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US Sikhs Assuming Wrong About Their Killing

Unless the USA starts giving respect to its values it will keep-on increasingly becoming an unsafe country for its citizens and residents.

Scene of shooting of Sikhs in Wisconsin
Image from @DaleGillespie

(BANGALURO, India) - Sikhs are wrong in assuming that they are being killed in the USA because people think they are Muslims. If it is true then why aren't Muslims being killed in their Mosques in America?

Sikhs and the US government have to find the answer somewhere else. There is difference between values and policies. Policies affect the present and near future but values have profound and long lasting impact. Dilution of values is the main reason behind the USA increasingly becoming unsafe for its citizens / residents. USA increasingly becoming country paying lip service to its values, the ‘Americanism’.

Contempt of ‘rule of law’ will prove costly to the USA in times to come. Flagrant disregard of ‘criminal jurisprudence’ will be another area of concern in the future for Americans.

After the recent Aurora Colorado shoot-out in July in a theater in which 12 persons were killed by a gunman, this shoot-out took place on 5 August, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin Gurudwara (a religious place of Sikhs from India) in which 6 persons were reportedly killed by a gunmen but what is most striking is that the Sikh community is not trying to understand the real problem behind such unfortunate incidents, as explained below:

The prominent US newspaper 'The New York Times' reported on 5 August, that - [Many members of the close-knit Sikh community here (at Oak-creek Wisconsin) said the attack had shattered their sense of security. Everyone here is thinking this is a hate crime for sure, “People think we are Muslims.”]

Assuming that this is a general impression of the Sikh Community in the US as reported by this leading newspaper then it is surprising that such an absurd impression took root in US Sikh Community. If this impression of ‘hate crime’ is true then American whites are not so foolish that they will kill Sikhs (due to mistaken identity) and will not kill Muslims in their religious places (Mosques).

Therefore US Sikhs (and even US and Wisconsin governments, if they also believe in this idea of ‘hate crime’) will have to find the answer for these shoot-outs in something other than ‘hate crime’. Even the diversionary discussion on forces behind 'gun control law' do not provide the right answer.

First and foremost it has to be expected that the US government will not be able to give any effective & permanent solution to these problems for the simple reason that presently the United States has given goodbye to most of its cherished values which gave Americans the most prestigious and enviable place in the world community. The USA is not trying to understand that there is difference between values and policies. Policies affect present and near future only, but values have profound and long lasting impact. Dilution of values is the main reason behind the USA increasingly becoming unsafe for its citizens / residents.

The USA is increasingly becoming a country which pays only lip service to its values, the ‘Americanism’. And unless it stops this betrayal of values and again starts practicing these values there is no chance of any improvement in any of the problems which the USA is facing.

It is evident from the fact that when I wrote my book “Betrayal of Americanism” it was on the basis of various problems faced by Americans in 2010 that were the hot topics of discussion during electioneering of 2010. But even after two years the USA has not been able to solve a single problem out of these, though it should not have taken more than six months or maximum one year to solve these problems by any reckoning. It is for the simple reason that the USA is adamantly betraying ‘Americanism’.

In the context of these shoot-outs in which innocent people (children women, elders etc) have been killed by gunmen only two points (which are profoundly related to law & order of any country) will be sufficient to prove that how the US is slack on fundamental values of any civilized nation.

Law & order can be maintained in any country when its federal and state governments have respect for ‘Rule of Law’. But how much respect does the USA (which tolerates millions of illegal immigrants in the country) give to rule of law - it does not require a genius of political science to understand.

Moreover, will Americans enlighten the world that why the US (who roped-in the entire world through UN resolution for so called ‘global war against terrorism’ which led to war in Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11) did not try Osama-bin-Laden in the courts of New York especially when Laden could easily have been captured alive? Were the people of the USA, its judiciary and police & the entire apparatus of criminal jurisprudence and even remaining mankind (who sanctioned this war on terrorism at UN) not entitled to know the truth of 9/11? Laden was certainly a pure evil and deserved death but Laden should have been hanged through speedy court trial in USA.

If somebody argues that an Osama trial in New York would have created disturbances across the world hence he was killed unarmed, then this argument does not hold water. The USA which spends ~ 45 % of world defense expenditures and its military allies (including NATO) spend another similar amount on defense expenditures if cannot try an accused as per the requirements of law due to fear of global disturbance then there is no justification for the USA & its military allies to snatch the bread and butter from the mouths of their citizens and spend this money on gigantic defense budgets.

What damage has the US government done to the fundamentals of criminal jurisprudence in the USA by not trying Osama-bin-Laden in New York (the site of crime of 9/11) can be understood only by those who lead their lives and earn their bread and butter by remaining on the right side of the criminal law.

Therefore unless the USA starts giving respect to its values it will keep-on increasingly becoming an unsafe country for its citizens and residents.


Author Hem Raj Jain is a native of State of Rajasthan in India and of age 65 years and an Indian citizen. Hem is a graduate mechanical engineer (section A&B from The Institute of Engineers) and was in employment for 17 years and left as construction manager after working for blue chip companies in India. Hem was the proprietor of a small scale industry and practiced law for ten years in subordinate & high courts of the State of Rajasthan in India. Hem was also the president of a trade union in the capital of India, Delhi.

Hem was also a member and senior office bearer (State Secretary) of a national political party and contested election for member of parliament in 1998 on behalf of this national political party. Hem also did some research on economics with especial interest in monetary economics. As a politician, Hem braved persecution in order to protect the majesty of law and preferred to go to jail in 2006 for 2 months for contempt of court for making a written complaint (without publishing it any where) with documentary proof to various constitutional authorities (of executive ,legislative and higher judiciary) against judicial corruption & highhandedness. Hem was also the editor of a weekly Hindi news paper (a mouth piece of his political party) and still writes letters on politico - economical issues, which have been published for the last 6 years in national and international media too.

Hem is interested in the matters of USA because his children live here. "Betrayal of Americanism" is Hem's first book.




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