel’s crimes in Palestine, and the price the peoples of the world will pay, in terms of security and stability, if the United States and some other western countries continued to support the ‘wrong side’ despite their knowledge of the truth.

Since the publication of the Baker – Hamilton report about Iraq, the link between troubled areas and the resulting consequences of these troubles was highlighted.  What is happening in Iraq and Palestine cannot be separated from what is happening in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The more those concerned about the world’s security and stability tried to stress this fact, the more the Zionist extremists persisted in denying it in order to carry on with their crimes.

During his famous visit to Israel, American Vice-President Joe Biden reiterated his concern and anger over the price paid by American soldiers as a result of Israel’s policies in Palestine.  He addressed Netanyahu saying: “This is starting to get dangerous for us. What you’re doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and it endangers regional peace”.  This was quoted in an article in The Guardian by Chris McGreal under the title “US questions its unwavering support for Israel”.  General David Petraeus, who has commanded US forces in both wars, has also identified Israel’s continued occupation of Palestinian land as an obstacle to resolving those conflicts (in Iraq and Afghanistan).  Obama’s chief political adviser, David Axelrod, said the settlement construction plans “seemed calculated to undermine” efforts to get fresh peace talks off the ground and that “it is important for our own security that we move forward and resolve this very difficult issue”.

In an attempt to address the problematic relationship between Arabs and the United States, Obama’s scientific envoy to the Middle East and Nobel laureate, Ahmad Zewail, says: “For half a century US policy has focused on securing the flow of oil and ensuring Israel’s military superiority; it has supported undemocratic regimes while calling publicly for democratic change.  This two-faced policy must change to one that genuinely supports human rights and good governance.  In the places I visited, people wish to see an even-handedness on Palestinian issues. In the long run the best support the US can give Israel is a secure peace. (The Guardian, July 11, 2010).

Why does not the United States take a position against the ‘wrong side’ instead of continuing to support it?  Was not the experience of South Africa sufficient to convince everyone that victory should be for justice and freedom not for those who promote antagonism, wars, hatred and racism between nations?  Have none of Obama’s advisors told him that failure to lift the Gaza blockade and restore the rights of the Palestinian people will keep the fires of Afghanistan and Pakistan raging against American soldiers and their NATO allies?  Has nobody been able to convince the US administration that nothing in Islam poses a threat against anyone and that the only danger lies in hypocrisy, criminality, suppressing people’s will and jeopardizing their future?

The American people do not deserve this government support for the wrong side, once more, while they pay the price with their blood, credibility and reputation.  It should support those fighting for freedom and peace- not those who promote racism, occupation and terrorism.

Special thanks to

Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, a writer, lecturer, and professor at Damascus University since 1985, also serves as Minister of Expatriates in Syria. Before assuming her current ministerial position, Dr. Shaaban was Director of the Foreign Media Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Syria and a spokesperson for Syria.

Inspired by a strong-willed mother, Dr. Shaaban's life and career has been dedicated to changing the social injustices that befall women in the Arab world. Her subsequent involvement in politics and foreign affairs as President Hafez Assad's interpreter during peace negotiations set her on a unique career path. Over the past ten years, Dr. Shaaban has set an example for professional women working within the ranks of decision-makers in her country, trying to change not only the fate of women but the future of men and women alike. In 2005, she received the award for "The Most Distinguished Woman

In a Governmental Position" from the League of Arab States. Her nomination for the Noble Peace Prize in 2005 comes as a culmination to her efforts in serving the cause of peace in the world.

Dr. Shaaban has studied in the United Kingdom and the United States, holding a PhD in English Literature from University of Warwick and attending Duke University as a Fulbright Scholar in 2000. She has published four books and several articles in both Arabic and English as she creates a bridge between East and West. She's married with two daughters and a son. Her Honors & Awards include a 2005 Nomination for “1000 Women for Noble Peace Prize 2005”, in 2005 Bouthaina earned the Award of “The Distinguished Woman in Governmental Position”, league of Arab States, Cairo, Egypt, April 27th. She received the Thelma McAndless Distinguished Professor award in 2000 from Eastern Michigan University, she earned a Rockefeller in 1993 at Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA. She also received a Fulbright Research Scholarship between 1990-1991, at Duke University, Durham.

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August 17, 2010 2:27 pm (Pacific time)

welcome to globalism...and the cap and trade tax coming to fund it. This article is in tune with my research. Enjoy and keep paying the money to support it. As long as you have your computer, and FDA approved drugs, and flouride in your water to keep you docile, you will be just fine. Now they are suggesting lithium in our water...why not, who can handle this stuff anyway, might as well be intoxicated.

Anonymous August 17, 2010 11:58 am (Pacific time)

Mandela was arressted in 1962, so according to the writers theory, JFK's intelligence people had provided info to put him in prison. I wonder when he had time to start the Peace Corp, that primarily started sending volunteers to the sub-continent of Africa? Maybe the author can tell us if Syria's connection to Saddam included keeping his WMD's that were shipped there as our invasion forces were building. Seems to me that carrying this writer is a matter that should be investigated come next year. This individual aids and supports the overthrow of Western Civilization and needs to be held until trial.

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