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Salem Police Locate Third Suspected Bomb

Police lights

(SALEM ) - Salem area bomb teams have responded to a third report of a suspicious explosive device today. Police Lt. Debbie Baker says the device was located by a passing motorist at Woodside Drive and Jon Mart in South Salem.

Baker says their police bomb team disrupted this one, which is a term used when officers try to breech the bomb. "Sometimes they explode, sometimes it goes better."

She says law enforcement in Salem is very concerned. This is the third suspected bomb found in Salem today, and so far none of them appear to be fake.

Referring to the latest explosive device, Baker confirmed that it appeared to be real, "It had all the makings of it."

While nobody wants to be overly alarmed, Baker stresses that people do need to operate with an extremely high level of caution. "If anybody sees anything that looks suspicious they need to back away from it, warn other people to do the same and call us."

She says this is the third confirmed bomb located in Salem today. While the devices that were located are sent to laboratories for analysis, they should be viewed as real explosive devices.


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Lela August 11, 2006 5:33 pm (Pacific time)

I hope parents take the time to educate there children about suspicious looking devices and to not touch them. Kids are so curious and my fear to have a child pick one up. :(

Albert Marnell August 11, 2006 4:30 am (Pacific time)

The reason Chris is that the international allied intelligence fiction creates a chain reaction. Hysteria breeds hysteria. These are just copy cat fake threats. If further helps perpetuate the myth that we are in danger by terrorists. When the reports about the phony arrests came out yesterday, it gave the Republicans just what they want and the Tony Blair people the same thing. Fear and support for the occupation has diminished. Read the writings of Josef Goebbels the propaganda minister during the Third Reich 1933-1945. The German theaters were filled with newsreels and films like Triumph of the Will by Leni Refinstahl. Our own government has learned from experts like Mr. Goebbels how to manipulate the minds of the public. The greater the fabrication and the greater the presentation of the lie or fabrication, the more people will stand by it as if it is God's word. My older brother taught me this when I was 12 and he was 14. I was shocked and disgusted but I saw him use it to his advantage in the University that we both attended (I graduated, he did not.) He would tell the professors anything to get what he wanted, I was felt embarassed. He told the professors that my mother had cancer when he needed extra time to study for an exam, he told another professor that he had problems with his testicles, these were all PH.Ds and he was just a teenager and young adult. They all believed his stories for years until one day he came up in a conversation in the cafeteria and they started to exchange stories. For years this kid (at that time) had all of these intellectual academics fooled. They then told him and his girlfriend that they better get off of the campus as soon as possible. The lying gave him such power, power over professors and other people in the university. If the incident in the cafeteria did not occur because it was just a random happening, he would have been able to lie his way to the top.

chris August 10, 2006 9:39 pm (Pacific time)

why would anyone do that here? i mean this isnt even a big town. this is a normal small town. compare salem to any other capital this is tiny.

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