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Does the United Nation Have Any Power to Maintain the World's Peace and Security?

It has been well documented that, since 1942, about 1.5 million Rohingyas have fled their homeland of Arakan for various destinations for their lives.

Two men sit under the the remnants of their homes in Sittwe, the provincial capital of Myanmar's western Rakhine State.
Two men sit under the the remnants of their homes in Sittwe, the provincial capital of Myanmar's western Rakhine State. Photo: IRIN/Khine Thurein UN News Centre

(SITTWE Akyab, Myanmar) - In this Modern World, our human journey becomes more and more complicated; balance of power has no meaning, we claim ourselves the best creature on Earth but some humans are still lower than animals.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Humans have written thousands of law books to maintain justice but most of them we have failed to implement. We are proud of globalization, we broadcast human rights, international values, and peaceful coexistence among the nations.

During two World Wars, millions of humans lost their lives. After the war, millions of people were killed in the name of nationalism, cold war, power struggles, and persecution of dictators. Justice, human rights, and human values are found in the books in such a eloquent way that pleases human nature but in reality, we, human beings, are still killing our human brothers in the name of religion, power, liberation, and national security.

We educate our children that the United Nations was formed to maintain international peace and security, we teach at schools that there is international a declaration of human rights, we are trying to make our Earth a safest place for all living things.

Our scholars have good intentions for globalization but nobody knows when or how, or upon which principle we can fulfill our plan.

We gather together in such a huge organization; the UN, in which many branches are doing their tasks sincerely but still we can not apply justice on Earth, why? Don’t we have enough judges, lawyers, and forces to implement our mission, peace and security for human being? We can’t solve a minor case in time, why? Does the UN have power? If the UN doesn’t have power, how can we claim that it is formed to maintain the World’s peace and security?

In the recent ethnic violence of Arakan State, the Buddhist Rakhine extremists in collaboration with army, Lon Htin, Nasaka, well-equipped local Rakhine militia and sometimes the police, have been killing many thousands of Rohingya; devastating numerous villages with mosques; burning down thousands of their homes; and looting immeasurable properties and valuables, while forcing scores of starving Rohingya men, women and children to flee in terror.

It has been well documented that, since 1942, about 1.5 million Rohingyas have fled their homeland of Arakan for various destinations for their lives. On the contrary, thousands of Buddhist Rakhines known as Maghs from Bangladesh have been regularly settled in Arakan under state programme particularly from Ne Win’s BSPP (Burma Socialist Party Programme) regime. Some of those Bangladeshi Maghs are in the helm of affairs of the state. Thus the alleged illegal immigration of Rohingyas from Bangladesh is unfounded, politically motivated and preoccupation of Islamophobia. It is a racist and xenophobic design of Rakhines to scapegoat the native Rohingyas enwrapping the infiltration of the Bengali Rakhine Maghs into Arakan. Their ultimate objective is to create an independent ‘Rakhine Prey” or Rakhine Country in which the Rohingya remain a stumbling block.

According to several human rights groups, thousands of unarmed Muslims may already have been killed in the apartheid state of Myanmar. Many Rohingya young men, picked up by the government forces, have simply disappeared, and are now feared dead. Many victims – old and young, are afraid of being ambushed and tortured to death by the racist Rakhine extremists. Dictators of Myanmar, and Rakhine racists do not care about the Universal Declaration of Human Right.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon sent highest staff of UN, Mr. Tomás Ojea Quintana to investigate the case. After his return the situation of Arakan State became worse; thousands of houses were burned, and hundreds of Rohingyas were killed.

Nobody knows what is going on in the Arakan State because there is no reliable media in the Arakan State. Local activists estimate nearly 20,000 Rohingyas were killed so far, and more than 140,000 of Rohingyas became homeless, and starving without shelters. UNHCR, and other NGOs can hardly get information of Maungdaw, Buthidaung, Rathedaung, and Sittwe but no one knows what is going on in the other 14 townships of Arakan State, it is very difficult to get information for the communication barrier.

Rakhine racists and authority are trying to make almost all the townships into non Muslim places. In every second, Rohingyas are killing everywhere in the whole Arakan State.

How many thousands of Rohingyas must give their lives to take action against this genocide? Do we need to be the second Rwanda?

Why are international communities and UN waiting for more killing and burning of Rohingya? How long do the Rohingya people need to suffer? When will the UN decide a clear cut solution? Does the UN have power to solve the problem?

Rohingyas’ persecution is not new, Rohingya people have been under persecution since the 1960s. Thousands of files were composed regarding Rohingyas by the UN, Human Right Watch, and many other organizations. But still the case is unsolved, why?

Is it concern with Rohingyas’ faith, Islam? For Myanmar's government and Rakhine racists, if Rohingya people believe in Buddhism like Marma, Sakmak, and Indian Hindu, they will deserve full rights. Marma, Sakmak, and Indian Hindu are identical in terms of language, culture, complexion, and food.

I would like to request the U.N, international community, OIC, EU, ASEAN, USA, UK, China, and Myanmar’s neighbours to do away with the policy of apartheid against the Rohingyas in Myanmar. I beg you to send independent news media to monitor the actual situation in Arakan. I humbly request you for necessary humanitarian assistance to the victims and displaced people as soon as possible before most of the Rohingyas die. I beg you to take immediate action against Rohingya genocide.

Aung Aung Oo
Chin Pan Road
Kun Dan Quarter

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John Lee August 7, 2012 9:48 pm (Pacific time)

This letter is completely misleading and so wrong with realities.

Editor: I went over it from top to bottom without changing the context; I think the author makes several good points.

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