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Musical Notes Can Carry A Great Tune

Tim King interviews Michael Krapovicky.

Michael Krapovicky
Michael Krapovicky

(AUBURN, ME) - Michael Krapovicky is a singer and songwriter... and also a multi-instrumentalist, member of multiple touring bands, recording engineer, mastering technician and producer.

Tim King: Michael, your music has a unique sound, strong and reminiscent of some of the really nice songs from the 70's through today, what is your inspiration?

Michael Krapovicky

Michael Krapovicky: All music that is out there has the ability to shape and influence, to emulate or reject. Bands like Pink Floyd and America challenge me to make the best music possible, where sound creates colors and evokes emotional experience. Lyrically, I try to glean from a wide variety of sources: novels, poems, songs of intellectual artists such as Bob Dylan and Steely Dan, in order to capture a feeling in the most concise way possible. Maine is a beautiful state, it is not surprising that it has its share of talented musical artists.

Tim King: What does the state and region have to do with your music?

Michael Krapovicky: I have lived here most of my life, and the people with whom I’ve made friends and played music have helped shape what I’m trying to accomplish. The state’s natural beauty and resources can inspire, and the seasonal weather here creates opportunities to play in many different venues and maintain fresh audiences.

Tim King: Do you think people are increasingly seeking music that is thoughtful and mindful of today's societal problems?

Michael Krapovicky: Music can inform. A carefully turned phrase in a song can shed a new light on a problem in society in a more subtle way than a speech or editorial. I think music is useful in that people can use it to escape problems briefly, without the adverse effects of drugs or alcohol. A 3-5 minute break from thoughts of futility can be all it takes to continue a positive, rewarding existence.

Tim King: Where do you see your musical career leading?

Michael Krapovicky: I just want to keep improving and have better shows with better interaction with the people I play with as I continue throughout the years. I want to feel satisfied that I have created songs and music that will enrich others’ lives as well as my own.

Tim King: What message(s) do you have for your listeners?

Michael Krapovicky: If there are young musicians like Jamal Belica who are working towards actively creating music, keep doing it! If you are proud of a song you’ve made, play it often and for whoever will listen. Be prepared to work hard and don’t compromise your vision of your music. Eagerly accept criticism and learn from it what you can. Don’t worry about what genre or label others put on it. Define your music through your tastes and abilities. Never stop trying to improve, and listen to everything going on around you. Always let music be it’s own reward.

Micheal Krapovicky with Benjamin, Alexander, and Jamal Belica

    "My family and I have just returned from a spring-break visit to Portland, Maine. We had a great time there and one of the events that stands out in our minds was attending a performance by Michael Krapovicky at the Andy’s Old Port Pub. He wasn’t just a guitarist and a singer, although his songs and guitar-work were terrific. His songs had social content and he was also a total entertainer, interacting with the members of the audience with grace and good humor. I also want to applaud the intelligence and practical value of his answers to Tim’s questions. Here at Salem-News, invoking the spirit of Peter Bennett who was known “to make the unknown into stars and stars into superstars,” we expect to hear much more of him in the future and wish him well."
    Agron Belica

Michael Krapovicky


Michael Krapovicky has immersed himself in every facet of the music making process. This deep knowledge of “song” proves the cornerstone to well-structured tunes, an intuitive audience connection, and a sound in nearly any room that ranges from folksy, communal light-heartedness to rumbling mug-clashing conviviality. Michael shines a personal and introspective light into the hidden crevices of his subject matter. He is an effectual communicator and commentator on an oft-overlooked but important and reflective cross-section of the American landscape as is showcased in songs from his pivotal release, “Lowlife”.

Michael brings the same pathos to his wide array of cover tunes. His engaging humor and personality act as a virile cable connecting Michael and his music to his audience. He’s as comfortable and effective in a quiet coffee shop as he is at a rowdy aprés-ski party or a Saturday night brewpub and his roster of material shows off his ability to please nearly any crowd. Michael has recorded three albums and is at work on a fourth with The Grumps, a touring band of which he is a member.

He’s been featured for his original music on the Mainely Acoustic television program, he’s played in bands that opened for Little Feat, The Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, and many well known Maine-based musicians. Above all else, Michael Krapovicky is a full-time, dedicated musician; a man committed to creating a musical guidepost, something that will remain visible on the collective American sightline.

Michael Krapovicky: Flash in the Pan
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Agron Belica: Salem-News.com Singer/Lyrical Artist, Author and Writer

You can write to Agron at this address: newsroom@salem-news.com.

Visit Agron's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aldin-Entertainment-Music-Group/559861920756526)

Born in 1974 of Albanian descent, Agron Belica is largely self- educated in Islam. He attended classes in New Jersey about religious tenets and the doctrinal differences among the various Islamic sects under the tutelage of a shaykh. While there, he participated by giving lectures on Christian doctrines. He also studied the proper recitation of the Quran to such a degree of proficiency that he was selected to perform the call to prayer because of the excellence of his voice and pronunciation.

His eagerness to learn more about Islam motivated him to travel to North Africa in order to engage in dialogue with various scholars there. Since then, he has been working in the study, research, and writing about things Islamic, with a special interest in comparative religion.

Agron Belica and Tim King in NJ 2013

He developed a particular interest in the prophet Yahya (John the Baptist). In 2008, he published his Ihya al-Nabi Yahya, from which the present, more comprehensive study of Yahya has evolved. Belica’s work on some key words in the Quran has been referenced in Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar’s The Concordance of the Sublime Quran, a supplemental study resulting from translation of the Quran, The Sublime Quran, the first such translation by an American Muslim woman. His research paper on the meaning of those key words has also been cited in The Bible by Wikimedia Foundation. His work motivated Dr. Jay R. Crook to write the essay Rethinking John the Baptist, included in this volume.

Belica has also developed a considerable reputation as a socio- political hip-hop artist. He has already contributed a number of thought-provoking songs to the genre. His Newsic Revolution Album features the noted musician and author Gilad Atzmon. Belica’s songs about human rights have been played on six continents. One of those songs, Leave Those Babies Alone, was featured at the 2013 San Francisco Pride Parade, helping to rock 1.2 million people. His eldest son, Jamal Belica, has founded the Aldin Entertainment Music Group. (See: The Passion of The Baptist, Not The Christ)


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